24 Photos - May 27, 2013
Photo: The first part of the week was rainy, so we decided to explore some of the caves around Mt. Fuji.Photo: It was a little scary to think that these caves are old "lava tubes" and were once filled with molten lava!Photo: Photo: A shrine to (I assume) the god of the cave.Photo: This room was filled with ice, but workers had cut it out in blocks to create rooms and passage ways.Photo: Photo: Insie the Ice Cave...Photo: Photo: Photo: Garrett and Josiah posing...Photo: In the "wind cave" - deep underground, they were storing insect larvae.  Not sure why...Photo: Insect larvae.  Got a little creepy when we thought about it!Photo: The "bat cave" was the biggest cave we toured.Photo: There were places where you had to get down on your hands and knees and...crawl.  It's hard to get a perspective on how tight it really was at places.  I took the picture from my knees!Photo: The end of the line at the bat cave.  We really woanted to know what was on the other side of this door...Photo: ...but the sign said "turn around"...Photo: This was once a TALL tree.  The last time Mt. Fuji erupted, it was encased in lava.  Later, the tree rotted away, leaving this deep shaft in the ground.  It went down 20-30 feet.  There was a whole forest like this.Photo: It finally cleared off on our last day.  This is about as clear as it ever gets...or so we've heard.  It was a great day of viewing the mountain.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: