368 Photos - Jul 17, 2011
Photo: This Land Of MinePhoto: Time To RadiatePhoto: Battle ScarredPhoto: Born Of SpringPhoto: Dreams Of DawnPhoto: High Plains DrifterPhoto: Power LinesPhoto: Unbroken SilencePhoto: Sun StreamPhoto: The PromisePhoto: The Promise Of FreedomPhoto: Lord Of The RingsPhoto: Yellow StormPhoto: The way Of The LostPhoto: Combsegate Beach in North Devon UK, its a small cove nestled down a cliff, at sunset its even more beautiful.Photo: Dreamscape, Combesgate beach in North Devon again, taken back in 2009 when I was experimenting with HDR, I need to go back.Photo: Camp fire Of The Gods, Derwent water in the Lake District UK, I was fortunate to catch the sun as it set behind the island that sits in the centre of the lake, this was in autumn a few years ago, its paradise to me, there are so many places you can get to that others just dont see.Photo: Your A Long Way From Home.Photo: Through The Gap. Combsegate Beach in North Devon, a place to got lose yourself, so many nooks and crannies to explore, even more beautiful as the sun sets.Photo: My Country Mile, the road I take on the way to work.Photo: Will You Follow?Photo: Twist And Turn. Part of the fire mountain reserve on Lanzarote, I just loved the twist on the road. I was a little dissapointed as there is not a lot to inspire you here. The landscape has been turned almost to desert after the volcanic eruptions in the 1800's. Its a very arid country that is still trying to recover after all these years.Photo: Sunset At 32,000 FeetPhoto: Is there anything better than sunsets by the sea?Photo: Good morning :)Photo: One of my favourite stomping grounds for sunsets, Combsegate Beach in North Devon UK, I could live here.Photo: Good morning G+

Image taken last year in a local forest, I love the colours of autumnPhoto: A little country lane I wander down to de-stress and it tends to work, its in a small village called Great Budworth in Cheshire, I shall post an image of the the village next.Photo: To Sleep To DreamPhoto: This is Number 2, probably the image that got me noticedPhoto: And the third, even I know now I went a little too far with the editing process but for some reason its been one of my biggest selling prints?Photo: The lake District in the UK, I watched as the storm clouds gathered pace.Photo: I have had a love of swans since I was a child.Photo: Last image for today and before I bore you all to death, once again Combsegate Beach in North Devon.Photo: Last image of the day, taken last winter, I was travelling through Delemere Forest, its a very dense forest when I walked into this clearing, it took my breath away.Photo: Footsteps, why are they so compelling? Its as if we have missed a story.Photo: Islands In The SkyPhoto: Last image today I promise, this was an experiment with over exposure and a play on the lower shadows, it was fun to do.Photo: Looking out over the banks of the river Mersey, just another sunrise.Photo: For those that are suffering at the hands of the storm, when the rain passes it brings a new day and the rains will pass.Photo: My time on earth will be spent in places that give me joy, the sea, the woods, the mountains, where will you be?Photo: Good morning G+Photo: Good morning Googlers :)Photo: Good morning G+

I thought I would show you a place I spend too much time at, its called Lymn Dam in Warrington, the paths lead all the way around the water and that magic time between summer and autumn is when the place is at its best.Photo: Lothlorien Realm Of ElvesPhoto: Are We Going Blind?
One thing I notice more and more with the progress of technology is that we seem to be losing sight of what is actually around us. When I am out and about in urban locations I see so many people walking by with heads bowed looking into some screen or other.
When we first open our eyes after sleep for many the first port of call is to look at some sort of monitor, smart phone, I Pad, laptop, smart TV and so on to see what is happening in the world. We even check on line or on the TV to see how the weather is when all we need do is pull back the curtains to see.
We look to fantasy films, to the stars and space to try and see a glimpse of wonders, it’s as if we no longer realise we live in a land of legend and folklore. We need to lift our heads and take our eyes away from the monitors. We need to see the beauty that is there. No matter where we are, countryside, coastal, in the city, its there.
When we remove the cataracts of technology that are blinding us, when we do we will fall in love with this planet earth once more.
I want to show you a small series of images that I feel may show that if we look we will find. Some are from an oasis of beauty in a desert of industry, a small farm that sits between a haulage yard and a large chemical plant were I work, another simple shot take from simply looking down on a busy city street.

Please, look up and see.

Please forgive the ramblings and the high uploads, sometimes I need to get the stuff that floats around my mind out.Photo: https://plus.google.com/102518365620075109973/posts/RCdTt6xnu6W

Please readPhoto: https://plus.google.com/102518365620075109973/posts/RCdTt6xnu6W
Please readPhoto: Last image for the day before I overdo it.

Whitby harbour is a photographers paradise as the sun sets, its a place to sit and watch the sea roll by.Photo: Good Morning Googlers.

I have just finished my first night shift and on the way home I stopped off to get a few landscapes of the last few days we have of summer.

This image was taken less than an hour ago on a local farm I pass back and forward on the way to work. I had to try and time it right as it was trying to rain, (it eventually did) I wanted to get the sun behind the tree, it was a one shot or nothing.

About a minute after this was taken the heavens opened!

I am about to go to bed as I am on nights again tonight but I will go through my notifications later, goodnight/good morning G+ :)Photo: Those that have followed my work in the past will know this tree, it holds a fascination for me, it sits on a small hill and has been bent and twisted by the wind that constantly blows there. Its growth stunted by the fact its simply trying to stay upright.Photo: Good morning Googlers.

I thought I would share one last image from my favourite location, this is sunset at Combsegate beach in North Devon UK, its simply a beautiful place to be.

I am working on a couple of walk through's and hope to get them posted soon, I have one more share (coming up) and then I am about to fall asleep :)Photo: I know, I am supposed to be in bed, I am going now, goodnight/good morning :)Photo: The little farm that sits near to my work place, this is my oasis of beauty surrounded by industry.

I recall when I first uploaded this image I was accused of over saturating it, truth be told I actually knocked some of the colour back :)Photo: Last image of the day, I have to go before my wife throws my router out!

This was taken just after this image: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-rtsoL6-zVcY/TmRvruxL89I/AAAAAAAAE3Y/Rq-JmelJRhA/w446-h297-k/Last-Summer.jpg

It was at this time I knew it was time to go, I have not seen rain as hard as I did just after.

Goodnight Googlers :)Photo: Do we learn or do we stick with what is conceived as popular?

My first outing with this image resulted in an awful image, it was over saturated to the max, I know the composition is not right as its a little central but that was no real big issue as I have a tenancy to ignore the rule of thirds at times.

So, with what knowledge I have picked up I do go back and revisit images and decide to rework them to see if I can improve. Such as this, by simply taking some of the lurid colours out to me it looks so much better.

I would show you the other image but in all honesty, I simply hate it, what's more, someone bought a large print and now has it hanging on a wall somewhere!

Do you keep your images? I currently have over 500GB on a hard drive dedicated to images, all in RAW.

And do you revisit them to see if you can improve on them?Photo: Out on a picnic with my wife today (more on that later) I love the fact there is a whole other world going on that we barley know of its existence.

By the way, anyone spot the visitor here?Photo: Sorry for being quiet today, back in work and not long got in but before I go collapse on the sofa I would like to share an older image from North Devon.

Every now and then nature likes to throw me a surprise and this sunset was one, so many different colours.Photo: The chill on my bones
Is warmed through the light
As the sun rises
Through the morning mist
And my soul fills my world
And peace comes to greet me.

I was fortunate to be greeted by a spectacular mix of mist and a sunrise this morning on my way home from work, its nice way to finish a night shift.

Goodnight/Good morning Googlers, I hope you have a spectacular day too :)Photo: Another shot from this morning misty start, I have passed this feild of clover many times and have always wanted to photograph it but never had the right light and balance.

Its a simple shot but sometimes simplicity works.Photo: Losing MyselfPhoto: As my eyes open from a dream of lost days.
I shall remember the mornings calling.
As the sun rose and framed my world within the mist.
And the warmth filters through to caress my face.
My breath rises in vapour trails.
That compete with the clouds being chased by the horizon.
This ghost of a morning past.
Shall haunt my being.
And I will sleep again to dream of lost days.Photo: Leading LinesPhoto: Good morning Googlers.

This is a triptych from a local forest called Delemere, I don't do many and I do very little framing on images as I think it takes a little away from it but I think it works when combining images.

This was a study of darkness and light.Photo: Just BreathePhoto: Welcome to the world.
Welcome to your day.
Open your eyes from your slumber.
And warm your skin in its light.
Take a breath.
And feel the morning caress your soul.
Welcome to the world.
Welcome to your day.

Thank you all for the wonderful day, the responses have been fantastic but its time I turned in. I wanted to leave you with this image, a small lake not far from home, catching the dawn here is like being in another world.

Goodnight :)Photo: Good morning Googler's

I am about to head out the door for a mornings shoot.

I thought you might like to see what I see sometimes at the start of my day, this is the dawn trying to break through the early morning mist close to my workplace.

I have noticed that my notifications turn over very fast now and I have no doubt I am missing a lot, if you need to get in touch and I do miss it please hit the e mail button here :)Photo: My wife and I are looking to go away for a few days midweek this week, we are not sure were to go but I am sat here looking at images I have of Wast Water from an earlier visit, we travel to the Lake District at least once a year when autumn hits.

But should we venture elsewhere?

Sorry, I know I said no more images today :)Photo: Goodnight/Good morning Googlers :)

I am on my way to bed, someone asked about this image and so I thought I would add it here, the light streaks are done in camera, by choosing a slow shutter speed you have to time it right and move the camera just before the shutter closes. You also have to do it hand held so it takes a little practice to get right but it creates some wonderful effects.

I hope you enjoy and I shall see you all in a few hours :)Photo: Waiting For The TidePhoto: In Search Of The SunPhoto: There are only moments
There are only days
Time moves on
And in that passing of time
We move through life
But when we stop the clock
And take our own time
Do we see the soul of this earth
Do we feel the day
And in so doing
We live forever.

The best laid plans of mice and men, it seems I was not destined to go out on the bike today so I'm sorry for prodding your streams a little.Photo: Sometimes nature takes you by surprise, on my route home one day in summer, I got out and just watched the sun set.

Goodnight G+ :)Photo: Good morning Googler's

This is another from my archives, I was out on the banks of the Mersey taking some sun set images and not having much success. I was about to head for home when I looked down at one of the old tie stumps for docking ships. The top had rotted away and inside a small plant had taken up residence.

I love the fact than when man abandons something nature comes back and reclaims what's hers, I think it was this photograph that taught me I need to look down at the smaller things instead of trying to go for the grand landscape all the time.Photo: Colour my world
Colour my sky
With rainbow sunsets
And wondrous clouds
The sun will diffuse
And colour my life.

I am going to spend the rest of the night with my family so I will leave you with this as a goodnight.Photo: Tell me father what do you see?
I see a land of promise and dreams.
I see the distance a man needs to travel.
And the hardship he must face.
But the promise is what sets wind in his sails.
And the dreams the distance closer to his soul.
So we set sail my son.
And my promise to you.
Is a land were you can grow and at last be free.

Dreams are our souls way of awakening our inner being, never stop dreaming.Photo: Winter WarmthPhoto: I have a real love/hate relationship with my home town, it was a industrial town that was based on the heavy chemical industry, although its in great decline now we still have a few chemical plants. We are still paying the price of having them by the level of contamination but its slowly getting better.

Every now and then it does through up surprises and I suppose you have to find the beauty within the ugly.Photo: Just before the sun sets you can get this stunning light , its that magical time between daylight and night and the sky is blending from one to the other, it gives light a whole new feel, a few moments later and the night starts to really take hold but just before, in that balance between night and day you see so much detail, I love this time.

One of the two lighthouses that sit on Whitby Harbour, the supposed landing place for Count Dracula and a place full of mystery.

