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Photo: saori santa cruz's photo gallery of my pieces and students  pieces .enjoy. ...
my saori umbrellaPhoto: Photo: Fiber IN form fiber arts show august 2104 Santa Cruz CA my umbrellasPhoto: Fiber INFORM show my 'artist coat and hand spun and woven progression pillow set.Photo: my 'whole earth catalog" yardagePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: my" whole earth catalog "weavingPhoto: my  saori petwer cotton weavingPhoto: Photo: 2014 my "art of the vintner jacket"  was featured in Belle Armoire MagazinePhoto: Photo: my Friend and student  Sue Tye's beautiful saori weavingsPhoto: student Eileen's beautiful weavingPhoto: Photo: studentPhoto: christina a new student weaving . she is a designer for Levi StraussPhoto: weaving on the deck extended out from the studioPhoto: Christiana's finished first weaving from her 3 day work shopPhoto: learning how to sew with saori yardagePhoto: Christina who works for the Levi Strass company in the jean jacket and bottom design  department  in San Franscio  learning to  create  saori cloth . She took a three day intensive workshop.Photo: studentsPhoto: cutting outPhoto: first design done adding to her  jean jacket a design that she is going to use  in her 2014 spring Levi Strauss design line.Photo: Hi Jill, 
  "Thanks again for a truly magical and inspirational experience. All day today each designer had a chance to present to the whole design team…and everyone LOVED the garments from our workshop. My senior designer, whom I must note can be hard to impress,  said she plans to put the designs into our Spring 2014 line, so I'm really excited. I also received kudos from my design director! Thanks again for teaching me about Saori weaving, and garment construction and empowering me to bring my ideas to life..... "
christina CPhoto: a student's first woven scarf waiting to learn how to twist fringesPhoto: classes i give for support in  cutting and sewing your saori woven cloth into clothingPhoto: robin a student cutting out  her top.Photo: my Saori vest cut from Sue Tye's Saori  fabricPhoto: Photo: kids sewing!Photo: Kori wove her wedding gown fabric on her Wx60 loomPhoto: ....and designed it and sewed itPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kori's saori  dress fabricPhoto: learn to spin at saori santa cruz either  beginning  drop spindles and to spinning wheels, carding fibers, belending fibers....Photo: spindles and  several makes of wheels to try  out and learn onPhoto: MY HAND DYED BATTS SPINNING INTO ART YARNSPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: THE STUDIO GETTING READY FOR SPINNING CLASSPhoto: Photo: wheel spinning class trying various wheelsPhoto: louet 12" drum carder available at saori santa cruz.
or on my online shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/129152911/new-design-extra-wide-12-louet-standard?ref=shop_home_activePhoto: saori santacruz carries louet fibers, spinning wheels, and drum cardersPhoto: Louet s10 double treadle wheel for sale at my my studioPhoto: cherry hand carders i stockPhoto: Photo: extra fine hand cardersPhoto: Nancy's Knit Knacks Any thing but lazy kate i sell in my etsy shopPhoto: louet's new art yarn flyer available here 
https://www.etsy.com/listing/125861963/louet-new-art-yarn-flyer-in-stock?ref=shop_home_activePhoto: wheel rentals availablePhoto: Photo: i teach spinning as well as carry in the studio spinning wheels, fiber, dyes, combs and carders and drop spindles to purchase....Photo: clases in spinningPhoto: weaving and spinning classes for familiesPhoto: students having a Saori Kai at the studioPhoto: my pewter  yardagePhoto: one of my piecesPhoto: a jacket woven, designed and sewn by me, "indigo riff"Photo: my designed and woven " koi pond "jacket  (sold)Photo: the studioPhoto: students learning to thread and dress the saori  loom with the  amazing saori ready made warps.Photo: a student having a all day  zen self directed  weaving day at the studioPhoto: my third pair of saori woven straps for my sandalsPhoto: Photo: yep students weave sandal straps on the saori looms too.Photo: my straps on the saori loomPhoto: my first  pair sandal strapsPhoto: weave a scarf classPhoto: student learned 3 color clasped weft techniquePhoto: mom and daughter holiday gift weaving classPhoto: saori cross holder , threading the reed.Photo: saori threading holder and classes in threading the heddles on the harnesses and dressing the loomPhoto: a new weaving at the loom in  the try it classPhoto: her finished first piecePhoto: my cotton and metalic gold yardagePhoto: Photo: Photo: I bring looms to birthday parties, slumber parties etc. email me jill@saorisantacruz.com ages 4 and up.Photo: children take quickly to weaving on the saori piccolo loomsPhoto: children take to weaving quickly here is a 5 yr old boy on the smaller height saori piccolo loom 
https://www.etsy.com/listing/111233623/saori-piccolo-portable-loom-adjustable?ref=shop_home_featPhoto: Photo: first ever weaving in the mommy and me classPhoto: a day of weaving in the mommie and me classPhoto: this child's first weaving.Photo: home school class into into saori weaving.Photo: weaving friendships.Photo: Photo: another student  adding to the bannerPhoto: a person trying saori at a demoPhoto: Photo: my hooded vest I sewed mostly the weaving  from 7 yrs old first ever woven cloth.Photo: as young as 3 1/2 yrs can weave on the saori piccolo loom. how cute is this? he loved it.Photo: a focused boy  weaving.Photo: student Mark's scarf just off the loomPhoto: off site saori  classesPhoto: new weaver taking a photo.Photo: twisting fringesPhoto: a return to weaving after 40 years student wove this and sewed it a month after she bought her saori loomPhoto: Photo: spinning and weaving at the beach with my saori piccolo looms and my louet victoriaPhoto: unspun dyed wool for weft insertion.Photo: my saori cowl weavingPhoto: i am dying yarns for weaving , hand paintedPhoto: classes when weather permits
