20 Photos - Jul 23, 2011
Photo: My Mr Hyde :D I bought this bike just over two years ago, came off sports bikes, too old for crotch rockets, the beard hit my chest at one time but has been cut right back since although my hair will never grow back ;)

I spend as much time as I can on two wheels, it keeps me sane and even pack my camera kit on this for shoots.Photo: Its not all about the landscapes ;)

Thought I would share something fun, sorry about the Dude bit, couldn't help it 0.o

Boy did it rain on this day :)Photo: I wanted to share one more image before I go to bed.

This is a very early piece from me, I know its a little rough around the edges and has issues with it but I like it as for me it was the start of so many things.

This is my son at the walker art gallery, he is looking at the painting by Rossetti - Dante's Dream at the Time of the Death of Beatrice. He took this pose by himself and seemed mesmerise by the painting, I sneaked behind him and got low to get this image.

When I finished I stood with him and we talked about the painting, he liked the colours but could not understand why a lady was kissing another.Photo: The weather in the UK seems to have gone a little nuts, its the first day of October and we have hit temperatures of 30 degrees, I went out with my wife, we took a long slow bike ride to a place called Swettenham. A small hamlet in the middle of Cheshire, we spent a little time in a pub called The Swettenham arms that was once a resting place for monks. In the back garden they had a lavender field surrounded by sunflowers. They should not even be in bloom, the bee's are still out and are as busy as ever and I watched as they danced between the giant sunflower heads. I'm sat in an old country pub, it feel like mid summer, its bliss.Photo: Sorry for the fleeting visit but before I go and settle down for the night I thought I would leave you with this.

I sat and watched this bug spend an age climb up this vine, it seemed to take an age but I was fascinated with it, a few times it fell back, turned around and carried on, I wanted to know why it wanted to get to the top. I was enthralled by its journey and when it finished, it simply turned around and looked at were it had come from. It did what it set out to do, I still have no idea as to why it need to climb but I felt proud of the bug.

Goes to show, sometimes all it takes is one step at a time :)Photo: And Then She waited

When the promise did not come
When the day did not end
When the past came back
To pass once again
She waited
Would she call out
Or stay silent
Glimpses and glimmers
Fly over her eyes
Like mayflies in the summer
Little echos of voices gone by
And then she waited.

My beautiful wife.Photo: From Where I Came

You know not from where I came
A darkness that engulfs
And a path leads only one way
You know not from where I came
Back streets and gutters
And hate and anger
You know not from where I came
Hunger and pain
And losses that still cut deep

But you will know where I am going

Sometimes we have to remember our past lives to understand what our future lives will become, what once was will shape what will be.

#thewhiterabbit #mikeshawPhoto: FlyPhoto: Quit Bugging Me!

I am quite busy at the moment and to compound matters I start a shift cycle tomorrow so I will have little time over the next few days, so I apologise now for my lack of interaction but it should hopefully only be for a short while.

In the meantime I would like to share this, it was in a local car park and its kind of hard not to take a picture of something that looks this cool. This is a very early shot taken with the Canon 400D, as you can see I went a little nuts on post editing, I know its not to everyone's taste but I kinda like this bug :)Photo: Nostalgia Ain't What It Used To BePhoto: To be who we are
We have to give some of ourselves away
To be who we are
We have to keep some of ourselves locked away
To be who we are
We have keep it all safe
To be who we are
We have to throw caution to the wind
To be who we are
We have to be all things to all men
To be who we are
We have to be slaves to ourselves

Sometimes when someone shares that little something of themselves, never underestimate how valuable a gift you have been given, cherish that gift.

Last image, goodnight G+Photo: Just Me

I look out but no one looks in
I see you but you do not see me
I am here but not in your world
I am free within your cage
Just me
Only me
A boy who see's too much
And nothing at all.

My son, sometimes I wonder about him and for him.Photo: Daydreams

I have spent many a time in fields of various corns, wheat and other crops, when the weather is nice there is nothing better than laying there surrounded by it all looking up and the clouds and seeing whatever floats by. Take time out when the weather is nice, find a field and just lay there, do nothing but watch the sky.

I have to apologise as I am having computer problems at the moment (read it might not survive until the morning if it keeps slowing down!) But I will work on it (read kick it) and hope to get back soon :)Photo: Fire Up The Flux Capacitor Marty o.0

Just for fun and to show photography is not all about hard edge images, I took some long exposure landscapes a few days ago waiting for the sun to come up and while doings so I fired a few off at the side of the road. I wonder what the drivers thought to see this over tired nutter at the side of the road giggling to himself as they shot past taking images.

A quick share before I head out the door ;)

Go Doc Brown I say :PPhoto: Its The Questions You Leave Behind

Dying roses on a fence just below Whitby Abbey, the fence blocks off access to a steep cliff, so many questions, no answers.Photo: Never Alone

No matter what no one should be alone at this time of the year. if you know someone who is, go say hello, you will never really know just how much of a difference you will make to them, whats more, to yourself.Photo: I Am The Snipe

I am the snipe, spewed forth from the gutter kicking and screaming, the voice fell quiet but the kicks continued. Trained by the lash of my fathers belt, forewarned by the alcohol on his breath. Pushed through the system like a rag doll no longer wanted I built my defense, made of brick and steel, impenetrable and shut off. Violence teaches you how to react, fight fire with fire, no flight for me, build your armour thicker and your heart colder, never to trust, never to give.

Battle scared, many unseen many not on the surface but buried deep inside. Locked away with the memories of pain, no longer a child, no longer willing to hide under beds. I crawled out, I clenched my fists and I walked away. They will only break you if you let them, don't conform to the slavery that is their society, conformity is only control. I will not be controlled, I will not conform.

You look at me then look away, I scare you, I scare myself, knowing the capabilities of half a decade of anger has burned my mind and there are few bridges left to cross. So I stay in my armour, the place I feel safe, the place I keep you safe.

I am the snipe, spewed forth from the gutter.Photo: Only Me Again!

I don't like photographs of myself and I do try and stay away from the wrong side of the camera, this one I took into a mirror while waiting to do some photographs and talk about more work on my sleeves with my tattooist. I am fortunate in that I have him as a close fiend as well and trust him to get on with the work, much as he leaves the photography to myself.

Yeah, its the reason I like hats, I have had a shaven head for over 15 years now and kinda like it that way, apart from when it gets cold out Photo: Reflections Of A CityPhoto: Dear Prudence