12 Photos - Jun 14, 2014
Photo: Morris Jackson displayed and sold models of the ten, five and three stamp mills he built. (Jackie Ridge)Photo: Morris Jackson's stamp mill models are admired at the Flywheel Cafe. (Scott Braley)Photo: Volunteers in the bucket trimming dead branches from a tree in the school yard. (Jackie Ridge)Photo: Morry and Sue Stevens loading dead wood from the trees on the Schoolhouse yard into a trailer. (Jackie Ridge)Photo: Trish and Rick Nisbet grooming around the Mary Beal tent. [Jackie Ridge)Photo: More dead wood from the Schoolhouse yard trees loaded to be hauled away. (Jackie Ridge)Photo: Dan Carter works on restoration of the undercarriage of one of the baggage carts in front of the Dennis G. Casebier Library. (Scott Braley)Photo: Ed Laag loads up the trailer full of burro bushes and weeds. (Scott Braley)Photo: Steve Marschke fashioning new guide posts for artifacts around the Goffs Cultural Center. (Scott Braley)Photo: Debbie Miller-Marschke adding new paint to the Goffs Cultural Center guide posts. (Scott Braley)Photo: Christa Torres receives her Millman diploma from Executive Director Hugh Brown. (Scott Braley)Photo: The Friday night potluck had plenty of good food for all thirty-five diners present. (Scott Braley)