My last image for the day so I don't keep clogging your streams up and with this I will say goodnight G+, I will have to play catch up with responses and adds tomorrow :)Photo: For those not at home and wishing they are with family.Photo: I have spent many a morning sat beneath this sign on the tree waiting for the sun to come up, sometimes not even to photograph, just to take the land and light in and to listen to the small pond bubbling with fish just behind the tree. During the summer you sometimes see a mist rising low on the ground as the warmth of the sun burns off some of the damp ground. Its nice to visit during different seasons and see how the crops the farmers have grown. It really is one of my resting places.

Its going to be a fleeting visit today, shattered after a not so easy day in work :)Photo: Its my wife's +Jude Shaw birthday on Sunday, we were supposed to go away a few weeks ago but sadly my wife was not well but we are heading out this weekend for a few days R&R.

This was an image of her taken a few years back taken in the grounds of a stately home in the Lake District, she is cradled in the sunken bough of a giant tree and the light is dappled through the upper branches, this really is a tree of folklore, I only wish I had gotten more information about when there.Photo: I have just got in from my night shift and I am about to fall asleep, before I go I want to leave with an image from my archive.

Taken while sitting in a wheat field bathed in beautiful mid morning light, I seem to spend a lot of my time sitting and watching the world go by.

Goodnight/Good morning G+, I will respond when I awake :)Photo: Fly From The SunPhoto: Castle Rigg

This is a stone circle that sits just outside Keswick in the Lake District UK, its said to be around 4,500 years old and was erected by a prehistoric farming community. Each of the stones its supposed to reflect one of each of the high points that surround it.

Its a place I love to visit, its a place that has so many more questions than it has answers, its not the easiest places to get to so how they managed to do this is beyond me, it does not have the scale of Stonehenge but its still has all the mystery.

As you can see the weather was against me today, a few moments after this shot the heavens opened and the gales swept in.

My last shot for the day as I go and play catch up on G+ :)Photo: Its only when your alone
Its only in the silence
Its only when she whispers in your ear
Its only when she drifts around your soul
Its only when the light breaks through
Its only when you close your eyes
Its only when you take that breath
Its only then
Its only then
Its only then that you are at peace and nature is at peace with you.

I am about to head out the door to see what the streets of Liverpool have to offer (want to join me :) ) but wanted to share this with you before I go, I love being alone in the forest at sun rise, its only then do I really see mother nature and feel at peace with all the world has to offer.

This is for my good friend +Peter Pawlak who has done so much to promote my work since I joined G+, so thank you.Photo: My contribution for #ThirstyThursdayPics curated by +Giuseppe Basile 

This is Lake Derwent in the Lake District UK, sometimes when the clouds are just right you get to watch them paint the sky.Photo: When The Sky Is Green

Sorry I am going play with your minds a little and your perspective too, I saw the tree's reflected on the water and I liked it, I also liked the grass and the small droplets of dew hanging on, I also liked the image more when I flipped it ;)Photo: Gold Rush

Yet another image from Combsegate Beach in North Devon, I need to get out and do more coastal shots soon, with the winter sun the sky will be ablaze in the right conditions.

Sorry this is a bit of a jump on and off but I have been in work and will be for the rest of the weekend, I have no doubt I have missed a few posts but if you need to get in touch please hit the e mail button in my profile :)Photo: Time Lapse

Ever try to stop time to savour the moment, that time when the sun flows just over the horizon and casts its hue over the land? Ever wanted the day to just stop? To hold on to what it is? Ever wanted to hold on to the history of the moment?

I do it all the time, a simple click of a button and the memory of that day, that moment, that second I can hold onto.

Its why I photograph, its why I am who I am.Photo: Come Walk With Me

Come walk with me.
And we shall kick up autumn leaves.
In harmonies of gold and red.
And a crinkle melody.
Come walk with me.
And breathe the morning air.
And the rising sun shall warm our hearts.
And glitter through the canopy.

That moment of dawn, when the world begins to wake and you find yourself somewhere magical is beyond compare, this is a little path that runs through the back of a small hamlet called Great Budworth, it consists of a church, a pub, a school and about three streets of houses, some over 300 years old. The path was planted a few hundred years ago and is now a tunnel of trees and leaves, its a beautiful place to be in autumn.Photo: Angel

Last image of the day.

May your angel look over you.Photo: Good morning G+

This is a place called Woolacombe beach in North Devon with its row of beach huts that line the beach. I love the fact the doors are painted different colours and even though you can see rain clouds coming overhead people carry on no matter what. We have such a love hate relationship with the weather in the UK we have got to the point we just try to ignore the bad weather in the hope it will go away, it never does though!Photo: Good morning G+

This is Whitby Harbour, the famous landing place of Dracula in Bram Stokers book, we visited it a few years back and it has two parts, one that is very much aimed at the tourists and another that is as it was for many years. It is a very Gothic place and a wonderful place to visit. I thought it was apt for today as its Halloween.

I have had this image for a while and I know it has issues, there is blow out in the sky and the only way you can get this scene is to shoot through glass. But even with its flaws I still like it, I hope you do too.

I have a bit of busy day but I will back in a bit, have a great Halloween :)Photo: Another Time

100th landscape Submission

As it says above this is the 100th landscape image I have uploaded here, I wanted to make it this one. those that have followed my work before G+ will know of this image, it became the one that sort of threw me into the spotlight, taken in 2009 (November). I have had this follow me around the web a lot and if I'm honest I am not sure if I like it or not, I have changed as a photographer and I think I have refined my post editing techniques a little since this was done. But I wanted to share it and gauge the reaction and what better way of doing it than making it my 100th?

I am about to go to bed in recuperation for the night shift, I am taking my camera gear to work with me in the hope I can get some sunrise shots, goodnight G+ :)Photo: Forest Fire

Good Morning G+

This is one of my favourite local forests called Delemere in Cheshire. A place I spend a lot of time wandering around, this morning had been an early start but a little too early. I had to wait for almost an hour for the sun to come up but decided to wader a round in the dark while I waited. If you have never been in a remote spot in the dark I suggest you try it.

I sat listening to the night owls getting ready to roost and the dawn as it woke, its such a wonderful place to be, its almost like being in a zen state as the light slowly starts to filter through the trees and the crescendo of the dawn chorus picks up. You get to sit there as this all slowly opens up in front of you.Photo: I Spoke With An Angel

She came to me at daybreak
And whispered in my ear
Told me the heaven I search for
Is under my feet
Its in the clouds as they drift from the sun
And the mist that rolls over the land
Its in the breeze that flutters the leaves
And the song I hear
When the symphony of life plays through my heart
Its the caress I feel
From the warmth as it fills the land

I spoke with an angel
She told me I was free

Its out there, you can only find it if you look for it, the beauty of the world we live in will not come to visit you, you have to go and search but that search will lead you to places you never knew existed. They are closer than you think, little pieces of heaven that you don't have to look to the skies for.Photo: Keep Me Warm

Good morning Googlers :)

There is nothing like the winter sun on snow to make you feel warmer than you actually are :)Photo: Forlorn

No light within the storm
No life to save
Left and forlorn
Upon the sands

Taken on the banks of the River Mersey at New Brighton this is Perch Rock Lighthouse, a place when you are alone watching the storms roll in, makes you feel more lost than safe. I have been here in the depths of winter and for some reason I feel an empathy here, when the winds buffer you and the tide rolls in its a lonely place but a place of solace.Photo: Bow With The Wind

Its only by accepting what is inevitable are we at peace with who we are, like the trees that bow with the wind and not against can we have true harmony with life

Someone said that because of the way I post edit I no longer represent reality within photography, I took it as a compliment, if I can show fantasy from reality then I am happy with that.Photo: Fire And Snow

Have you ever been so cold that even with your gloved hands tucked deep inside your pockets you can still feel the sting of the cold? You can see the vapour from your breath crystallise on the air as it leaves your mouth. Even though the sun is setting it offers you no warmth and the gentle crunch beneath your boots as you walk reminds you of the delicate layer of frost that sits on the snow. On the branches the snow flakes have fallen and have simply lay were they are, no warmth nor wind to move them. The air is course on your throat as it passes down to your lungs, you know you should be inside were it is snug and warm but you have never felt more alive.

Its in extremities that you really feel like you are living, I am really looking forward to the snows this year :)

Sorry for the quiet time today, I have been on a training course for work, teaching us how to try and stay alive for another day ;)Photo: Autumn Walk

Good morning Googlers :)

Is there any better time to walk in the forest than at autumn? Its been a long time coming but the seasons have finally started to change in the UK, for a while I thought we would not get much but virtually overnight the leaves have turned and we have blankets of golden colour lining the floor and deep reds in the tree's. Its becoming a photographers paradise but I still get told its going be short lived here.Photo: Peace

When the calm descends with the setting sun
And the waters stand silent
Only the reflections echo
With the sound of the distant sea
The pulse of my heart starts to slow
And no labour of my breath
Do I find only then
My peace with the world

My wife and I have been out for the day, we spent time beach combing, collecting small amounts of drift wood and shells, I took my camera and had one of the best days shoots I have had in a long while. On the way home we visited here, Crosby beach to see Antony Gormely's instillation called Another Place and we caught the sunset. If you have never been then you are missing so much, 100 cast statues looking out to sea, magical.Photo: Lost Toward Hobbiton

"Frodo had travelled for so many days, trying to find home but the mists descended to block his way, sometimes little reminders told him the way to go but they deceived his eyes. Too long he had been away, too long had the journey been, too long he had been alone. He needed the comfort of home, of Hobbiton and his family and in their caress, by the warmth of his fire with food in his belly and a place he knew. Time to move on, time to try and find home"

One of my haunts, when the fog and early morning mists hits this little farm it becomes another world, a place to get lost in your own imagination.Photo: Missing Home

You do not have to be thousands of miles away to miss home but to those that are, I hope you get home safe and well.Photo: I Stand

I stand and watch
As the world moves
The sun rises and sets
And days pass by
I stand and watch
As the tide ebbs and flows
And the seas call
I stand and watch
As time turns the sky
From day to night
And the stars fill my world
I stand and watch.

Another from Crosby beach and Antony Gormleys installation "Another Place" one of the most surreal places to spend time and just watch.Photo: Heavens Gate Wallpaper

They say when I die
I shall visit heaven
But I have seen the way
As I tread this earth
My Eden is this land I travel
And the glory I have seen
Do not wait until your death
To see heaven.

This is my fourth wallpaper exclusive to G+ to say thank you, if you use it then please share it so others can too.

This is Derwent Water in the lake District UK, the waters were high when I took this and breached the gate, this place to be really is heaven on earth, being here lifts my soul and brings me true peace.Photo: Staring At The Sun

As I stand and let you bathe me in light
The world turns to gold
And the heavens open
To the sound of ripples on the shore
I'm staring at the sun
And I'm no longer blind.

I take multiple shots sometimes of the same image but not always the same way, this is without the log exposure I used here at the same spot on an image called "Fly From The Sun" : https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-QBBaxUWjfq4/Tpxp5xc7ODI/AAAAAAAAOMM/G2B9RZKGWMg/s900/Escape-II.jpg
Once again this is Derwent Water in the Lake district, the place I always long to be when I am away.

My last image of the day, I'm struggling on G+ with the notification issue but hopefully it will be resolved soon :)Photo: Fear of the wrong light.

One of the issues we have in photography is light, in all honesty its really the only thing you should worry about but not to the point you are not willing to try the shot. I took some images of this sunset only yesterday. I was making my way down to the river and passed another photographer coming the other way who said the light had gone.

I took him back to the river to show if anything the light was perfect, I spent a little time with him helping set his camera up, and showing him how to shoot such a shot even hand held. At the end of it we both came out with I think some very good results but the most important lesson I think was to at least try. Its the fear of not trying that will prevent you from doing it and if you don't you will never know what is possible.

In this day and age of digital photography its not as if you have an expensive roll of film to develop. The only real concern of light that I now have is that of harsh midday sun, the shadows are too deep and the contrast to much to really deal with.

Choose your time well, go for the golden hours of early morning or just before dusk when the light is kinder but never, ever think you cannot at least try it, at the end of the day what have you lost?Photo: A Tale Of Winter

My wife and I are just about to head out the door to spend a couple of days in Whitby (going to see if we can find Dracula ;) ) and are really looking forward to it so we will be off line for a few days (cool)

I thought I would leave you with an older image and one of a few I have in monochrome.

See you all in a few days :)Photo: Take It Slow

Looking back at Whitby from the harbour we caught the sunset as it slowly dropped behind the town, it was nice to simply slow down a little and watch the day go to sleep. The last few people were still playing on the beach as the waters took on the colours of the sun, almost like liquid gold.

Take time out once in a while and let the world amaze you.Photo: Travelling Home

So many roads
So many miles
Moving over the landscape
As it passes my window
A glimpse of other lives
A glimpse of other times
The sun sets
Upon another day
And the rail I travel
Takes me yet further away
I wish
I want
I need
To be travelling home.

When I sit and let time pass me by I get to think about the things we have, the things we take for granted, coming home at the end of a day to the embrace of family, of friends and familiar places. How fortunate I am that I travel toward home when my working day is done.

Others though are not so fortunate, they wear a uniform and swear to protect those that are close to them, they travel not just a few miles to work but to other countries, they leave behind all that is dear to them with the thought that one day they will return home.

Some though don't come home.

Forgive my melancholy mood but I think I need only upload this today.Photo: Twin Island

Good morning Googlers

I hope you are having a wonderful day, I am about to head out the door into Liverpool to see if I can capture some street portraits as its been too long since I last did it. I do though feel I am neglecting this place as I am so far behind in responding but coupled with work things have been a little hectic. But catch up I will :)

This is a place called Lymn Dam in Cheshire, there had been heavy rains and winds the night before which resulted in a lot of the trees losing their autumn leaves to the water, the result was an echo on the water of the land behind, early misty morning shoot in the cold and rain but I think it was worth it, I hope you like it.Photo: The Tired Land

I suppose the title of this image reflects more myself than the land. having just finished a 12 hour night shift that was none too pleasant I headed for home. My intention was to simply fall into bed and sleep for an age or two. I pass this tree and its surrounding fields on the way home, by the time I reached it it was 06:45, according to my phone the sun was not due up for another hour or so. I sat in the car trying not to fall asleep until the light became reasonable then headed out at 07:10 and decided to play with long exposures to use as much of the light as I could.

The lights you see behind the trees are car lights as they pass me by up the lane heading for either home too or to work. I think at one point I think I nodded off when waiting for the clouds to open and then I knew it was time to head for home and fall into bed. Sadly I did not sleep an age or two as I have it all to do again tonight. One day I shall give work up to do something I want to do rather than something I have to do.Photo: If Not For The Dreamers
The believers
The wishers
The searchers
The writers
The artists
The creators
The lovers
The romantics
And the hope that fantasy just might be true
Where would we be?

Never stop believing that dream, that hope, that fantasy. It keeps the soul within alive.Photo: Simply Waiting

I love being on the beach when the tide is out, being near to boats that have nowhere to go at the mercy of nature and the tides. They remind me that patience is a virtue that I need to learn.Photo: The Moment Between Reality And FantasyPhoto: The Beauty In Death

Good morning Googlers.

Forests are my home, I love them no matter what the season is but when we are on the cusp of winter from autumn and the ferns are dying off I think its in all its glory. They leave behind a legacy of such rich colour but so few people wander in deep to look at the delicate hues they cast.Photo: Back Up And Store

I have been reading a few posts from photographers that are giving some invaluable advice and I have responded to a few, I love G+ as a recourse for such things but being me I have to have a go too.

One subject that has not come up its backing up and storing images.

I currently have a 1TB external hard drive that I back up everything on in regards to images. This will include the Original RAW files, the post edited files and the smaller JPEGs for web files. I save all finished post edited files as Tiffs simply to retain as much information as possible but this will create a large file for storage but I find running prints from Tiffs gives me better results.

All RAW files are kept in a separate folder on the day they are shot, I transfer everything on the same day if possible and its always done by drag and drop from the files on the card to the PC. If something goes wrong with the data transfer then the card retains the originals. I only delete from the card once I know I have all good copies on the PC.

I will be buying another external hard drive as a simple back up for the one I have, backing up onto DVD is not practical due to the sheer number of files and the size. So I will back up from one hard drive to another as a precaution. For the price of external hard drives its mad not to.

The one overriding reason I save all RAW files is because you never know what will come along and what you can do. Take this image, it was taken some two and half years ago on a Canon 400D but I struggled with aspects of it but it was saved. Over the following years I have learnt to use the camera more and I do not have the same issues I had then but more so I have learnt so much in the mean time in the digital darkroom I can revisit older images and work them into something I envisaged at the start.

Back up and store your work but do it safely, losing everything you have worked on over many many years is not a good thought.

Last post from me today before I bore you al to death :)Photo: The Last Of The Watchmen

As the battle of warmth and cold nears the end
And the earth lays down to sleep
The legions of frost and snow
Shall march through the lands
The last of the watchmen shall bow their heads
And rest the weary bows against the cold
To ready to wake once more
For when the sun returns to warm the lifeblood
They shall stand guard
And be the watchmen once more.

Winter is coming, hoar frost and ice will soon cover the land, another change of season and another change of direction, the seasons are the lifeblood of photographers.Photo: Clouds Over My Vision

It was one of those days that the sun simply lost the battle to be dominant in the sky, murky mist and low lying cloud simply took over but once in a while the sun almost broke through but only almost.

I will not be around much today or the next few days, things are a bit up in the air to say the least and I have work to go to tomorrow. I'll be around when I can, have fun.

Before I go, has someone shared a circle or something, my notifications are somewhat going nuts?Photo: Welcome To My World

Good morning Googlers :)

This is the coast of a small island in North Wales called Shell Island, sometimes you just get lucky and a cloud will come along and pose for you, this was one of those times :)

Well I think I have just about managed to sort a lot of things out but it has been a very busy time, hence the lack of time I have spent on here. I apologies but I am so far behind its just silly and I don't think I will be able to play catch up so its case of just starting again :) But the good news is I can get to spam all you wonderful people again ;)Photo: Heading Home

When the sun casts is final glow over the sea and the ribbons of light dance over the waves you just want to head for home to be safe and warm. A late evening haze fell over the bay as the two men in a small boat headed back to harbour, at the same time the gull took off for its night roost. In the distance the small hills of the land could till be seen but not for long as the sun set.

I love being a photographer, I get to see so much more and feel an empathy with this planet.Photo: As Nature Blends Her Palette

Good morning Googlers :)

I was sat in a forest watching the sun slowly set between the trees when the mist started to descend, it was as if one state was stopping and another was starting and mother nature went about playing with the colours she had to hand. The warmth cast of the sun on the snow slowly began face and the colder hues took over, the dark shadows that should have been cast by the setting sun obscured by the falling mist, dappled light in competition with the oncoming night.

I sometimes sit and watch and kind of forget as to why I am there in the first place and set about taking images, once done I carry on watching while I have enough light to see, nature never stops filling me with wonder.

I still do not feel too good, its as if I am drunk without the please of drinking but I'm off to get seen to later and hopefully a few pills later I will be back in full swing :)Photo: The Last journey

I shall wait
I shall wonder
I shall dream
I shall vision
Of a journey
I need to undertake
For it will begin
And I shall travel

Last image for the day, I think I have spammed you all enough today but there is not much to do while feeling a bit unwell. sorry ;)

I would also like to say thank you all for the continued support, it has been unbelievable :)Photo: Dead Monster

Just jumping on to share an older image, this was taken on Combsegate beach in North Devon, one of my favourite places to visit, my son was nine when we were last here and he said this rock formation looked liked a monster that had died trying to get back to the sea. I love kids imagination :)

Sorry for the short visit, I'm currently doing about 10 things at once ;)Photo: Home For The Holidays

+Scott Kelby Is holding a competition to get someone home for Christmas, I kind of figured this was fitting to help publicise it, see here for details: https://plus.google.com/u/0/105256156026694816333/posts/CxdogBVhY1FPhoto: Let There Be LightPhoto: Merry Christmas

Good morning G+, I have not been around too much for the last few days and I will be here less during Christmas but I think quite a few of us will not be either.

This is a portrait variation on my seasons collide image.

I just wanted to come on and wish you a Happy Christmas and I hope you all have a wonderful time, see you all soon.

I cant answer much in regards to notifications at it keeps crashing :/Photo: To Survive
This was an image I took just over a year ago, its in a place called Delemere Forest in Cheshire UK, I am fortunate as this is only some 10 miles or so from home and its one of my favourite stomping grounds. This year we had a very heavy hoar frost and I had to get up very early for this. I wanted a combination of the sunrise warmth and the cold of the land. As I wandered around the forest I came across this clearing that looked as though some deforestation had been going on. The first impression you get as you walked into it was almost like the aftermath of a small bomb going off and it was fairly desolate in comparison to what I walked through. Even though it was freezing cold at the time I loved not only walking around here but the silence of the area too, for the most part I was the only one making any sound. I noticed this small plant coming through the undergrowth or what was left of it and it struck me as to how nature always comes back and claims her own. No doubt when we as a race are long gone she will do the same with the rest of the planet.Photo: Millions Of Teardrops

I recall looking out across this field last spring, very blade of grass has a drop od dew on it, it looked like a field of teardrops.Photo: The Hidden Sun

As the morning mist rises from the dew rich ground its stretches as if its just been woken and reaches upward. Sometimes to meet the fog that descends even though the sun is warm in the sky, between them they hide the sun, almost as if behind a veil for as long as they can. Its an enchanting time of the day, small little struggles that go on to see who will dominate the day but inevitably the sun wins out. But for a while to be there when this magic occurs is almost like being in another land.

This is something I have not done for a while, its a three bracketed HDR conversion, I stopped using bracketed shots a long time ago and just converted single RAW files. Its nice to go back and try things again to see if you have or have not improved, I enjoyed the editing process. Alas I have to go to bed, too many night shifts are catching up with me, back soon, goodnight Googlers :)Photo: On The Shoulders Of Angels

If I stand on the shoulders of angels
Will I see the world in all its glory
If I stand on the shoulders of giants
Will I see a land of dreams
If I stand on the shoulders of men
Will I see a place of love
Or should I just open my eyes
My heart
And my soul

Good morning G+

Taken just over an hour ago standing on the banks of the Manchester ship canal looking back on the Silver Jubilee Bridge spanning the river Mersey. Probably one of the longest exposures I have taken, it was overcast as I left this morning and I was about to give up and go home when the clouds broke and the sun came through.

Image details:
Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm 1:4-5:6 DC HSM Wide angle
Filters: Lee Big Stopper and Hitech 0.3 Soft ND Grad
ISO: 100
F-Stop: f/14
Exposure Time: 486 sec.
Metering: CWA
Focal length: 10mmPhoto: On The Shoulders Of Angels II

I have been asked to upload this image in its own right, t it was used in this post: https://plus.google.com/u/0/102518365620075109973/posts/BQKhBXxA7W2 to talk about long exposures, so here it is :)Photo: The Silence Of Daybreak

My favourite time of the day, just me and the rising sun, birdsong and the gentle flow of water through a brook.

No traffic, no work, no people and voices constantly in your ear, no demands, no pound of flesh to hand out, no smog, no pollution, no rubbish left at my feet, no noise, no clutter and no distractions.

Just me and the silence of daybreak, I think I need to be here more often, away from what this world seems to offer.

Last image for today, I need to sleep before work tonight.Photo: Long Days

When the days are long
And time has little meaning
I'll sit on the shore
Just spending my time dreaming

Its strange how boats can bring up thoughts of simply drifting along with little to do, maybe I should get on and just float away?Photo: Mellow

To be at peace with the world is hard to achieve as we move through life but at times we need to just take some time out, just to watch the sun slowly drop and cast a warm light across a cold landscape will mellow anyone's soul. I love nothing more than finding a piece of land that has been undisturbed after snow and look at the light reflected back through the water crystals on the ground. That golden glitter is simply beautiful, I try and not disturb the snow in case someone else should wander into the same area, I would love them to see what I have.

We live on a stunning planet if we take just some time out to see it.Photo: Waiting For The Harvest

This is one from the archives, I remember having a very balmy summer in the UK this year, one of those where you simply enjoyed being out and about, taking in the warmth and the sights. There just is something about a field full of ripened wheat, you just have to walk through it as you pass your fingers over the ears. I also remember coming back a few weeks later to see this field being harvested, I was sorry to see the wheat go but I spent a good few hours just watching the farmers at work, one of the most relaxing days I have spent.Photo: In The Shadow Of A Giant

This tree sits on a farm on a back road on my way home from work, from what they tell me its over 300 years old, makes me wonder what it has happened during its lifetime, trees are our history, for me they are magical, ever silent and ever present, if we allow them to stay.Photo: Pause


The clock will continue to count down the seconds
The sun will mark the start and the end of the day
The moon will pull the tide in and out
The world will keep rotating
Days will pass
Time does not stop
But sometimes you need to
So just pause, do nothing, sit, and simply breathe.Photo: Scattered

Left behind scattered on the ground
Remains of a day gone by
Little drops of life
Withered and dead
Like little drops of blood
Cast from the arteries of the dying
To be carried upon the wind
So to feed the reborn
From autumn to winter
The tide of time moves on
From life to death
It stops for no man.Photo: Gypsies Blood

To be a photographer you have to have a nomadic desire, gypsies blood even. Your curiosity will not allow you to not look around the next corner or follow the sun as it drifts below the horizon. You will chase the morning mist and dream of what is there just out of reach, your senses will come alive with what you see and feel but there is always more, more over the next hill, more a round the next corner. Time will mean little, you only know the time by the sunrise and sunset, one tells you its night and time to go home, the other to start another day of wandering.

We take the history of what we see with us and bring to an audience to simply say, "This is what I saw this is why I am a gypsy"Photo: Light From The Dark

There are time when you are out and about in the forest when you feel like the only man alive, its dark when you arrive and you wait fro the sunrise and when it breeches the horizon its as if you are seeing the first day. As the light streams through the forest, casting shadows from the trees and it slowly burns off that morning mist does it fill your day.

Being alone is not such a bad thing, being silent and peace with who and where you are at times like these cannot be bought, we sometimes forget what we have around us, what is there to lift the soul.Photo: Blue On Green

Sometimes nature has a much better colour palette than I have so I leave her to it ;)

Stood on the cliffs in North Devon looking back on a house that I really want to live in. How wonderful would it be to live this close to the sea? To hear the waves all the time and to be able to simply wander into your garden for a view such as this, one day maybe.Photo: We Travel On

Thought the journey is long
And the way unsure
We travel on
Through lands unknown
And people a strange
We travel on
Though wary of what lies beyond
The path we take we must
We travel on
The journey through life
Is the one we all must make
And it makes giants of the small
And legend of the mundane
Enjoy your journey
As if it was your last
For you cannot go back
And retrace your steps

Last image for the day as I seem to have done little more than upload pictures, this though is 150 in my landscape gallery, one day I may be able to travel a little further from my locale but I don't mind were I live, as long as I keep looking I can find places new to me.Photo: The Herald

After bringing you all down with my woes I thought I should upload a couple of images that I hope will brighten your soul a little.

This was taken last year when we had a late spring due to the harsh winter, these were some of the first daffodils to break through, for me it was as if they were heralding the spring. I can't wait for the warmer weather to come :)Photo: Keep Looking Forward

Stop looking back
Stop trying to change what has already passed
Stop thinking "if only"
Stop living in your past

Start looking forward
Start planning for what will come
Start thinking "what if"
Start living for your future.

We are a strange race, we spend a lot of time and energy mulling over the past than we do about our future, we try to put right what has gone, let the past stay were it is and leave it there, look forward and embrace what has yet to come.

Good morning Googler's :)Photo: I Believe

I believe
The journey is true
The mist shall lift
And I will see
The ground beneath my feet
Is solid and firm
What I leave behind
Belongs in my past
I believe
In what I amPhoto: What Once Was Home

He had been here before, once as the conquering hero and then into self exile from his clan and yet here he stood yet again, over half a millenia since he was last trod this path. Weary from the journey and the passing time he stood to look into the light that was "home". Releasing a slow breath he watched as the mist tendrils from his mouth traveled up passing the beard and the haze that already obscured his eyes.

Too long, it had been too long, why did he now decide to return, even after the death of the king did he refuse to contemplate this journey, yet now he stood just beyond the sentry to the gates, too weary. Tabar was once the champion of his tribe, oft set out to vanquish that what his elders deemed a threat, never questioning what was asked of him, never wondering what it would be like not to bear the scars nor the arms, as a automaton only to obey, to do as he was tasked to do.

Until once, when looking into the eyes of innocence, when the soul of that he was told to put to death stared back at him, deep into him, questions came swirling to his mind, too many, too fast but once came, one came and stayed, why? And when asked no one could answer, it was his duty to his clan, to his tribe, to his people and he should not question it but question he did. With those questions came the remorse and with the remorse came a refusal, with the refusal came the exile.

So here, after so many years they had called for his return, refusing was no longer the way, he knew he had no choice and set out on a journey he had almost forgot to find himself here, back in the spot where he last looked back. What would this day bring? With one more deep breath, he stood and watched the tendrils of his breath intertwine with the early morning mist and took the first step to what was once called home.

What do your images invoke within your imagination? Maybe I think too much? Maybe I let my imagination get the better of me? Older image, there is a monotone version of this in this gallery but I have never been happy with it, time for a rework methinks :)Photo: Let Your Dreams Scatter

Held on by a single breath
Waving in the wind
Like fall leaves holding onto the branch
Your dreams will one day
Be scattered to the breeze
Let them fly upon the currents
And soar above your vision
For only when your dreams are free
Will they come to life

Alas this tree is no more, fallen to the storms but many a time was spent under its canopy daydreaming while taking shelter.Photo: When The Path Ends

Its life's way of telling you its time to stop and just enjoy the view, I hope your days gives you a great view to stop and enjoy.Photo: Just Look Up

I went out with my wife today to get some coastal shots and long exposures, I got a few but nothing what I wanted as I need to look at the tide times more. I had set the camera and was in the process of taking a shot that should have taken just over two minutes when I turned around. The sun was riding just above the clouds across the beach, you can just about see people walking along the beach and I wondered just how many stopped to see what was going on just above their heads, not many by the looks of things. I had a couple of choices, allow the images I was taking finish and take the risk that the sun will still be as I saw it here or abandon the image and get the shot. One mad scramble later and this is what I finished with, I think I did the right thing.

Next time you are out and about, don't forget to look around once in a while ;)Photo: Just Waiting
A small flotilla of boats sat on the estuary on the Wirral UK waiting for the tide to come in, I have no idea what its like to spend a lot of time out at sea but I feel its kind of relaxing, nice to just get away from it all :)

This is my second attempt to upload this this, the first time it just disappeared from the stream, I think G+ is having problems again with double postings coming up, take this its shows as 1 image in my Landscape gallery but it is in fact 160, if someone responds to the image in the gallery it will create a second post to this one, something it did not do for a long while (happened a few times in Beta) makes me wonder have they had to roll the server back for some reason? I have sent reports etc out but I was wondering if anyone else is having issues here? I also know notifications are not working that well either?Photo: We Are Sentinel

We guard the way and have for many years, we will continue to do so for many years to come.

There is comfort in tree's, in being in their company, ever quiet, ever watchful. ever on duty only ever falling victim to man.Photo: Time To Find Another WayPhoto: Be All That You Are

You are the footprints in the sand
You are the memories within others dreams
You are the moment you held your child's hand
You are the hesitation of your first kiss
You are the light that breaks through your window
To wake you in the morning
You are the breeze that sends the autumn leaves dancing
You are the song carried from tree to tree
As the birds sing their dawn chorus
You are the first breath of cold air
As you open your door to leave
You are the gentle calling of the wind through the branches of time
You are you
Be all that you are
And then some.

I was going to call this "I never set out to be a landscape photographer part II" After advice from a lot of you I may have never set off on this way buts one of many paths to travel down, thank you for being my sounding board :)Photo: SunburstPhoto: Spring Is Coming

We have had a mild winter in the UK this year, this normally means one of two things, we will get a late winter(I hope not) r we will get an early spring, all indications are looking at an early spring.

These tulips were on a verge at the side of the road, I have no idea how they got there but I enjoyed my time photographing them on an misty spring morning.Photo: Dirty Old Town

Its strange at times what, as photographers, we can do, this is my home town in the north west of England, its history is in the industrialised 20th century, mainly the chemical industry. It still bears the scars of its past even if the industry is all but gone. Its not a pretty place but does hold small oasis's of beautiful landscapes but to get some deep shots you tend to have to move to the outer reaches.

But then you take a shot like this, its a long exposure using the Lee Big Stopper with a combined 039 soft ND grad, exposure at 90secs and you can produce something like this. this is not a really nice place to be, it sits on the banks of the river Mersey and just below the set up of the camera is an outfall, from what I have no idea. The colour cast comes from using the Lee filter, some take it out, I do myself at times but other times I like what it does so I keep it, the lower cloud by the Runcorn/Widnes bridge are far enough away so as not to appear to be moving much but the clouds closer to the camera have the streaks associated with this type of shot. Its a dismal grey day, yes its been helped in post editing but the end result with both the editing and set up of the camera are far removed from what I saw on the day. But is that such a bad thing if you get a decent shot as the end result?Photo: In The Land Of The Giants

Good morning Googler's, did I miss anything? I have been offline (apart from checking messages etc) since Friday, sometimes its good to simply unplug from the web now and then.

This is a early shot taken in one of my favourite stomping grounds in Delemere Forest in Cheshire UK, I fell lucky with the winter sun casting glorious shadows through the tree's one autumn, I need to get back to get some sunrises here, its a beautiful place.Photo: Rage Against The Storm

No shelter have I sought
No calm before this storm
No desire for warmth
Just the biting wind
As its teeth at my skin
Does sting
Stood high looking out
Rage against the storm
For the storm cannot hear my anger
Its rages surpassing mine

This was one of the hardest locations I have had to get to, its a tor in the Peak District UK, to get here was a hike through around 2 miles of farmland, then a good hike to get up there, I saw the location and decided to try it, the only issue was the weather, winds strong enough the hold you still when you try to walk, rain cutting sideways and all the time the clouds getting darker. I had to anchor the camera down on its tripod by loading stones into the outer pouch of my camera bag. I did consider doing this naked but it was just too cold ;)Photo: Set The Sky On Fire

How many sunrises and sunsets do you sit and watch? Odd question I know but its something I put to people now and then and I'm surprised at how few people do it. On holiday in some exotic place then yes, quite a few do it but at home most don't even notice. Being a photographer I spend more time being out very early or late watching and waiting for that right moment when the sun sets the sky on fire. As I do I watch many sunrises and sunsets, its not a case of taking the image then go, sometime its a case of taking the image then watch the theater play out in front of you. For me its helped me understand light more, what it plays in photography, by watching the sun rise or set I know what the optimum levels of light is, when it allows you to capture that moment just right.

More than all of this it simply makes me smile.Photo: These Days Should Never End

The silence of being alive
The feel of my breath as it leaves my lungs
The rustle of leaves as they scatter under foot
And a gentle mist that caresses me as I walk
Little moments captured in my minds eye.

A path that leads away
An end you cannot see
I am the white rabbit
I may not lead you to somewhere safe
But I will lead you to somewhere new.Photo: I Am The White Rabbit

I have been asked about this quote:

"I am the white rabbit, I may not lead you to somewhere safe but I will lead you to somewhere new"

I heard it on a political program when they were discussing global finance and I just liked it and decided to use it in regards to my profile page. It works for me as i think anyone within the visual arts can have the ability to show people what they feel through what they do, its not always pleasant but it exists.Photo: A Sky For Daydreamers

Good morning Googler's

You have to love it when spring is at full tilt, man I cant wait to get out on the bike and go lie in a field of wheat again :)Photo: When The Clock No Longer Ticks

But you still keep time with the pulse of your heart, second by second as the sun sets with only the quiet of the sea rolling in at your feet and the breeze of the air. Then its played its part in the theater of the day and dips below the horizon to call time on the day just passed.

Combsegate Beach, North Devon, wonderful place to be.Photo: Catch The Moon

That time of day when the sun is just about up and the moon is about to go down but both are on opposite horizons. I managed to just about capture the moon through the branches of this dead tree on the way home from work. The deep red of the clouds are a reflection of the suns colour. One beautiful morning.Photo: Under The Storm

Catching the mix between the start of the day and a storm brewing overhead is a wonderful situation to find yourself in, it also has a way of showing you just how small you are. You can smell the rain in the air before the clouds let loose and drench the earth. As a photographer rain is supposed to be the last thing I want to see but I enjoy it and what it brings.Photo: Summer Days And Daises

The dance of wild flowers in the summer breeze
The canvas of clouds on a blue sky
The waves of a green sea as you cast adrift
Sail away in daydreams of summer days and daisies

Good morning Googlers.

I keep checking the weather, spring is almost here and yet I'm now yearning to the lazy hazy days of summer.Photo: A Quiet Walk

This is an older image taken in Delemer Forest very early one morning, it was a cold autumnal day with fog patches coming and going but I recall it was cold. I thought I was on my own until I saw this gentleman walking his dog and got him in a shot being here at this time of day is a wondrous place to be, you feel like you are the only person on the earth.Photo: Heavens Gate

You do not have to believe in a god or life after death to believe that there is something greater than yourself. You only have to look up at sunset and realise that you are stood on a rock that has all that you need to live, circulating around another rock that keeps you warm. Its then you realise that you are in fact stood on heavens gate.

Good morning Googler's sorry for those of you who have seen this image appear then disappear but I'm having issues yet again with uploading here!Photo: Father And Son

While on a weekend break in Whitby with my wife we went to the harbour to catch what turned out to be a stunning sunset, while there we came across this father and son out fishing, I asked if I could take their photograph as part of the landscape and they were good with it. It was only when I came to edit the image did I see that they were both looking at something in the sky, to this day I have no idea what caught their attention.

I love the intimacy of the moment.

Good Morning Googlers :)Photo: Sun Rush

My wife and I have just got back from a day out in the Peak District where the day was full of hazy sunshine, we had a nice amble around and I took a few shots, I wanted this because I loved the way the grass seems to be escaping the sun, I had to use a GRD filter because I was shooting into the sun but the mist and haze just didn't seem to lift all day.

I try and limit the amount of images I upload in a day but I feel I may have photo bombed you today for which I apologise. I'm off to relax for the night, see you all in the morning :)Photo: Take Me Home

Sometimes no matter where we are, how far we have traveled there is always a way back home, each journey starts with just one step and one path, it knowing where to find the path.

Good morning Googler's just a quick jump on for a couple of posts, I will be back soon, I hope you have a wonderful day.Photo: Just Believe

Sometimes you don't know where the road will take you, sometimes you just have to believe that it takes you where you need to be, sometimes you just have to take the first step of the journey.

Good morning Googler'sPhoto: I Spoke With Giants

But they do not shout
They whispers words
That float through the air
And play melodies upon their leaves
They talk of history
Before our time
They talk of futures
After our time
And sometimes

You hear them sigh.

Being in forests and being with giant trees that tower above your head in the early hours is a time of magic, a time when you can believe in myth and folklore. When people believed in entities that protected and only needed to feel the comfort of the land. Sometimes we discontent with who we are by connecting into a cyber world.

Reality is as much a dream as it is real, it's only your imagination that stops you dreaming.

Goodnight Googler's

#thewhiterabbit #mikeshawPhoto: Holiday Dreaming

Good morning Googler's :)

We have had a few nice days of good weather in the UK and as usual for our weather here we have had snow predicted! Its already has me thinking back to old holidays spent with the family and dreams of future ones, I love the complete ability to switch of even for a short time and get sand between your toes.

In the meantime I am heading out the door to work, catch you all later ;)

Not long now :)

Taken with the Canon 7D and the Sigma 10-20mm on the Greek island of Kefalonia

#thewihterabbit #mikeshaw #landscapesPhoto: Old Man

Old man what have you seen
Stood tall on this land of green
Old man do you call to the sky
A resting place for birds on the fly
Old man do your branches sing
Upon the breeze the air does bring
Old man can I rest under your shadow
So you can tell me of stories from long ago.

High on the Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District there are many tree's that look out on the land below, they have been there before my time and they will be there after it too.

Canon 7D with the Sigma 10-20mm

#mikefshaw #thewhiterabbit #landscapesPhoto: In Memory Of Milos

I only heard the sad news that we had lost +MILOS JANATA the other day, he was here during the beta stages of G+ and one of the first people I interacted with.


Sometimes there is little you can say.Photo: Where We Head

Sometimes we can see the path ahead and we travel on, sometimes the path cannot be seen and we falter. Its within ourselves to understand when to take the path and when to stay.

Follow your heart and listen to your mind and between the two you will know the way to go, there is no dishonour in turning around when bravery can be foolish.

I know my path, I know my way, I know there will be times when bravery is required and times when I will turn around.

Happy holidays :)

#thewhiterabbit #mikefshaw #landscapesPhoto: Riding The Storm

You may have noticed of late I am not replying with my usual gusto here and I think maybe a little disappointment had crept in over recent events. I did though go out this afternoon to catch the clouds that have been hanging overhead for most of the day in the UK, this was taken down by Hale Lighthouse on the banks of the river Mersey. My intention was to get the clods with the lighthouse but when I saw the fields full of in bloom rape seed I thought the opposing colours looked so much better.

It was only when I was taking the images I decided it was about time to dust myself off and get my ass back into gear, I apologise for not responding as normal but things are now in perspective , I have my own fate in my own hands, I kind of think its a pretty safe place to keep it.

#thewhiterabbit #mikefshaw #mikeshaw #landscapesPhoto: When The Days Are Ours

When the sun plays with the shadows
And light of gold dances in the air
When warmth covers the cold of morning
The summer sunrise will beckon the dawn
Then my son we shall walk these paths
We shall travel to lands while following the sunrise
For now these days are truly ours.

Should it be the daybreak that opens your eyes or the pure elixir of the hustle and bustle of the city that pumps the blood through your veins. Find what drives you, find that something that is yours and embrace it, then you will embrace the day and in doing so your life. We are but fleeting moments, whispers of history and heartbeats of pure time. Be all that you are and remember these days are ours.

#thewhiterabbit #mikeshaw #mikefshaw #landscapesPhoto: Never Stop Reaching

The dreams you have are not as far away as you think they are.

I get many e mails and I struggle to get through them at times, I got this one when I came home and it kind of blew me away, I thought I would share it here but take out the names but just to say thank you, you make and old man smile :)

"Hi Mike, you don't know me, I am new to Google+ but my husband has admired your work ever since he joined Google+ about a year ago... I'm still learning how to drive this thing, but just felt compelled to let you know how much you have inspired my husband to really place his emotions in all his shots and I don't think you realise how much you have actually helped new photographers like my husband to really find their feet. He's a truck driver and only just picked up a camera less than 2 years ago now...his growth has been phenomenal. I hope to support him and his passion for photography by understanding where he's coming from and now I can see why he loves the google+ community so much...there are just so many inspirational people on here, right at your fingertips. Thank you for your beautiful posts, poetry and for everything you've done for my husband...even if you didn't know it :D

#thewhiterabbit #mikefshaw #mikeshaw #landscapesPhoto: Storm Over Bideford

Bideford is a small fishing town in the south west of England, it is typically English with small narrow streets, markets and many places to just relax and chill out. When we visit we stood at the edge of the harbour and watched these dark foreboding clouds roll in. For me its only when I see the immenseness of the clouds in the sky dwarfing everything else do you realise the power that is up there.

last image from me so I don't keep spamming your streams :)

#thewhiterabbit #mikefshaw #mikeshaw #landscapesPhoto: Shattered Light

There are many rules in photography, one being you should never shoot directly into the sun but if you didn't then how would you know just how much fun it would be.

This was taken down on Southport beach in the UK, I have a love of Landrovers and hope to own a large Safari one in the future, they are built like tanks so seeing this pick up back lit by the sun was too good an opportunity for me to miss.

I have been busy the last few days and I'm not going to be around much for this weekend as we have a big festival at Liverpool too, I will be out and about in the rain trying to not get too wet, have fun and don't break anything ;)

#thewhiterabbit #mikefshaw #mikeshawPhoto: Cold Dawn

Sometimes playing with monotones and temperatures can lead you and an image down a new path but you have to try, by stepping away from what you are comfortable with do find new ways to express what you feel.

After my last post I think I should stick to simply posting images here, I don't think I have used the block button so much in one sitting!

#thewhiterabbit #mikefshaw #mikeshaw #landscapesPhoto: Shifting Sands

Nothing lasts forever, not even this planet we sit on, time passes like the shifting sands blown by the storm. So enjoy the storm, enjoy watching the clouds roll in from the sea and the feel of the sand shift beneath your feet. It will still be there when you and I have gone but what memories will we take with us?

Good morning G+

#thewhiterabbit #mikefshaw #mikeshaw #landscapesPhoto: Gandalfs Staff

A much older shot that I cant go back and retake, this is a series of trees that are out in the open and have been twisted over the years by the elements. Recent bad winters and other weather have taken their toll and not many of the trees are standing anymore.

I fell in love with the twist of this tree and the way it hooked back on itself, it was a tree out of fantasy and would not look out of place in the Shires from Lord Of The Rings.

#thewhiterabbit #mikefshaw #mikeshaw #landscapesPhoto: My Morning

I can never get enough of sunrises and the way the wake the world up, more than that I love the transition you have as you sit there from dark to light. The rising mist as the damp is slowly burned off by the heat of the rising sun glitters through the light. The shadows and the colours cast are not too dark that you cannot see what is there in the gentle gold hues and the scattering light reflects of the many surfaces it meets.

Sometimes its worth getting up too early :)Photo: As Time Passes

The passing of your time is not dependent on the rotation of the earth. It does not rely on the fingers of a clock ticking each second off. You do not need the measures of mankind's desire to regulate.

You need to only know that the sun rises and sets, you need only know that time will slow down if you decide to slow down too. Each breath you take is your own time piece, a metronome of your life, listen to that beat as it pulsates through your body and it will teach you the true meaning of time.

One of the joys of doing long exposures is the time it takes to take the shots, you get to sit and watch what happens as the world does rotate. You get to feel the gentle breeze as it floats across the grass, you get to see the morning dew glisten in the morning sunlight. The sounds of birds as they wake and the flow of water as it passes, even an industrial landscape becomes beautiful.Photo: My Spring MorningPhoto: The Waiting

Anticipation of a return
That may never happen
She watched him sail away
But the sea refused to bring him back
On the missing tide he rode upon
So she waits

She left as he went to work
He found the note
On the mantle when he got home
There was another
But she was confused
So he waits

He was unwell
But seemed to recover
Then the heavens snatched him away
And she sits and looks at his image
Missing his touch
So she waits

In a world were we need to be somewhere, when need to be doing something, everything only runs at one speed and its simply too fast. Its only when something changes do we stop, do we then realise parts of our lives are not what we thought they should be. For most of us its too late when we lose something in the rush, when we go back to find it but its gone, not in the same comfortable place it always was.

Good morning Googler's I only realised this morning my image from yesterday was the 200th I have uploaded here, I cant say anything there as it managed to reach its 500 comment limit but thank you all for the wonderful support I have received since joining G+Photo: Anchors And Rocks
Keep you safe
Keep you secure
Stop you drifting with the tide
And let you come home
Anchors and rocks
More precious
Than any other stone or metal.

To my beautiful wife +JUDE SHAWPhoto: A Place To Watch The Sunset

A small Greek island called Kefalonia, a small man made harbour with no more than three boats, a taverna overlooking the sea with nothing more than the sound of water hitting the rocks. I can't think of a better place to watch a sunset.

Good morning Googler's :)Photo: The Lone Man

Weathered and worn stood against time
Each day another challenge
Each sunset another day survived
The course of the wind
Etched into the bark
But still it stands
A testament to tenacity

Good Morning Googler's

There are a few trees that sit very close to the coast of the Irish Sea here and they bear the scars of were they survive, the wind and sand can at times come up from the dunes with enough force to shape how they grow. But no matter what they are still standing and have simply adapted to their environment unlike ourselves who adapt our environment to suit us.

I apologise for being somewhat quiet over the last week or so but I have been taking time out, I need to get fit so that has began with running sessions and time at the gym. Add on top things are just busy, I hope to be able to spend some more timer here soon, have a wonderful Sunday :)Photo: Another Road
Another day
Deep breath
Step forward
Trying not to fall
Off the edge of the world
Trying not to lose
Where we came from
Not knowing
Where we are going

Another road
Another day.

Good morning Googler's, I hope your day takes you where you want to be not where you have to be.

#thewhiterabbit #mikefshaw #mikeshaw #landscapesPhoto: Edge Of The World

Caress me this morning
And whisper your secrets
Surround only me
To keep me warm
In hues of gold and green
And other colours of silence
The sunrise through the ether
Bathes my dreams
Keeping me safe
As I stand
On the edge of the world

Good morning G+

This is one of my favourite locations, a simple piece of land on a farm with a public footpath that goes through it, simple place that can at times produce some wonderful sunrises. I used to spend so much time here waiting for the sun to come up, it time I went back now summer is almost upon us.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.


#thewhiterabbit #mikefshaw #mikeshaw #landscapesPhoto: Corridors

Not all corridors are straight
Not all doors open off
Not all floors are man made
Not all ceilings can be reached
Not all lights have a switch.......

Not all destinies are cast in stone
Not all fates are in the hands of gods
Your life, your time, use it well.Photo: On A Gentle Breeze

I shall be carried away
To watch the sunsets
And to chase the sky
So I can catch the sunrise
On a gentle breeze
My dreams are free
So I fly through the stars
Always a sunset
Always a sunrise

Good morning G+, sorry I have not been very active of late but things are still busy at home, take into account we have wonderful weather in the UK and I have a motorbike its hard to stay inside editing images.

Have a wonderful day all :)

#happythoughtsforleedanielsPhoto: Simplicity

Taken from the shores on a place called Shell Island in North wales in the UK.

It is probably one of the most simple landscape images I have ever taken, set the camera up with the Lee Big Stopper just as the sun was going down, there is not a lot in the foreground apart from the branch that has been washed up In the background there is only the shore line of a place called Abersoch with nothing but the sea between.

The one thing I remember from taking this image is how relaxed I was and for the simplicity of the shot reflects the way I felt.

Have a good day all :)Photo: The English Savanna

God alone knows how many miles separates the fields of Cheshire with the Savanna's  of Africa but with a little imagination they can be closer than you think. Chasing the morning sun as it burns of the mist in spring on the Cheshire plains with a gentle breeze that floats over the grass as its dances. I'm happy with that.

Have a wonderful day :)Photo: Look How We Shine

There are times when you wait for the sun to rise, to cast shadows and bring colours to life. It as if you are opening your eyes to the sun filtering through your bedroom window and you adjust to what you see. When you are outside its the same thing but over a longer period. The sunrise goes through several cycles from the small tip that breaks the horizon and the first light can be seen, you become conscious of what is around you that is no longer in the dark. The higher the sun becomes the more detail you get to see and then the colour awakes with the sun, the green of the grass and the warm oranges and yellows of the sun are vibrant.

Should you go out to take sunrise images remember to take a little time for yourself as well as the camera.

Good morning G+ :) Photo: The Flower In The Sunset

Some people ask what do I enjoy most about photography, is it getting the right image? Is it getting the perfect set up? Is it understanding what you are doing? In all honesty one of those, for me its the waiting.

I'm a very impatient man, I struggled with art in being able to complete any work until photography came along, more so digital photography because of its turn around. It became strange that photography taught me something, it taught me patience. It taught me that I had to wait when doing landscape photography, I had to wait for that perfect moment when the sun would float at the right point in the sky, when the light that is cast is a gentle warm glow. So while I waited I sat and I watched as the world moved on and I took in what I saw.

In this image there is a small spiders web, I watched the spider slowly gather its harvest of insects. I watched the light reflect of the petals of the flower and how light and shadow changed its colours. I felt the gentle breeze of the warm summer evening flow across my face and I saw the light change from harsh day to a beautiful golden glow.

Photography has so much to give to the viewer but so much more to the photographer.Photo: Wishful Days

Of sun and cloud playing hide and seek
Of spring green against autumn soil
Of birdsong and chatter in undergrowth
Of wishful days waiting for the summer to start

These are days of anticipation and hope
To feel warm while drifting off to sleep watching clouds
Buts seasons do not have agendas
Nor do they abide by our time or rules
Sometimes we have to simply wish a little harder

Good morning G+, its been a while since my last post on here, sometimes I take myself off line and put the camera away, this being one such time but I hope to get back on a lot more, one issue I have found is the size of my message center right now :)Photo: Escape

Ever saw a road and had no idea where it lead but wanted to go and see?
We have intersected most of our planet with routes and roads that can take you to most places, we have many many small little roads that lay unexplored, time to go look, time to escape.

Its been a while since I had fun with images and colour, as I always said, I never promised you reality, fantasy is so much better, goodnight G+ :)Photo: Blue And Gold

Good morning Googler's :)

We have given you a few intense days to think about with the another day another 600 seconds project so I though I would share something to hopefully brighten your day.

This is an older image, from a time I started to really play about with HDR in multiple layers, its a local farm to were I work, the idea being to get some sunrise shots. Instead I simply spent time watching the water and oil mix in the tractor tyre tracks. I can be so fickle at times :)

Have a wonderful day.Photo: Lead Me Home

Losing myself in a land I know
Drifting my mind with dreams of old
Slow breathing with the beats of time
The sunrise will lead me home

A small farm in Northwich Cheshire, a local place to mine, sometimes you do not have to travel too far to see beautiful landscapes ;)Photo: Drowning Not Waving

I have just got home after an impromptu weekend away with my wife to the Lake District, the weather has been poor here in the UK but we fell lucky, you can see though from the lakes the water levels are high.

This is one of the lakes called Thirlmere Reservoir and the bushes you see are not normally in the waterline. This was a long exposure and I just liked the movement you can see here. No matter what the weather this really is a magical place to visit, it is a land of real folklore and its my second home.

Once I get settle I hope to get back into the stride of things here, such as the page we have created for the project :)Photo: What Have You Witnessed?

These stones are part of Castlerigg Stone Circle in the Lake District, they say they were put in place some 3000 years BC, a total of 38 stones in the outer ring with another 10 inside, the tallest stone is some 2.3 meters high. No cranes, mechanical aides, nothing but manpower and here they stand still some 5000 years later in what is still a remote spot in the UK.

I have always stood in awe of places such as this, it holds you in reverence, more than any cathedral or church could ever do. This place meant something and has witnessed so much in that time.


Last image for today, time to go and explore the streams :)Photo: We Are Home

When the sun glitters over the horizon
And the warmth of twilight is aglow
When anchors have been dropped
And tethered tied to safe ground
We are home

When waters ebb with outgoing tides
And sails dropped to no longer catch the wind
When stillness sits beneath your feet
And comfort of what we know is around
We are home

We are home, we are safe and at rest.

Good morning G+ :) Photo: Forever Green

I have spoken of my need at times to get out into the countryside, to wash off the urban swell, to rid my ears of the noise and to just sit and look. It makes me realise there is as much beauty in this world as there is ugly, away from those that ignore plights of others and are immersed in only what they need or want to see.

My country offers me scenes that most would struggle to create for movies but they are real, I feel and breathe them, the Lake District is like no other place on earth.

I kind of need to see this myself, back to work after a long break its been a long day :)Photo: And We Danced OnPhoto: We Are All StarsPhoto: Gothic Light

This is Whitby Abbey on the Yorkshire coast in England. Its a gathering place for Dracula fans as this is the place he landed in the country in  Bram Stokers book. It is reputed that Dracula's grave is also here, would love that to be true but he is a fictional character in the sense of Bram's story.

Every year the town holds Goth week that I really need to go ad spend time with the camera. Photo: FloatPhoto: No PromisesPhoto: The Hidden SunPhoto: Do You Wonder

What they might be saying to each other?
If they can hear the waves whisper as they reach shore?
If they can smell the sea salt carried on the breeze?
The sand beneath their feet and between their toes?
The warmth of the sun sat upon the horizon?
Or do they only feel the closeness of each other?

I watched them walk together along the edge of the water, her feet being hit by the waves and his attention fixed on her. They spoke softly as they passed me wrapped up in a world that consists of only each other. Yet they never touched, maybe a new romance :)

Good morning G+, thank you everyone that has stuck by me of late in my issues of getting my mind back on track, I have had so many messages of support its been wonderful, I will get around to answering them as soon as I can.

Have a wonderful day.Photo: Autumnal Sunset

Clouds whisper as they drift across the sky
Amber light reflects across the land
I watch you fall slowly to the ground
Autumnal sunset there is but you and I
Keep me warm as the air cools the night
For as long as you can before you are gone
And I shall watch to say goodnight
To miss you again and your ever light.

My wife sat watching the sunset last year, such a simple pleasure that surpasses  any art we can show, go watch the sun set or rise and see what nature has to offer.

Good morning G+ :)Photo: Have Faith In Your Path

You may not know where it leads, you may not see the end, you may be afraid to take the first step but sometimes you have to simply take it. Each and every person has a path, some will know the way they want to go, some will not but within your heart you will know when its right.

The only thing you should be more afraid of when setting out on your life's journey is not setting out at all.Photo: Brothers In Arms

We stand where many have fallen
Guarding the scars of conflict
Where forests and woodlands once stood
Now barren but for a few
Brothers in arms
The land no longer ours
At the mercy of others
We stand resolute
We stand in hope
Brothers in arms.

I am drawn to this place time and time again, the relationship between the three trees has so many tales to tell and the barren land adds to that tale. I know this was once forest last many ages ago. I wonder how long the remaining trees will survive and will they get to outlive us?Photo: Days Of Golden Light

Its deep into autumn now, time to pack the camera into the bag and get out to see the early mornings when we get the beautiful light, it reflects back from the beep reds and golds of the landscapes here in the UK and warms right through to your bones. There is just something magical about watching the warmth of the sun burn off the damp and small whispers of mist rise up to envelop you.

Go out before sun up and sit and watch it unfold in front of you :)Photo: Keep Hold Of MePhoto: Journey Into The Golden Forest

As the light dapples through the leaves
And the crunch of ground disturbs beneath my feet
I journey on into the golden forest
As the wind play song through the branches of trees
And mist caresses my being
I journey on into the golden forest
A chorus of birds drift just above
Looking down with a serenade to help me on my way
I journey on into the golden forest

I make a journey each time I see the magic of life, will you make a journey? Where will your imagination take you?Photo: Echoes Of Silence

Only here when the earth has a heartbeat
Do I hear the echos of silence
Only here when alone together with you all
Do I feel the pulse of life
Only here within another world
Do I know my own.

My wife in Delemere forest taking in what is around, a wonderful place to be in autumn.Photo: Does a level of madness drive creativity?

Most will know of what has happened to me in recent years, I have never made it a secret as I refuse to be stigmatised by it. I am though fortunate to be given help when I needed it.

But it seems that just maybe that help comes with a price.Where I was once driven I am not so much, my camera was used on a daily basis, I edited and uploaded images to the point of obsession, now my camera may get used once in a while and my main PC may get booted up even less. The medication keeps me safe but has taken away my impetus to be creative, I miss it, I miss the drive, the need to go meet people and speak with them, to be out on cold morning such as this.

I miss my madness, it was an enemy that I fought with every day but it was the friend that drove me on. Photo: When The Elements Align

When the sun sets a deep gold
When the mist rolls in around your feet
When the ground turns orange from the reflected light
And your favourite tree calls
Its hard not to take a landscape.

