27 Photos - May 7, 2012
Photo: Resort town of NaantaliPhoto: This is where I want to live!Photo: Beautiful townPhoto: Picture perfectPhoto: Yep, this is FinlandPhoto: DaffodilsPhoto: Kind of looks like RaumaPhoto: Under the paintPhoto: Monet or Cezanne could have painted thisPhoto: Restaurant where we had lunchPhoto: View from restaurantPhoto: The restaurantPhoto: Naantali churchPhoto: May Day parade of motorbikesPhoto: Motorcycle maniaPhoto: Cheerleaders and marching bandPhoto: Cheering for May DayPhoto: But when is it going to get warm??Photo: Junior band membersPhoto: He was at the paradePhoto: Dog showPhoto: Taking a break after a hard day's workPhoto: Aren't these doggies cute?Photo: A "he" that looks like a "she"Photo: Can he see me?Photo: Dog showPhoto: Doggie strollers!