www.saorisantacruz.comPhoto: Photo: skeins of hand dyed yarns dryingPhoto: my silk ethereal warpPhoto: Photo: Photo: here i am at Santa cruz county fair education days i have saori looms for students to try , they stand in longs lines for a chance to weave and love it..Photo: Photo: my "surfs up" mohair and  hand dyed blanketPhoto: the cutural council of santa cruz counties open studio tour, my gallery wall in 2012Photo: my student Deb choosing special Saori ready made warps to buy and take home.Photo: open studiosPhoto: my "peace flag" jacketPhoto: Photo: open studiosPhoto: one sleeve stolePhoto: student gathering her weaving and warping yarns from the many to choose from , cottons and wools.Photo: student learning to wind a warp on the saori warping board 
www.etsty.com/shop/saorisantacruzPhoto: Photo: mother in law and daughter in law in a scarf classPhoto: a Christmas present to each other classPhoto: studentsPhoto: happy students, loved saori weavingPhoto: a students first try it piecePhoto: the saori Sx60 loom left  next to a wX60 loom they fold to only  7" width.Photo: a  two day class for saori  scarvesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: a student weaver and new spinnerPhoto: Photo: an amazing piecePhoto: love it!Photo: classes warping and weavingPhoto: all natural plant dyed 3 color clasped weftPhoto: and sewingPhoto: and fun!Photo: my "transept" scarvesPhoto: lisa has disabilities but had fun winding her own  warp....Photo: marks scarfPhoto: beautiful colorsPhoto: dressing the loom herself and weaving.....Photo: with an  amazing result.Photo: Waldorf 3rd grad field trip to the studioPhoto: a friends "tribal" vest saori weaving i helps to fit it on herePhoto: Photo: my weavingsPhoto: student learning about the  saori inside setPhoto: happy studentPhoto: saori has 6 main books this is there latest of easy clothing designs now in englishPhoto: now the beginning sewing book is in EnglishPhoto: Photo: Photo: new students piecePhoto: new happy piecePhoto: Photo: saori japan makes very nice yarn sets.Photo: Photo: class at the studioPhoto: Photo: learning to beam onPhoto: Photo: deb has a 5 day retreat and learns to thread using the saori cross holderPhoto: deb at the beach for my class and  is weaving a scarf on a saori piccolo loomPhoto: Photo: saori cotton 18 cone setPhoto: Photo: Organic cotton in cone sets in my etsy shopPhoto: cotton weaving yarn setsPhoto: one teaching deck at saori santa cruzPhoto: mommie any me classPhoto: Photo: Photo: Saori Kai at a local galleryPhoto: student learningPhoto: joyPhoto: student learning to wind her first warpPhoto: Photo: Photo: deck classes when weather permitsPhoto: Photo: my mobius cowlPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: my "horned rim glasses" yardagePhoto: a collaboration blanket for a fellow ravelry group member who had her first baby. more than a dozen saori woven pieces were sent to me and i set about piecing and sewing  them into a gift  for her this is the out come.Photo: in saori one on the philosophies is that there are no mistakes and that all colors  and abilities go together. with the  all varied selections  i put the philosophy to the test , and i am a true believer.Photo: saori non folding 60 loom this one is the spring 4 harnessPhoto: cotton rainbow yarn  set.Photo: Photo: "parrots of telegraph hill top " (sold)Photo: Photo: abstract  yarn pallet saori  jacketPhoto: Photo: Photo: my "artist jacket "Photo: peaceful weaving and peace through fibers
jill nickolene sanders
www.etsy.com/shop/saorisantacruzPhoto: silk earth weavingPhoto: Photo: Photo: i was published in the taito craft magazine in Finland in February.Photo: some of my saori  looms lined up for a deck classPhoto: wx60 loom  has option wheelsPhoto: Photo: just one of my loom bags i sew and sell in my etsy shopPhoto: Photo: saori unique ready made warp rolls , the only company in the world that makes this unique feature of saori looms.
https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/saorisantacruz/sections/11492278Photo: all sizesPhoto: https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/saorisantacruz/sections/11492278Photo: in 2010 my son made me me my first bobbin racks, i have them from time to time in my shop for sale they sell quickly.Photo: Photo: Photo: A few of my banners installation  welcoming you to the studioPhoto: lower teaching deckPhoto: SAORI kai ( sharing) at a santa cruz galleryPhoto: hand dyed and carded and spun and woven and sewed  throw pillowsPhoto: Photo: students learning different methods of threading their saori loomsPhoto: a never before weaver taking a " try it "class at the studio.Photo: two first time weavers and there pieces.Photo: Photo: three color clasped weftPhoto: Photo: Photo: my santa cruz cultural open studio show 2013Photo: artist's saori bias cut   coatPhoto: the  studio gallery wallPhoto: Photo: open studio week endPhoto: saori santa cruz studio
  weaving classes, spinning , sewing classes and more  by appointment 

www.saorisantacruz.comPhoto: from the redwoods to the sea.Photo: Student Judy learns how to wind a warpPhoto: he piece she brought to show me.Photo: she learned to sley the reedPhoto: Photo: and thread the heddlesPhoto: Photo: peaceful weaving in the redwoodsPhoto: student mark weavingPhoto: Lower teaching deckPhoto: family's come to learn to weave.Photo: wow they LOVED it!
two were visiting from NY city.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: happy weavers.Photo: weaving ,spinning ,sewing and dyeingPhoto: All classes by appointment at the studio
 classes available for groups off site too.
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Peaceful weaving in the redwoods