64 Photos - Jan 11, 2015
Photo: Beautiful route. Crossing the GG Bridge was cool with no traffic flying by. That won't happen again anytime soon.Photo: My fourth metric century of the year. This was a fun ridePhoto: Patrick Herlihy and yours truly at the Bridge. Photo by Jenny Oh.Photo: Friends from ACTC, from l to r: Newton, Minh, Fran, and Lori with the GG bridge in the backgroundPhoto: Allie Rasmus of KTVU Oakland interviewing FranPhoto: Ann K!Photo: Denise, my good FB friendPhoto: Patrick ready to rollPhoto: Denise, Ann, Jenny, and Deb.Photo: Rob addressing the troops before the ridePhoto: Foggy morning on the bridge. Look, no cars!!Photo: Riders coming from the other directionPhoto: Putting the barrier in placePhoto: Alcatraz slightly visiblePhoto: Back toward the wharf and piers of San FranciscoPhoto: Patrick taking a photo of the BayPhoto: Pudu!!Photo: What is that harbor called?Photo: Kitty G wavingPhoto: A boat on the Bay near SausalitoPhoto: Patrick taking more photosPhoto: Riders approaching SausalitoPhoto: Lori by the BayPhoto: Michael S gettin' organizedPhoto: Fran cruising thru SausalitoPhoto: Minh happy to be out therePhoto: Kitty G looking strongPhoto: Patrick and JasonPhoto: From the Sausalito TrailPhoto: Back toward that little bridgePhoto: Kentfield I thinkPhoto: FairfaxPhoto: Still in FairfaxPhoto: There's Deb againPhoto: Friends of Deb waiting on a buddy. John and Ian thanks to JennyPhoto: Deb zooming awayPhoto: Deb has a decision to makePhoto: Samuel P Taylor parkPhoto: Deb in the parkPhoto: Foggy toward Pt ReyesPhoto: The Pt Reyes Market deliPhoto: Golf cart bridge. Geronimo!Photo: EgretsPhoto: More of themPhoto: Back in SausalitoPhoto: HouseboatsPhoto: Sausalito looking toward San FranciscoPhoto: SausalitoPhoto: Back on the bridge following Chris Phipps who was coincidentally on the bridge at the same timePhoto: Working on the barrierPhoto: Chris Phipps with SF in the backgroundPhoto: Barrier workPhoto: The Golden Gate BridgePhoto: More bridgePhoto: San FranciscoPhoto: The Presidio of San FranciscoPhoto: The fewest entries ever on a brevet cardPhoto: Post-ride picnicPhoto: Kimber and her son taking care of usPhoto: Jason Pierce in his fancy jerseyPhoto: And anotherPhoto: The big kids table with David Walker and others I don't recognizePhoto: Deb and Kitty telling their talesPhoto: My GPS routed me up Divisidero back to the freeway up that hill