43 Photos - Mar 25, 2012
Photo: Photo: Bryce and I made a beeline for the bakery department on the look out for the perfect bread for our spread.  Lots of delicious Bake at Home options from Ecce Panis.Photo: The Ciabatta Loaf and Mini Boule look delicious...Photo: but we end up choosing the French Demi Baguettes.  These will slice up easily and be perfect with the spread.  Note to self: Try these French Dinner Rolls soon!Photo: Bryce gives them the once-over and gives his final approval.Photo: Oooh.  I could just stand here all day admiring the yummy bread.  But, I most go forth and get the rest of my items.Photo: We need some of these...Photo: And we can never have too many bananas in our house.  My boys are like little monkeys we go through them so quickly!Photo: Easter Candy is being prominently displayed in front of the checkout stands.  I have to say Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs are an Easter staple in our house.Photo: I love swinging by the kids books display.  There's usually a new book out that my boys will like.Photo: That's right people! More Easter for your money!Photo: And here we are!  The Easter aisles!Photo: I don't know what happened to my Easter cookie cutters so we are going to grab these for later.Photo: So many ways to have fun with eggs!Photo: I saw quite a few HOP displays.  We just watched the movie and it was too cute!Photo: Great for Easter Baskets - I picked up 2!Photo: 220 eggs for $10? That's a deal!Photo: Picked up one of these for Bryce to get him in the Easter spirit.Photo: Okay, have I got anything off my list yet?  Hmmm - the bread - check!Photo: Quickly swing through the boys clothes section just in case anything grabs my attention...Photo: Finally I made it to the sour cream! Now I just have to choose....Photo: Grab some cream cheese.  I usually get the 1/3 less fat so I can eat 33% more :)Photo: I'm going with the Three Cheese Touch of Phildelphia cheese.Photo: Here's a great big pie making section to help you get your pie on!Photo: More HOP!Photo: Easter candy galore.  I try to steer clear of this aisle when the boys are with me.Photo: I think it's cool that the carrots are promoting HOP :)Photo: Bryce is starting to get a little uncomfortable in the cart so I think it's about time to check out.Photo: This is what we made it home with! Time to get cooking!Photo: I love this recipe because it requires so few ingredients!Photo: I roasted the red bell pepper...Photo: And then diced it up.Photo: That gets added to 8 oz of cream cheese that I whip real good to get it light and fluffy.Photo: Add in the parmesan cheese and the cheese blend and combine.Photo: Go ahead and set the spread in the refrigerator.  The longer it has the better it tastes.  Get the bread out and heat it in the oven.Photo: Beautiful aren't they?Photo: Here's the spread in all it's glory - yummy!Photo: Cut up the bread into slices and serve with the spread to make guests feel happy :)Photo: Bryce is a big fan of roasted red pepper spread!Photo: Oh yeah!Photo: Photo: Serve it up and enjoy!Photo: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias