16 Photos - Jun 5, 2012
Photo: Tower Bridge - London Olympics 2012Photo: Some facts you might have never heard about the Tower Bridge.Photo: The cost of the upgrade is being supported by EDF and GE, both sustainability partners of London 2012.Photo: Tower Bridge with GE Lighting's 90W LED Floodlights.Photo: Gothic turrets, windows and suspension chains with various shades and intensity.Photo: Tower Bridge - Proudly Lit by EDF.Photo: Tower Bridge - London 2012Photo: Tetra Contour has been installed on the bridge.Photo: Tower Bridge - Proudly Lit by GE.Photo: The lighting makeover of Tower Bridge will reduce energy consumption by 40%.Photo: 8,270 meters of new electrical cable has been installed.Photo: Developed to enhance the aesthetics of the bridge and ensure energy efficiency.Photo: Tower Bridge was last relamped with spotlights 25 years ago.Photo: More than 2 km of GE Lighting’s Tetra Contour architectural LED lighting.Photo: The project comes at no cost to the taxpayer.Photo: 8,270 meters of new electrical cable has been installed.