Its kind of ironic that when I decide to concentrate on street portraits all he elements for the type of landscape I love fall into place. Sometimes its hard to walk away from scenes like this :)

Good morning :)Photo: Beginning Of Another End

So here we are, surviving yet another end of the world, no real surprise when I woke this morning for find the world still turning and the rain still falling.

Some believe that the Mayan's thought the world would end today because their calendar stopped on this day some believe this is simply the start of the end of the world, either way everything has a shelf life. From the day we are born we renew dead cells in our body, as we age this process slows down and ensures the cycle of life will continue, life would be dull if we all lived forever. The planet will one day cease to be, the moon and the stars will move on, its inevitable.

Go out and explore, enjoy life and let life enjoy you.Photo: Eternal Sunsets

When the days don't last forever
And the night must call
I wish for eternal sunsets
To fill my soul with fading light
And glitter that bounces on water
To listen to the silence as life waits
With breathe held in anticipation
Of the splendor to unfold
I wish for eternal sunsets

I hope you all have a wonderful New year and the next year brings you all you need rather than all you want :)Photo: Losing Myself

Sometimes you have to get lost to find what you are looking for.
Sometimes you have to take that step to start a journey.
Sometimes you have to accept what is or is not.
But sometimes you can change the path.

Life does not make you, you make life, its your gift to use so use it well.Photo: Still Rivers And Forgotten Dreams

Where the water only reflects
No longer does it dance
Where dreams now drift
Upon the surface of fallen leaves
Still rivers and forgotten dreams
Lay in front of me
But I sit and watch
As the stories unfold and speak again
In the comfort of silence
Of still rivers and forgotten dreams.

Its been a while since I have been out with the camera, I am starting to miss the cities, I was hoping to get out this week but after hurting my ankle that might not be so easy so I may have to simply spend some time editing images from my catalogs.Photo: Memories Never LostPhoto: This Land Of Gods

It seems like eons since I last got lost in a forest and lost in myself at the same time, I miss the majesty of trees and the comfort of life they bring, I need to return soon.Photo: I Am The White Rabbit
I may not lead you to some place safe
But I will lead you to some place new
Were colours defy belief
And the world may still be flat
With dreams in tea cups
And visions that are reality
Look upon what you see
With only the eyes of a child
Only then will you truly know
The wonders that are in front of you
Come with me the white rabbit
To adventures anew.Photo: I Am The KeeperPhoto: And I Walk The PathPhoto: The Mobile Landscape

Sometimes you have to look at things just that little bit differently and when you do it will give you something different. Its just a hay wain in a field on a misty morning as the sun came up but the line of trees sat along the the line of the wain.

If you cannot get to see the landscape then I shall bring it to you ;) Photo: Meteor Skies

The mysteries of what lies beyond our atmosphere will always intrigue us, no matter how far we manage to explore there will always be another horizon that beckons. Yet there is so much we still don't understand about the very planet we live on, this was brought to life when it was hit wit a meteor strike. We think days such as this are for the history books but every now and then nature likes to remind us of our place.

I never forget of the majesty she possesses and sitting watching a sunrise such as this reminds me of the awe she has to be held in. Photo: Dance With The Devils Sky

And he shall dance with you
But as you fall to your knees with exhaustion
He will dance on
For he has danced each night since eternity
To bring in the darkness
So he can hide once again within the shadows

Sunsets are sometimes spectacular, its natures light switch :) Photo: Of Time And Melancholy

If you stand still long enough you can see the dreams of time as it passes you.
If you stop for long enough you can hear the silence of the day go by
If you breathe slowly enough you can catch up with life's heartbeat
If you can be human, if you can be alive. if you can just be.

Stop letting days just go by, go see what the day is all about.Photo: Be Brave The Day

And hold it dear
Let the sunrise cast its light
And the mist dance around your feet
Be brave the day
And ride the time
Like white horses upon the surf
Steady yourself true
For love
For life
For being
For dreaming
For you are the visionaries
And you hold it all
Just be brave the day
And hold it dear.

Good morning and goodnight all, I have finished yet another night shift and I am about to get warm in bed as the rest of the world wakes, have a wonderful day, just be brave with it ;)Photo: Reflections Of Another Day

No mirror needed to reflect the day
Just a hand to hold to protect the way
No water to ripple the light back to the sky
Just eyes to look into and know just why
Sun glitter hidden behind the mist laden air
But never to be lost as long as we are a pair
And the sun shall rise and fall
Birds will sing to greet through their call
My memories will give me all I need
Like a tree grown from a single seed
Reflections of another day
Shall always show me the right way
Take each moment that comes to you
And treat it as time that is anew
Embrace your life and love to hold close to
Then time will always look after you.

Be at peace with your world and may your world be at peace with you.

For my beautiful wife Jude :)

Composite image ;)Photo: Watching The Day End

We forget time is not real, its an abstract construct made by humankind to measure something, we only need it to regiment our lives even further. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries and millenniums.

Truth be told all we need is the sun and the other stars at night to talk to us, inevitably you will find them telling us to slow down, in reality we are nothing but a blip on the time scale of existence and we spend that time scurrying around like ants. As a species we have the capability to control so much of our lives, maybe the time has come let some of that control go and simply spend time at the end of the day watching our star set.

I will not be around much for a while, I have to go into hospital for a minor op on Friday that will make me somewhat immobile for a bit, don't break anything while I'm gone ;)Photo: You Are Capable Of So Much More

Sometimes it takes a little bit of self belief to set you on a path you have avoided all your life. We are a cautious creature, always aware of what we do, what we say but this sun will still rise on this rock we sit on long after we are gone. Its only when we feel its too late do we realise what should have been done.

Take a deep breath, look forward and take that step.Photo: These Moments

Times such as this, sunsets, sunrises, sea mist and reflections of pebbles in the water are rare. Only found in hidden little alcoves by the sea and only meant for you. When out doing photography you have to stop long enough to enjoy what you see, only then will you be able to show others how you feel.Photo: Going Home

One of my routes home from work, this is a road that leads you out from Daresbury village, nothing spectacular but its the birthplace of Lewis Caroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgso being his real name) and its my place of inspiration. To the right of this image is the All Saints Church, around in his time.

People ask me a lot about inspiration and were do I get mine, when I first started out in photography I looked to people like John Deakin and other street photographers, when I looked at other genres I looked at other peoples work but I found that through looking for inspiration I started to imitate. Then it dawned on me, stop looking at others work and start looking at what you do, what do you want to show to the rest of the world? It was only by going through this process did I realise I was looking in the wrong places and at the wrong people.

I let the landscapes I came across inspire me, I let the people I met inspire me, when the finished image worked and I smiled at the landscape I had produced, or the street portraits evoked a reaction that they needed to did I know I had it right.

Inspiration has to come within, its not something that can be given or bought, it simply has to evolve. Photo: Of Storm Clouds, Sun Rays And Gods Alters

Castle Rigg in the Lake District on a cold spring morning, this is an enchanted place to be when alone, so many questions but no answers, I have sat here just letting the time pass, looking out at the snow capped hills around.

We still have a time of fantasy even now, we have just stopped looking for it, go open your eyes.Photo: Back To The Shires

You have to see fantasy to believe in it, you have to dream to feel it, only with by using whats within your soul will this earth show you what others fail to see. We are rooted in myth and legend, be part of that and see what is there, open your soul and it will open your eyes.Photo: Liquid Gold

As the sky burns with sunset
The lights glistens
Upon the lake of liquid gold
And the warmth fills my bones
As the sight lifts my soul
For here I will lay and rest
With this vision to carry me off to dream

Lake Derwent in the lake District in the UK, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Good morning :)Photo: Good Morning And Welcome To My World

This is my world, the little seen droplets of dew hanging like crystal from stems of grass. The morning mist drifting across the water, reflections of the sun and its warming glow awakening the day.

This is my world, come share it with me.Photo: The Giants Above Us

How many times do you go about your day without seeing what your day is bringing you?

I was stood on Southport beach in the UK, its known for the tide going right out so you can walk along the beach, as I looked down the beach I could see the sun above the clouds casting a light through the lower clouds onto the people into the distance. What I also noticed was no one seeing what was there, even the warm glow from the late autumn sun, the glittering of the sun hitting the areas of water trapped in the sand gave them a clue to look up.

Don't miss what the day will give you, it might only be moments of wonder but it will keep you going for a long time.Photo: Come Drift Away
And call the days name
Of dreams under storm clouds
With ripples of sleep
Passing through your mind
I know the time to wake is close
But I shall dream some more
For the night is long
If I hold on just a little tighter
Come drift away.

Good morning all.Photo: Waterfall In The Village

This a small village some 15 minutes from my home called Lymn, the river is fed from Lymn Dam and flows through two small waterfalls before going under bridge the other side of this image, its then fed into a canal. Its really not a big place but you could easily spend the day both here and around the dam.Photo: The Phoenix SkyPhoto: We Are All StarsPhoto: Photo: Without FearPhoto: At The Edge Of The Witching WoodsPhoto: Under The Storm

Heading home in a storm gives you a comfort in knowing what lies head and no fear in what is in front of you. No matter how dark the clouds or how strong the winds your escape is through your front door and into the warmth of home.

Storms are a way of showing us what we have, sit at your window and watch the rain fall, feel all that surrounds you and surround all in your feelings, welcome home.

We managed to get back on line the day before we travel on holiday, I thought I would leave you with this, keep safe :)Photo: Grind Me Down

Watching the waves hit this small outcrop of sandstone in Porto Santo in Portugal and then feeling the sand beneath my feet you realise they are one and the same. The sea has taken its toil on the outcrop turning it to sand but its a beautiful destruction.

Nature will change its environment to fit whats needed, we need to take notice of how it should be done.

We got home in the early hours of this morning from a wonderful holiday, did you miss me ;)Photo: Windmills To The Flames

Be Different
Its so easy to fall into the "norm" of photography, we are surrounded by so many photographers that have their own way of doing things, when it cones to landscape photography its a harder thing to achieve. What happens is one persons work blends into another's and they become yet another "pretty picture".  I know after falling into the trap too many times, my gallery here will attest to that.

So how do you break out of this and makes the images your own? Stop being afraid. Its only when we dare to play about with the settings on the camera, the post editing tools we have and more, the fun we have when doing so do we break free from the constraints of following the pack. Yes they tell me photography has "rules" but I have never seen a rule that has not been broken yet, break a few and see where it takes you.

Its a liberating way to move yourself forward, whats more, its fun ;)Photo: Balance Of LifePhoto: A Shift In TimePhoto: These Dreams I HavePhoto: I WaitedPhoto: The Morning MeetingPhoto: This Is The EndPhoto: The JourneyPhoto: Beautiful ScarsPhoto: The Sandman Is Getting BusyPhoto: My Beautiful MornPhoto: Walk With MePhoto: Of Whispers And DreamsPhoto: Lead Me HomePhoto: The Ghost Of Nature

Softly she walks
Without a sound
Through trees and forests
Passing you by
Without you knowing
The ghost of nature
As delicate as the wind that carries her
As silent as the rustle of leaves that surround her
You never know when she caresses you
But you will miss her love when it has gonePhoto: A Carpet Of Red 

I shall lay down a carpet of red
To lead the way to another world
Where fantasy surrounds you
And dreams become alive
I shall lay down a carpet of red
To show the way out of this place
I may not lead you to some place safe
But I will lead you to some place new
For I am the white rabbitPhoto: Drift Through TimePhoto: Friends Meeting HousePhoto: No Matter Where We Roam.Photo: WearyPhoto: Forever LostPhoto: When I DreamPhoto: Good MorningPhoto: Winter BluesPhoto: Chasing DreamsPhoto: Frozen FernPhoto: My Minds EyePhoto: Come Sit AwhilePhoto: Stand OutPhoto: Moments Of BlissPhoto: Promises And DreamsPhoto: Book Release

I have been asked many times if I would release a book of my images and words, I have been trying to find a self publishing service that was reasonable but its been a hard search so I have gone to Blurb and I am currently compiling one of my landscapes and the writing that goes with them (I don't call it poetry as I don't consider myself a poet) I am about half way through so with a little luck it should be ready by the end of the week. From what I gather you can then order it direct from Blurb (should you want to) I want to make it a large format landscape hardback but I am wary at the end cost as it wont be cheap. anywhere between £30 to £40 a book and to me that may be too expansive. I can do it in a soft cover to reduce the cost but there is something about a hardback that I just like.

