20 Photos - Sep 2, 2013
Photo: A little better planning and those last miles wouldn't look so goofy.Photo: That climb back up Highway 9 was brutal on my feet.Photo: Jeff New Guy, Chris, Steve, Peggy, and Clyde.  At the start of the ride at the Los Gatos Park N Ride.Photo: Tim, Jeff, yours truly, Chris, Steve, Peggy, and most of Clyde at the start.Photo: Peggy on Highway 9Photo: Colleen on Highway 9 saying "I'm not a member!"Photo: People riding away from me. The story of my cycling life.Photo: Flying down Highway 9 into Boulder CreekPhoto: She's not a member on West Park in Boulder CreekPhoto: They are members! Guy and PeggyPhoto: Stuart is a memberPhoto: Guy and Peggy againPhoto: Just Peggy on West Park on the way to Big BasinPhoto: There they go againPhoto: Patty, Clyde, and Steve on West ParkPhoto: StevePhoto: At the corner of Hwy 236 and Jameson CreekPhoto: Made it!Photo: Lots of Redwood treesPhoto: Peggy and Mootsy standin' in a tree p.o.s...i.n.g.  Who dresses that girl?