79 Photos - Jul 27, 2014
Photo: Judy & Heather B directing traffic @ Firebowl (closing ceremonies)Photo: Program Director KevinPhoto: Bo Jangles & the JokerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: We had chicken drumsticks, green beans and potato wedges for dinner - they feature large in FirebowlPhoto: To start the fire, you throw chicken at it! ??Photo: Shooting sports folksPhoto: Bear Gryllis under attack by the wild camp staffPhoto: Photo: T71 kids in the Theater skitPhoto: Photo: General staff silliness - I forget what the gag was here..Photo: Photo: Photo: Mr. Dahle is enjoying Firebowl; Mr. James continues to use his Grizzled Scoutmaster facePhoto: Photo: A visit from the aquatics folks - note the swimming dogPhoto: Photo: Photo: Mr. James continues to enjoy FirebowlPhoto: Bo Jangles leading "60's Party" skitPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dr. Heimlich discovers how to address someone who is chokingPhoto: Hans, aka The Joker, Dr. Heimlich's test subjectPhoto: The test subject must be choking to be a test subject - hey I recognize those green beansPhoto: Hans writhes about on the ground a bitPhoto: Hans appears to have recovered, you guessed it...Photo: ...more beans!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dr. Pepper!!?! to the rescue?Photo: Have some chicken Hans!Photo: Photo: Photo: Hans using a prop to dislodge the chicken - you'll note it in mid-flight on the left of the framePhoto: Dr. Heimlich claims credit for Hans self-discovery of the food dislodging maneuver...Photo: D Hill with the Eagle Quest boys (first-year Boy Scouts)Photo: Mr. Kutter & Mr. James with the IronChef participantsPhoto: Photo: Formerly known as Dr. Heimlich is now reporting on a riot by GSR staff (Angelo [aka Gello], appears to be seeking retribution for Hans)Photo: Photo: KetchupPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Now that he's been watered, it's time for sand!!Photo: Photo: Photo: My favorite photo of the nightPhoto: Going for a swimPhoto: The Riddler/Joker/Hans has captured the unassuming Clark KentPhoto: Photo: BatMan - I don't remember which staff member this isPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Santa?Photo: Photo: Photo: Suds, Camp Director, as The KingPhoto: Daniel, our check-in/check-out escort, as another ElvisPhoto: VIVA Las Vegas!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Heather Gallup receiving her prestigous GSR 2014 Belt Buckle (haven't seen that yet!)Photo: