30 Photos - Apr 26, 2012
Photo: Your home screen on a clean install of EOS Rel 2Photo: EOS Interface tweaks that are availablePhoto: A few more interface tweaks (Quick settings)Photo: Here we can disable and enable all of the stock setting items in the popup settings area.Photo: Disabled all of the default settings items but brightness and the settings shortcutPhoto: Here we can enable the EOS quick settings.Photo: We can also change the colour of the statusbarPhoto: And here is the status bar with a horrible blue colour.Photo: We can also customise the text accompanying the battery icon.Photo: We can also change the clock colour - Useful if you wish to change the battery percentage colour as well!Photo: We can customise the softkeys a bit.Photo: Unfortuantly we can only take screenshots, or show the reboot menu at this stagePhoto: Here we've enabled the setting to show a statusbar toggle in the Power menuPhoto: Another screenshot - with the statusbar now hidden. Note: you still get your notifications!Photo: We can also add applications to the quick launch area. This is down near the soft keys.Photo: We can also customise what actions are shown on the lockscreen.Photo: Here are the unlock, browser and Google Talk actions on the lockscreen.Photo: Performance settingsPhoto: Photo: Photo: In the developer options menu we can also enable the WifiDirect and Global Proxy setting pages.Photo: The Wifi Direct and Global Proxy Settings pages are viewable under Wireless & Networks -> More... when they are enabled.Photo: The Global Proxy SettingsPhoto: The debug menu in the browser is also enabled by default in the default browser.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: