33 Photos - Feb 9, 2015
Photo: Honoring founding director Anja MendezPhoto: Remembering Anja's ministryPhoto: Anja MendezPhoto: Various people shared what Anja meant to them.Photo: Becky FischerPhoto: SSCM graduates honoring AnjaPhoto: Friends sharing how Anja's ministry impacted their families.Photo: Sharing appreciation for Anja's ministryPhoto: Becky chocking up with emotionPhoto: Adriana Morales honoring Anja as her mentor.Photo: Adriana praying a blessing over AnjaPhoto: Photo: KIMI Australia intercessor Pam Katchel blessing Anja.Photo: Praying a blessing over Anja and releasing her into the next season of her life.Photo: We placed a symbolic gold "KIMI mantel" on Anja's shoulders.Photo: Anja wearing the KIMI Mantel of leadership.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A huge moment when Anja put the KIMI mantel on Adriana's shoulders.Photo: Anja blessing Adriana as she takes on new leadership.Photo: Anja sharing about Adriana's faithfulness.Photo: Photo: Praying over Adriana Morales and setting her officially in as the new KIMI Australia director.Photo: A mother's hug of blessing and support.Photo: Photo: Such a touching moment.Photo: The mantel has officially been passed. Adriana is now the new director of Kids in Ministry Australia.Photo: Becky praying over and blessing Adriana as she becomes the new leader.Photo: Three lifetime friends and ministry partners.Photo: A will never forget me special friend, Anaj Mendez.