9 Photos - Mar 18, 2012
Photo: The problem: cheap plastic bar-end plugs that come off easily.Photo: cheapPhoto: The solution: two bottles of champagne, two glasses, a blade and/or tape.Photo: Step one: open the bottles, throw away the bubbly, keep the corks. I like to inscribe the occasion on the corks and keep them as mementos.Photo: Landfill fodder vs renewable tree bark. Nuff said.Photo: Step 2: Adjust cork girth. A champagne cork is about the right size, but it needs to fit tightly in the bar-end. Cut or tape as needed.Photo: A gaping bar-end crying to be plugged.Photo: Step 3: Plug cork into bar-end, make sure it fits tightly. A little encouragement with a hammer is OK.Photo: Step 4: Be proud of yourself. Lots of karma points plus an excellent conversation starter on the road.