219 Photos - May 3, 2013
Photo: Amsterdam Centraal StationPhoto: AmsterdamPhoto: Chandelier in our hotelPhoto: Exterior of our hotelPhoto: Church in AmsterdamPhoto: Centraal StationPhoto: Gazillions of bicycles!Photo: The Van Gogh cafe-- note the ceilingPhoto: At teh Van Gogh CafePhoto: A bit of Spainish food in AmsterdamPhoto: Cutting diamondsPhoto: I'll take that onePhoto: If the shoe fits...Photo: Scallops on a shell dishPhoto: Mappa Italian RestaurantPhoto: Exterior of the restaurantPhoto: The only picture I took in the infamous Red Light District -- you aren't allowed to take photos of the women in the windows -- and I wouldn't want to, anyway.Photo: Nighttime on the canalsPhoto: Anne Frank's House at nightPhoto: Westerkerk or "West Church"Photo: Dam Square, AmsterdamPhoto: This is a shopping mallPhoto: Off to the country -- MarkenPhoto: Marken, the NetherlandsPhoto: Wooden shoe factory -- they hang for three weeks to dryPhoto: Photo: Photo: A shoe starts out as a piece of poplar woodPhoto: Machines do most of the work -- by hand it would take five hoursPhoto: The exterior is moldedPhoto: This machine carves out the inside of the shoesPhoto: He cuts off the ends by handPhoto: Ready to sell to all the touristsPhoto: Old wooden shoes on display -- "Sunday clogs"Photo: Old shoesPhoto: Shiny new shoesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cute village of MarkenPhoto: Farmland and water surround the villagePhoto: I can't resist a cute baby animal photo op!Photo: MarkenPhoto: The harbor at MarkenPhoto: We rode this ferry boat to the village of VolendamPhoto: Pretty sailboatPhoto: Approaching VolendamPhoto: Volendam is an old fishing village but also a tourist drawPhoto: Yummy!Photo: Explaining the cheese-making processPhoto: Fish and chips for lunchPhoto: Fish and chipsPhoto: Photo: Cute houses in VolendamPhoto: Windmill alert!Photo: The windmills at Zaanse SchansPhoto: Can't resist duckies, eitherPhoto: WindmillPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Which windmills do you prefer??Photo: Flower fieldsPhoto: Kukenhof Flower Gardens -- only open two months out of the yearPhoto: Heineken is for sale everywhere, even at KeukenhofPhoto: Photo: This area was a hunting ground in the 15th centuryPhoto: Really tall daffodilsPhoto: The park opened to the public in 1949 and is run by a foundationPhoto: Love the color combinationsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The park encompasses 79 acresPhoto: Staggered planting ensures optimum bloomingPhoto: Photo: A lone bulb bloomsPhoto: But the rest are ready to pop open!Photo: Photo: Fields of flowers, which are shipped all over the worldPhoto: There is a bush maze in the parkPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Up close with a windmillPhoto: Photo: So many different varieties of tulips!Photo: And indoors, there are orchids galore!Photo: Photo: Reminds me of a "Project Runway" episodePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Theses are tulips, not carnationsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Have to take a boat ride on Amsterdam's canalsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Amsterdam has more canals than VenicePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Westerkerk, completed in 1631Photo: Anne Frank's House from the canalPhoto: Photo: Spanish restaurant for a nice dinnerPhoto: Photo: Tapas -- tomatoes on breadPhoto: Serrano ham with melonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Decoratiing bikes is commonPhoto: The Rijksmuseum just reopened after years of renovationsPhoto: Stained glass in the RijksmuseumPhoto: Looking toward Rembrandt's "Night Watch"Photo: Rembrandt's "Nightwatch"Photo: Gawking touristsPhoto: Rembrandt's paintsPhoto: Nice French chaisePhoto: And tablePhoto: Delft potteryPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I loved the dollhouses in the RijksmuseumPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Gorgeous library in the RijksmuseumPhoto: Photo: Napoleon's defeat at WaterlooPhoto: Gabriel's famous windmill paintingPhoto: MonetPhoto: One of Van Gogh's many self-portraitsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Concentration camp uniform and photosPhoto: WWI planePhoto: Photo: MondrianPhoto: People taking pictures of picturesPhoto: Vermeer's "Milkmaid"Photo: Yves St. Laurent dress from the 1960sPhoto: Photo: Home of HeinekenPhoto: Photo: Outdoor marketPhoto: Photo: Photo: Van Gogh Museum was still under renovations, so the art is in the Hermitage; also an exhibit on Peter the GreatPhoto: Peter the Great's traveling pottyPhoto: Peter the Great's elixirsPhoto: Peter the Great's carriagePhoto: Young Peter the GreatPhoto: Catherine the GreatPhoto: I got one photo of a Van Gogh before I heard the guard yelling "no photos"Photo: Photo: Cool sculpture of Rembrant's "Night Watch"Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Statue of Anne FrankPhoto: Photo: Photo: Anne Frank's House -- no photos were allowed inside unfortunatelyPhoto: Bicycles are parked EVERYWHEREPhoto: Queen Beatrix was married in WesterkerkPhoto: Unusual archictecturePhoto: TulipsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Some of the buildings are sinkingPhoto: Photo: Houseboats on the canalsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Sorry, more Anne FrankPhoto: Photo: Pam with our bucket of beerPhoto: Photo: Seth Meyers of "Saturday Night Live"Photo: Seth MeyersPhoto: Seth MeyersPhoto: Boom Chicago comedy clubPhoto: Photo: He talked to people for over an hour after the show