226 Photos - Jul 21, 2014
Photo: Photo: There we are!!Photo: Photo: Opening FirebowlPhoto: Photo: Photo: Around 500 scouts; 130 adultsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: They know how to make a fire @ FirebowlPhoto: Photo: Carl, Shooting Sports director, as Capt HookPhoto: T71 folksPhoto: Photo: Chase & David being introduced to Eagle Quest - rank advancement focused activity areaPhoto: EQ folks being broken into patrolsPhoto: T71 boys just hanging around (J Costa photo - thanks!)Photo: Photo: The massive & beautiful dining hallPhoto: Not one of our boys, but funnyPhoto: "The Sages" - sat with us most of the week; all over 80 yrs old; 200+ years of Scouting among the three of themPhoto: Photo: Photo: Robbie & "Tails"Photo: Photo: Orrie (the Philmont sage) & RobbiePhoto: Photo: Photo: T71 was the host Troop (like the bridal party) for Lunch & Dinner on MondayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Of note here is the glow on the side of Kyle's face; thanks to Evan's shirtPhoto: T71 Marksmen!!!Photo: SPIT - getting seriousPhoto: Trying out the hornPhoto: Mr. Dahle preparing to try to make fire with a bow & string -- he got some smoke!Photo: Conor tries his hand at itPhoto: Video: Photo: Tuesday night - storms; huddled in one of the dining flysPhoto: Ok, so the storms might have been a bit fun tooPhoto: Too much flash!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Our senior Scouts demonstrate leadership skillsPhoto: Dabbs - is that an air mattress in your tent!!?!!?Photo: Home sweet camp - sand, dust, and all; the good news is that the rain (> 2 inches of it) was gone by morning and took the dust with it for a few daysPhoto: Ethan Woodruff seems to have a getting out of bed problemPhoto: The storm brought a stick to Mr. James and Mr. Dahle's tent, which left two holes over the Scoutmaster's bunkPhoto: Photo: The axe yard was a popular activity --- helps feed the fire (we're Boy Scouts because of fire..and knives..and guns)Photo: Photo: Mrs. Gallup, queen of all things organizational and medicalPhoto: Good Morning T71!Photo: Breakfast!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Sages - enjoying their own special oatmealPhoto: With some Camp Birch Maple Syrup - sadly, no one else got any food that would take it!!Photo: M Reuter is proud of his tower of milk cartonsPhoto: Apparently Mr. James was pinching poor Kyle; Kyle appears to have developed immunityPhoto: Photo: Photo: Aquila was the best campsite - centrally located to most things.  I don't know who or how much Mrs. Gallup paid, but it was worth it!!Photo: Photobombing was a skill practiced by many; this was the camp provided, in-camp Scout assembled lunchPhoto: Photo: Baked apples for lunch; unfortunately the apple coring by a 5/8" spade bit on Mr. Kutter's drill was not photographedPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Assembly line for lunchPhoto: More cards -- same game - spit as alwaysPhoto: Preparing for dinner - Mr. James browning ground beefPhoto: Photo: Photo: Smoke in the eyes burns - just ask M Reuter (or Mr. James, or Mr. Kutter)Photo: Photo: Mr. Kutter preparing garlic for either the Mr. James lasagna, or the beef stew he madePhoto: Mr. Kutter & Mr. James like their garlic - there were no vampires at campPhoto: More spitPhoto: Some people hanging aroundPhoto: KylePhoto: Lasagna assemblyPhoto: Photo: Visit from staff (looks like Roadhouse, Joe? [aka Heimlich], and Bo Jangles)Photo: Photo: Photo: Andrew Carnevale's grandparents!  Thanks for coming to family night!Photo: Introducing the staff to spitPhoto: Bo Jangles brain is fried by this fast paced gamePhoto: Photo: Cherry cobbler - plus Mr. Kutter's secret ingredient -- dark chocolate chips!Photo: Apple cobblerPhoto: LasagnaPhoto: Photo: Mathew M in the axe yardPhoto: Stew & lasagna - no one left hungry!  Did we mention there was a cobbler to be had too?? [served after program - too late and too full]Photo: Preparing to eat - saying gracePhoto: Photo: Photo: Lasagna is looking a bit emptyPhoto: Police line - find and dispose of trashPhoto: Lined up for the Order of the Arrow tapping ceremonyPhoto: Inside the processionPhoto: The other procession line waiting for us to pass throughPhoto: Everyone was silent during the procession and the ceremonyPhoto: DrummersPhoto: An "usher"Photo: Suds, camp director, as emceePhoto: Photo: Ian & Joe in front of SudsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Joe with his soul sucking stare taps B JamesPhoto: Bo Jangles gives an assessmentPhoto: Photo: C Hernit waitsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: R Dahle stood and waited for the inevitible for a very long time - must have been unnervingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: P Mumford hopped across camp in his sleeping bag to get his hornPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: SillinessPhoto: Mrs. Bird is suspiciousPhoto: Nice hand painted camp mapPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kyle's die - welded together from squares of steelPhoto: Assembling for lunch in the hot sun...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mr. James & Mr. Kutter had dinner here while shoppingPhoto: Mr. Kutter making our prank flagPhoto: Photo: All done - ready for mischiefPhoto: Conor has the lead for getting to breakfast (we provided the color guard to raise our flag)Photo: Some other prank at playPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: P Mumford plays "To the Colors" with parts of his bugle & Mr. James' cow hornPhoto: Wait a second, that's not the Council flag!!Photo: Beautifully executed - unfortunately, it was brought down during breakfastPhoto: Photo: Mr. Dahle does not appear to be pleasedPhoto: Photo: Taken toward the SE corner of camp while out runningPhoto: Massive pine near the bogVideo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Making a pork roast for Iron ChefPhoto: The secret to getting all the kabob bits properly done (not that we actually did) is to cook like things together and then re-assemble for presentation!Photo: Carmelized fresh pineapple & baconPhoto: Our camp kitchen - all done over open fire or with charcoal & dutch ovenPhoto: Ok, so these fine gents used a camp stove to make ricePhoto: Assembling kabobsPhoto: Carmelizing more pineapple - in pork juices & our special ingredient: Camp Birch maple syrupPhoto: Photo: Photo: Finished kabobs - we presented only 3, not knowing there were 8 judges (that left plenty for us to eat!!)Photo: Carmelizing pineapple is hot, smoky businessPhoto: Photo: Photo: The finished Iron Chef entry for "Wolfgang Muck"Photo: Photo: Assembling plates for the judgesPhoto: This was the winning Iron Chef entryPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cooking merit badge folks make scrambled eggs w/ veggiesPhoto: Photo: Nicholas Costa finally buys the Mountain Dew for Mr. James that is owed to him (I forget why)Photo: Before dinner, the flag is returned to its rightful place!!Photo: Indian Pipe _plant_ blooming; that's right folks, this is a parasitic, non-photosynthesis plant!  They're fairly rare, but all over the place at Gerber: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monotropa_unifloraThese were found right behind my tent at the campsite!Photo: Wind turbines in the rainPhoto: Photo: Unloading the trailerPhoto: Photo: