21 Photos - Dec 5, 2012
Photo: Not even "circa 1985"! We got this deli case IN 1985, but it was already over twenty years old... from the sixties. Like an old car- weighed a ton, and had a few defects (messed up, broken seal in the triple-paned glass, for one thing).Photo: Another relic we purchased with our minimal budget in 1985- a loud, huge drink case. As you can see, we didn't even fill the thing up. So we turned it off every night, and unloaded the drinks into the walk-in. Oh my... (#wasteoftime !)Photo: Yes, in took a huge trailer truck to haul this monster out!Photo: Thanks, Massone, for helping up get in good stuff in, and the old stuff out!Photo: We tried yellow paint back in 2001. Maybe it was better than before, but... that was a LOT of yellow!Photo: We said good-bye to the old floor in 2011. As you can see, this is before the sales counter got its face-lift...Photo: Yep- OLD floor. ("just" 16 years old)Photo: We had to do with a makeshift sales counter, until our friend made us a custom one...Photo: Some extended "New Deli Family"- thanks for your help, Brian! (AND Diane & Kyle.)Photo: Our friend Jeff knew just how to make a good sales counter. YAY.Photo: Former New Deli employee Travis went into the flooring business. So we re-hired him for this job!Photo: Of course Tom helped...Photo: Can you believe how beautiful this is?! Our new, ceramic floor (that looks like wood, but wears even better for kitchen use).Photo: Hadn't seen The New Deli cleaned out THIS much, hey?Photo: No seating yet (except for the floor)!Photo: Ah... done deal. (Until the next upgrade, three years later...)Photo: We imported Jen's mom several times a year, from Michigan. The QUEEN of cooking, in our family!Photo: The deli has a softer color now, with cream colors and charcoal accents. Jen's dad's hanging shelf is "holding up" well!Photo: The New New Deli has new gold curtains, tablecloths, and menu boards. (Plus a "Wall of Fame" towards the back...)Photo: We love the mellow new colors. Perfect backdrop for our vases...Photo: Tom's sales counter: Benjamin Moore "Anjou Pear"- fitting for the deli!