30 Photos - Dec 29, 2011
Photo: We needed to do some Holiday shopping for our pups for Christmas, this is Abby, she's about 7 years old, she stays outside mostly, but sucks up to us and we let her in at night or when it's to cold out!Photo: This is Lucy, she's 8 months old, this was her first Christmas with us, and her first winter...it's entertaining letting her out to do her business, she's not a fan of the cold snow.Photo: I ALWAYS make lists on my blackberry, from bills, to do lists, and shopping lists, ignore my spelling, but those were a few things I needed to pick up!Photo: I decided to do my shopping Christmas Eve...I noticed how dead the isles were in the pet section! defiantly not dead in the main isles...I couldn't believe how many last minute shoppers were there.Photo: the selection of pup-peroni treats in our Wal mart, Lucy just loves these.Photo: Milk bones to Bacon Strips to Snausages to Ol'roy. What I love about Milkbones is their variety for different size of dogs!Photo: Photo: Because Abby is a large dog, we figured a box of treats just for her would be perfect!Photo: No Milo Kitchen treats in site! Believe me, my husband and I searched up and down 3 isles looking for them! Kind of disappointing as I was excited for our pups to try them!Photo: Lucy loves these kind of treats, Abby's not the biggest fan.Photo: I found a Milkbone gift pack! There's even a coupon plus a towel inside!Photo: Poor Abby is starting to get older and we noticed that her legs are sore, so we got her some joint & bone treatsPhoto: Kind of blurry, but $3.77 for a big box of treats! YES. notice the other box with a bunch of different flavors!Photo: Here's the start of our little shop!Photo: Dog beds! Our dogs tend to share one big bed, but we bought ours from Wal Mart recently, a big memory foam one.Photo: Variety for dog leashes and collars!.Photo: Toys! Abby doesn't play with toys, and Lucy keeps stealing our kids toys, so it was perfect to grab a few things for her for Christmas!Photo: Wet food! (That's hubbys job, I can't handle the smell, even though they apparently smell like our food, no thanks)Photo: Puppy pads! For those who received a new puppy for Christmas!Photo: We picked two little bowls for Lucy, since I disliked her old set, notice the mcdonalds coffee cup, I swear it wasn't ours, and I didn't even notice it until I looked at this picture!Photo: I thought I'd show where you could get your pups some vitamins, or pet wipes, grab bags and so on.Photo: Tooth brushes! You may not think of it, but it's very important to your pups!Photo: Nail clippers and brushes!Photo: We keep stocked up on shampoos for the twoPhoto: My cart with our puppy treats, new snow boots for the youngest, and salt for the driveway!Photo: Ready to go home, I see someone threw in a bag of chips hmm, and some softer food for Abby.Photo: My little collection of dog treats for the Christmas basket!Photo: Some people don't notice this, but if you look at the top of your wal mart recipes, you can enter to win $1000 Wal mart gift card!Photo: Here's our list! All done at Wal Mart in Quesnel, B.C! Checkout was FAST for a very busy Christmas Eve!Photo: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias, All opinions are my own.