49 Photos - Apr 6, 2015
Photo: Day 1 - Settling in and getting in the mood for Disney tomorrowPhoto: Day 1 - Settling in and getting in the mood for Disney tomorrowPhoto: Day 2- Magic Kingdom Day 1 - "We'll let Daddy do all the pushing to get us around the park" :-)Photo: Day 2 - Beginning the Disney experience with one of the boys' favorite rides, "It's a small world." Yes, we rode it at least four times on this trip!Photo: Day 2 - Small world again... and again :-)Photo: Day 2 - Lunch at our favorite Disney restaurant watching "Sunny Eclipse," the alien animotronic, entertain us while we eat.Photo: Day 2 - Exploring the Winnie the Pooh ride waiting areaPhoto: Day 2 - Grady Jeremiah has become quite the roller coaster fanatic. Papa got this picture for us of him on the front row of the Barnstormer.Photo: Day 2 - Riding the Barnstormer. He looks like this the whole ride whether this coaster or the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train or The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad :-)Photo: Day 2 - One of RIchard Josiah's favorite rides, other than Small World, is flying DumboPhoto: Day 2 - Amidst all the wonders of Disney, the boys were especially fascinated by the real ducks that live near the castle. RC (Rick) made us all laugh when he exclaimed, "Boy, Disney can sure make those ducks look realistic!"Photo: Day 2 - Three Gradys and Two RIchards riding the Disney train - From left to right: Grady, Richard, Grady, Richard, GradyPhoto: Day 2 - Yes, RC was "That Guy" on the Monsters Inc laugh floor! Mike Wazowski liked to pick on him several times during the showPhoto: Day 2 - Learning how to drive early in life!Photo: Day 2 - If the kids weren't in the stroller, they liked modes of transportation like this!Photo: Day 3 - Beginning the day at EPCOT. Where's Richard Josiah?Photo: Day 3 - The Seas at Epcot.Photo: Day 3 - Getting ready to learn about history in "the big ball"Photo: Day 3 - Driving a race car and trying to save the planet from a bad guy at the same time... Thankfully Grady Jeremiah had good supervision for this endeavor :-)Photo: Day 3 - RC and Grady Jeremiah watching an outdoor model train in the world showcase at EPCOTPhoto: Day 3- Richard Josiah was not as captivated by world showcase as brother. He decided to take a good nap through it, even through the drums and flag corps show in Italy. Thankfully he woke up in time to see an amazing juggler at a street show :-)Photo: Day 3 - Finally got to interact with one of their favorite charactersPhoto: Day 3 - Character greeting in EPCOTPhoto: Day 3 - Eating our second of three dinners at Cracker Barrel to keep the kids going strong through the tripPhoto: Day 3 - Late night back at EPCOT to do some rides again with no lines. RC is leading the boys on an adventure.Photo: Day 3 - The two Richards watching the amazing fireworks show at EPCOT.Photo: Day 3 - After the EPCOT fireworks from our front row seat around the lagoon in world showcasePhoto: Day 4 - Two engineers and two engineers in training enjoying our favorite mode of transportation... the monorail :-)Photo: Day 4 - Magic Kingdom Day 2 - Richard Josiah having fun with Papa!Photo: Day 4 - Watching the Pirates stage show with Captain Jack Sparrow. Richard Josiah wasn't sure what he thought about a real life pirate in front of him and liked the security of Papa's lap :-)Photo: Day 4 - At the pirate show with Jack Sparrow, Grady Jeremiah got picked as a stage participant to be a pirate in training!Photo: Day 4 - Despite pledging his loyalty to Jack Sparrow, we thankfully have not noticed any changes in his behavior... yet :-)Photo: Day 4 - Richard Josiah got picked to join some dancers and the bears from Bear Jamboree for a square dance. He wasn't so sure about what he thought regarding this experiencePhoto: Day 4 - The grand-dads with Grady Jeremiah helping Buzz Lightyear save the planet.Photo: Day 4 - Papa explaining to our engineers in training how electric magnets could move the people movers without motors.Photo: Day 4 - Grady Jeremiah became the photographer and wanted to get a picture of me on the people mover. I'm not sure if I was excited because we were on the people mover or because we had just gone through space mountain on it :-)Photo: Day 4 - Richard Josiah braved the cold wind and the heights to become a space pilot and do the astro orbiter with me :-)Photo: Day 4 - Our roller coaster fanatic got to do the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad this trip. He was so excited about it and now claims it is his favorite ride in the whole park, surpassing the barnstormer and 7 Dwarfs Mine Train which were a close 2nd and 3rd :-)Photo: Day 4 - The Richards bundled up on a cold night getting ready to see the main street electric parade.Photo: Day 4 - After a full day in the Magic Kingdom ending with the electric parade and a mad dash to four of their favorite rides while there were no lines during the fireworks, the boys passed out before we could even get out of the park :-)Photo: Day 5 - Final Day - Animal Kingdom - Bring on the wilderness adventure!Photo: Day 5 - Flying the dinosaurs at Animal KingdomPhoto: Day 5 - Inspired by the drummers at the street show in Africa, our boys decided to do their own drumming to rival that which they heard :-)Photo: Day 5 - Surely these fences aren't designed to keep two determined toddlers out of an exhibit, right?  :-)Photo: Day 5 - Finishing up the day at Animal KingdomPhoto: Day 5 - Richard, Richard, Grady, GradyPhoto: Day 5 - Interestingly, one of the favorite memories of the trip for our boys was playing with the antique washing machine in front of Cracker Barrel. Thankfully the engineer grand-dads were able to explain how it worked to themPhoto: Day 5 - Big brother convinced little brother he needed to lay down on the ground to let him know if he could hear the motor sounds from the turning of the handle :-)Photo: Day 6 - We ran our guys hard on this trip. Richard Josiah passed out for us on part of the way home. He is holding on tight to RC's hand while he slept.