21 Photos - May 10, 2013
Photo: 004 Annual Meeting.jpgPhoto: 0010 renewals and new members.jpgPhoto: 0028 Neighbors check out the Haz Waste and gardening items.jpgPhoto: 0031 Neighbors check out the Firewise efforts.jpgPhoto: 0041 President Richard Anton opens the meeting.jpgPhoto: 0045 Sandy Dochen was the evening MC.jpgPhoto: 0047 Chuck Stahl gave a great history talk.jpgPhoto: 0049 NWACA has growing number of kids and seniors.jpgPhoto: 0054 Steve Aleman spoke about Imagine Austin.jpgPhoto: 0060 Imagin Austin components.jpgPhoto: 0064 Robert Thomas discussed the status of 10 One.jpgPhoto: 0070 Josh Portie explained the Firewise Program.jpgPhoto: 0076 Committee tables ringed the room.jpgPhoto: 0080 Stacey Brewer talked with NWACA history buffs.jpgPhoto: 0082 Robert explaining the current neighborhood areas.jpgPhoto: 0090 Meredith Boussin from COA joined Steven Aleman on Imagine Austin.jpgPhoto: 0092 Kay Whitney staffed the Wildlife Committee booth.jpgPhoto: 0093 Leon Whitney talked with Peter Beck and St. Ed's students about their projects.jpgPhoto: 0094 St. Edward's student posters from Deer Mgt course.jpgPhoto: 0097 Neighbors talk with John Warden about tree and environment items.jpgPhoto: 0099 Jane Herrin and Ernie Saulmon staffed the transportation table.jpg