236 Photos - Nov 28, 2011
Photo: The Painted Dog ConservationPhoto: A painted dog (aka a wild dog)Photo: Awww, they're cute.Photo: Nice earsPhoto: Elephants in HwangePhoto: Giraffe in HwangePhoto: Sad, a dead baby elephant :( :( :(Photo: A zebra and a kuduPhoto: ZebraPhoto: OstrichPhoto: A giraffe and a pelicanPhoto: The other safari carPhoto: A thirsty giraffePhoto: Giraffe approaching the waterholePhoto: WATER!Photo: Hmmm, should I drink?Photo: Is there anything dangerous this way?Photo: Who are those people in that car staring at me?Photo: Is there anything dangerous back there?Photo: I really want to drink!Photo: Naah, too dangerousPhoto: Walking awayPhoto: Oooh, maybe this side of the waterhole is better.Photo: Bending over, but just too scared to actually drinkPhoto: In the meantime, a kudu approaches the waterhole.Photo: Zebras come towards the waterhole.Photo: The giraffe continues to look around for danger.Photo: More kudu join their friend who is approaching the waterhole.Photo: Pelicans hang out at the waterhole.Photo: The giraffes cross the road.Photo: The kudu get closer.Photo: The giraffe is still looking for danger.Photo: More zebras trek on over to the waterhole.Photo: He looks dreary. Probably just thirsty.Photo: A baby zebra!Photo: Baby and mother head to the waterhole.Photo: They stop - do they see something?Photo: The waterhole from afarPhoto: Zebras coming in for a drinkPhoto: Two ostriches under the tree nowPhoto: Kudu drink while giraffe contemplates the risk-reward of bending over for a drink.Photo: Zebras join the kuduPhoto: They all seem to be prodding on the giraffe.Photo: Nope, I'm not doing it.Photo: A giraffe checking out the waterhole from across the wayPhoto: Giraffe and zebras at the waterholePhoto: Go ahead, take my pic.Photo: I know I'm awesome.Photo: To heck with you guysPhoto: Okay, one last posePhoto: Savannah and a cool treePhoto: Zebras and kudu continue to drink.Photo: Zazu!Photo: An elephant going in for a drinkPhoto: Elephants walk surprisingly quietly despite their enormous size.Photo: Walka walka walkaPhoto: Looks like he caught a glimpse of usPhoto: Elephants on a quest to find waterPhoto: WaaaaaterPhoto: Ah, there it is.Photo: Resting the back legPhoto: Tastes so good when it hits the lipsPhoto: He looks like he's smiling.Photo: Me and Adam and some elephants drinkingPhoto: Okay, that's enough.Photo: Taking a sipPhoto: Okay, enough for me too.Photo: Encountering some monkeysPhoto: Outta my way, little guysPhoto: They look so tiny compared to him.Photo: Just going for a nice jaunt, la di da.Photo: Elephant discovering his reflectionPhoto: Eh, it's not that cool.Photo: Well, actuallyPhoto: I am quite pretty.Video: Better make myself even prettier with some mudPhoto: A dik dikPhoto: There's a giraffe hiding in there.Photo: Oh hello there giraffe, where did you come from?Photo: Me and Adam and the giraffePhoto: Soooooooooooo cutePhoto: Us again with the super cute giraffePhoto: I can't stop taking pictures of him.Photo: Work it.Photo: And one more of usPhoto: Blue steelPhoto: Time to eatPhoto: Find some good leaves to eatPhoto: Yank 'em off the branchPhoto: Chew 'emPhoto: Get some morePhoto: Hey, are you watching me eat?Photo: Eh, who cares. I'm hungry.Photo: YmmmmmmPhoto: There's a giraffe behind that tree.Photo: There he is.Photo: Strike a posePhoto: See yaPhoto: Okay, you can get me from the other side too.Photo: Now I'm really leaving.Photo: Super swinging giraffe tailPhoto: She just can't get enough of us.Photo: One more posePhoto: Now I'm really outta here.Photo: Okay one more. She loves the camera.Photo: Herd of impalaPhoto: Sable antelopePhoto: Sable antelope galloping awayPhoto: Nice hornsPhoto: That's a cool profile.Photo: Sniffing the groundPhoto: PrancingPhoto: Giraffe walking right next to usPhoto: Mother and baby elephant in the waterhole as giraffe walks awayPhoto: Come on baby, time to go.Photo: I mean it!Photo: We're going NOW!Photo: That's a good baby.Photo: The rest of the fam coming over to help with the babyPhoto: No, don't go back in.Video: Okay, he's coming.Photo: Aaargh!Photo: The rest of the fam leaves the mother and baby.Video: Mother trying to get her baby to come once and for allPhoto: He finally comes.Photo: He's so little!Photo: Now the other baby is in the water.Photo: Okay, if you're in, then I'm getting back in.Photo: Two baby elephants is too much to handle!Photo: Finally on their wayPhoto: All the kids are out of the water.Photo: I love safariing!Photo: The fam crossing the street in front of usPhoto: This little baby elephant (about six months old) is sooooo cute. Our guide says he's sick and dehydrated, sad :(Photo: The older kids have no problem keeping up.Photo: But the poor baby is lagging behind. He's thirsty!Photo: Another sable antelopePhoto: Backside of the sablePhoto: Another giraffe hiding in the treesPhoto: Sable and a giraffePhoto: Giraffe fam!Photo: Elephants blocking the roadPhoto: Fine, we'll move.Photo: That's a huge parade of elephants.Photo: Turning aroundPhoto: LeavingPhoto: This is an angry elephant.Photo: He is just staring at us.Photo: Giving us the once overPhoto: Dragging his front left foot on the ground - is this a sign he's about to charge?Photo: Grrrrrrrrr.Photo: This is scary.Photo: Phew, he didn't charge. But what about that elephant by the bathroom?Photo: I can seeeee you.Photo: Adam on the same turf as a buncha elephantsPhoto: Dumbo earsVideo: The ultimate elephant hangout - the waterhole, where just seconds before I took this video and seconds after, they were trumpeting at each other.Photo: That is a crocodile in the water right above the elephant.Photo: Two more crocodiles in the waterhole, so creepy!Photo: Elephants chillin' in the waterVideo: A very long parade of elephants hurrying to the waterhole and some elephant trumpeting at the endPhoto: Elephants having a grand ole time in the waterholePhoto: The sun going down at HwangePhoto: Heading home and on the way we see an elephant bending over to drink! (First time we've seen this, it was very exciting.)Photo: It's so awkward and funny looking.Photo: And an elephant crossingPhoto: Vultures eating the dead baby elephant :(Photo: And a giraffe crossing - a great end to the day safari!Photo: Some tracks, but I don't remember what they are. Lion?Photo: The saddest thing I've ever seen. A fallen giraffe getting eaten by lionesses.Photo: She keeps trying to get up even as she's getting eaten. It was so hard to watch.Photo: All the giraffes at the waterhole were watching their fellow giraffe in distress.Photo: This one got thirsty.Photo: I guess he felt safe since all the lions were eating his friend.Photo: Awkwardly getting upPhoto: It's too sad.Photo: Are you watching me drink?Photo: Don't care, I'm thirsty.Photo: Glug, glug, glugPhoto: It's hard to bend my neck like that.Photo: Who's there?Photo: Zebras and giraffes seem to be friends.Photo: This guy keeps drinking.Photo: Ow, my neck.Photo: Kudu, crocodile, and giraffePhoto: Two females hydratingPhoto: It almost looks like one giraffe with two necks.Photo: Zebra and baby!Photo: Thirsty zebra famPhoto: Zebras drinking, giraffe watching, elephant coming towards the waterhole from the trees in the distancePhoto: Baby zebra hiding behind its parentPhoto: Giraffes and zebras taking a sip togetherPhoto: Baby zebra playing around the waterPhoto: Sometimes you have to get in the water to get a good drink.Photo: Giraffe towering over the zebras as they drinkPhoto: I'll keep watch for you guys while you drink.Photo: You're clear.Photo: Giraffes greeting each otherPhoto: More giraffes comingPhoto: Cluster of drinking zebrasPhoto: Sables coming to drinkPhoto: Giraffe and zebra partyPhoto: Giraffes and zebras getting their drink onPhoto: Giraffe sees something.Photo: Ruuuuuuuun.Photo: Come on baby.Photo: Baby's like, what's everyone doing?Photo: Giraffes and zebras getting the heck outta therePhoto: Why? Oh, because a lioness is approaching the waterhole.Photo: She doesn't even want a drink, I think she just wanted to exert her power.Photo: Checking things outPhoto: Well, that was fun. Back to brekkie.Photo: This is one of the lionesses that was eating the fallen giraffe. :(Photo: Glancing at the group of zebras and giraffes that ran away from the waterhole upon her arrivalPhoto: Waiting for the lioness to leave before they will go back to the waterholePhoto: Poor thirsty animalsPhoto: Crowding behind a tree for protectionPhoto: One small elephant isn't scared of the lioness.Photo: Drinky drinkyPhoto: My head is blocking all the zebras and giraffes clustered behind that tree.Photo: There they are.Photo: One last giraffePhoto: Sable horns are really cool.Photo: An elephant family day at the waterholePhoto: Baby having funPhoto: Such a little trunk!Photo: CutiePhoto: Huge elephant, two medium sized, and a baby hiding under the huge onePhoto: Drinking and bathing in some muddy waterPhoto: Getting "clean"Photo: Splish splash I was taking a bath.Photo: That water does not look very tasty.Photo: Elephant doing a little dancePhoto: Sables watching their friend get wetPhoto: A pumbaa!Photo: Hehehehehe, pumbaa drinking