I am also working on one of my gallery 600 Seconds but I am wary as I do not wish to profit from this book as morally that is simply wrong. I am in the meantime trying to work with homeless charities so any profit that can be made will go to them, I will let you know how that progresses but the book is almost ready.

If you would be interested in buying what would you prefer?

This image is called:

Just Another Sunrise

At the start of the day that is just what it is, nature has a way with words that are much better than mine :)Photo: When Years Never Pass
And days are no longer of consequence
You have stood beyond my lifetime
Beyond my history
What have you seen
I wonder

Castlerigg stone circle in the Lake District, its been around for a few thousand years now, its both a history and mystery. I love these places.Photo: I Will Be EnchantedPhoto: Morning MistPhoto: Fly Me AwayPhoto: The Aging ProcessPhoto: DreamweaverPhoto: As The Rain Rolls InPhoto: Losing My Way

They say to find yourself first you must lose yourself. But we fear the unknown so we stay safe, cocooned and secure. But like the butterflies we have to break free to be able to fly. Never knowing where each path will take us, never knowing if we are right or wrong will mean we will never fly, enjoy the journey for what it is and spread your wings.Photo: Nature Reclaims

This is Whitby Abbey, now a ruin but a protected building and in one of the most scenic parts of Yorkshire. It is also in Bram Stokers book as the landing place for Dracula when in he lands in England. I imagine in many years to come nature will reclaim its own.Photo: Whisper To MePhoto: We Are Born Of The Sky

They say the atoms that make up everything we are came from the beginning of time. When the universe was born so were the atoms that make up our bodies, our minds and our uniqueness. Every time time the sun sets and rises so do you, you are born of the sky, of the stars and our sun, its celebrating being part of you.

This is the harbour in Whitby, a wonderful scenic place to visit.

I am not online much today, off to have more ink on my arm, images later ;)Photo: As You Head For Home

Standing on a flyover watching the breath freeze as it leaves my mouth and the cold chills my bones you all head for home. Car after car pass by, each with a story, a tale of the day, a reason for being on this road, some just another day, some with much more to tell. But each car just passes by and leaves behind nothing but its lights caught in a lens as it disappears into the distance along with its story, with its tale of the day. I wonder who you are, where you are going and where you have been been, but like my breath that freezes in the air you are fleeting.Photo: But We All Fall
Like the leaves on the tree
We bud anew
Into vibrant greens
And reach toward the light
Basking within the warmth
To herald a new season
But we all fall
As the air is laden
With cold morning mists
And signs of frosts dance
Upon our boughs
We drift from green to gold
To herald the end of a season
And fall to the ground
In one last glorious flourish.

There are few leaves left on the trees in the UK after some of the storms we have had, some places have had snow with warnings of worse to come. I will miss autumn once again.Photo: The Weary Air
Lies heavy over the land
I travel on
Over miles of landscapes
Waiting for the sun to comePhoto: The Sunrise In The SnowPhoto: Desert Flower

No matter how adverse the conditions colour and beauty will come through to show there is always a way.Photo: The Chapel On The Hill

My wife and I spent a weekend in Whitby and decided to drive across to a place called Robin Hoods Bay, it was a foggy day and although cold the sun gave the fog a warm glow. As we came down this hill I saw the small chapel sat just on the bend and had to stop to take this photograph.

Sometimes you have to hunt for the right location, sometimes it just finds you.Photo: And So The Time Has Come

To lay down and sleep
Upon the earth of winter
Were colour will be no more
Like bleached bones of silence
And under snow life will wait
And under snow life will sleep
The tilt is here but one step away
The last colours of autumn
No longer upon the bough
And so the time has come
I bid you goodnight my mother
Rest well till I see you againPhoto: All That GlittersPhoto: Waiting For The Storm To Pass

The UK has been hit by a lot of storm of late, including ourselves, my poor gazebo has been battered and is hanging on but I cant get out to fix it due to the poor weather. This is one of only a few black and white landscape images I have, this looked better without other colour :)

I hope though that the new year brings brighter weather and a brighter future for you all, I wish you good health :)Photo: The Morning WalkPhoto: Waiting For The Snow

Its that time of year for us in the UK, cold enough to snow but all we seem to get is rain, early in the morning there is a frost scattering the ground and that's about it. But it ill come and I will go back here to one of my favourite walks, Lymn Dam in Cheshire.

I seem to be getting through a lot of landscapes of late, I think maybe the time has come to visit the cities :)Photo: Beautiful Scars Part IIPhoto: Come And Ride The Big Wheel

And see if you can beat the incoming storm, no guarantee you will not get wet or that you will even survive.

Sorry, I'm in the grip of insomnia :(Photo: A Moment We Capture
Is kept within our soul
Within our hearts
And in our minds
To be taken along with us
On any journey we take
To be cherished
And to be loved.

I have many many trees I visit on a regular basis, some have gone, lost to storms over the years since I first held a camera, some still standing long before and will be long after me, this being one. Its branches no longer grow leaves but its a home to many creatures, I pass it by on my way to and from work and it reminds me there is more to life than I will ever know.

Should you wish to buy a print then you can find my work for sale here: http://mikefshaw.smugmug.com/Photo: Breakthrough

There is that time of a cold morning, when the mist hangs heavy in the air and obscures your view but adds a different dimension to the land. You watch as the sun rises, haunted by the mist and fog but you can see its warmth at war with the air. You know at some point the sun will win and cast its light but as that war is fought you bask within the glow shrouded by the fog. Your breath may still float in streams from your mouth to intertwine with the air but you no longer feel the cold.

You understand why the sun sets, its to show the beauty of a sunrise.

Reworking of an older image I only ever had in monotones, it needed colour :)

Prints of this and my other work can be purchased on my SmugMug site here: http://mikefshaw.smugmug.com/Photo: The Green River

The days are getting longer even though the days are still cold, we have geese flying overhead again and early bird song outside the window. Even though we are in the grip of storm after storm in the UK I know we all have something to look forward to, spring will arrive and the land will wake up again.

I figure I could sit and worry or I could do something to take my mind off things, I hit my stock images and came up with this ;)Photo: The Autumn Divide

Between sky's of light
And water of deepest blue
The colour of autumn
Reflected back within the ripple
Like Alice through the looking glass
Two worlds within one
But no potion needed
Just to sit
To breath
And be at peace with both worlds.Photo: SleeplessPhoto: Lost Times

Much older image that I keep returning to of a tree lost in a storm a few years back.

The image is a bit rough and ready but I was on a major learning curve at the time after not long buying my first wide angle lens, I kinda like it though.Photo: As Angels WhisperPhoto: Memories Of The SeaPhoto: Elements Of NaturePhoto: Come With MePhoto: The Lost WorldPhoto: And The Land Did Sing
Unto me with a voice of beauty
And the symphony of life played on
The maestro conducted a scene
Of fantasy and love
So my soul could feel the beat of my heart
And the land did sing
With a chorus of birdsong bathed in morning light
As I stood and dreamed while still awake
The mist she danced to the melodies of calm
So I rested within this time
And the land did sing.

Good morning.Photo: This Day Doth EndPhoto: Just Another Misty SunrisePhoto: End Of DaysPhoto: Gateway To The Storm

Through standing stones
Of times long gone
The storms still rage
To greet the solitude upon the hills
And we stand within the gateway
Built by forefathers long since past
Do we see what they see?
Do we feel what they felt?
Is the myth and magic still within our souls?
At the gateway to the storm
We become alive again
Wrapped within the myth
Carried upon the magic
We still see
We still feelPhoto: Mellow

Just drift away as the sun settles you down to sleep, as it casts it golden hues over the land and sea it will cast its spell over you. It will release all your stress and pressures of the day and as it gently floats over the horizon it will give you peace.

They photographing sunsets is an old cliche but when you have such a spectacle playing out in front of you is that such a bad thing? I don't shoot as many landscapes as I used to, this being a reworking of an older shot and I have long learnt to control my desire to oversaturate the colours, the old say goes less is more. Photo: Within The Morning Mist

Would you spend time with me in the morning mist?
Would the gentle falling rain bother you?
Or the cold nip of the English autumnal air?

You hear nothing but the sounds of your mother as she awakens the earth, the drops of rain as they hit the water playing its own timpani to the heartbeat of life. The distance shrouded in mystery as the light tries to penetrate the cloud that has come down to greet the land. The golden hues of autumns discard accentuated with the shimmer of dew and rain.

This is your land, your earth, it is the eden that no one else sees until they open their eyes.
Spend a morning with me in the morning mist, we shall not speak but I will open your eyes.   Photo: These Days Of Promises

Lie within the sky and stars
The dew upon the grass renews
And the clouds reflect the light
We are but fleeting
Like butterflies upon the bud
Make of these days what you will
But the promise you have to hold dear
Is the sky and stars will remain
To hold your anchor down.Photo: Dreamweaver

I do not promise to rise and set each passing day
But to those that seek
To those that dream
To those that live in hope
I will give you visions that no fantasy can fulfil
And make you at peace with all that is earth
So come find me when others sleep
For I am the dreamweaver.Photo: Losing Words


26 letters, take your choice and mix them how you will to provide an infinite ways of saying what you wish, one of thousands of languages and dialects spoken everyday.

Sometimes though, just every now and then, the only language you need to hear is the silence of a morning alone.Photo: Dreams Glimmer

Just a sparkle between the boughs
As the sun glitters its morning dance
Just a glow upon spring green
As the dew reflects the diamond dazzle
These morns of gentle mist in distance
And only birdsong to fill my soul
I shall walk upon this carpet of life
And watch as dreams glimmer arises
To wake the earth
To waken me.Photo: No RootsPhoto: Time ShiftPhoto: To Catch A SunsetPhoto: And Then

I awoke but the dream remained.
And then
Within the morn I drifted to fantasy
And then
The whispers did sing to me
And then
I was carried upon a cloud
And then......................

The stories we tell belong to everyone, we each have a part to play within this drama called life, take center stage and bathe within the light cast upon you.Photo: Come With Me

Down the rabbit hole
To a land within my mind
A fantasy within my soul
Places lost upon the sane
Places lost upon the mad
With twisted boughs
And fractured dreams
Come with me
Down the rabbit hole
And stay awhile
A lifetime to sleepPhoto: As We WakePhoto: With A Caress And A Dream

As the sun comes down to kiss the land
I'll watch the caress of light
In dreams awake surrounds with fantasy
Call of days long past
To the times to come
With a caress and a dream
I am renewed

This was the long exposure image I managed to do just before I dropped the camera and smashed the filters, always said I needed to narrow down my genres ;) Photo: This Dawn MistPhoto: Could You Be?Photo: Fantasy Is The Daydream Of RealityPhoto: The Hidden SunrisePhoto: Sometimes Its EasyPhoto: Before The Storm 

A rowing crew coming into harbour at Whitby to beat the oncoming storm on the horizon.

It's been such a long time since I took a camera out never mind just for fun. We went to Whitby for a couple of days and I decided to take the Olympus rather than the Canon simply for weight and convenience. I have to admit in the past I have never given the Olympus a fair crack of the whip having been stuck in DSLR mode for a long while, also believing nothing could touch the 70-200mm F/2.8.

I have to admit that maybe I was wrong, not only is the camera and kit so much easier to lug about the quality of the images you can get really surprised me. This is with the OMD E-10 so I wonder how the 1 or even the new 5 would perform. I may need to look at investing in a wide angle lens and see how it performs for other landscapes?Photo: Just Sit A While.

Let the world wake up around you, watch as the sun rises and the mist slowly clears. Feel the warmth as it filters through your skin and takes the chill from your soul. See you breath as it leaves your mouth as vapour, rising and swirling creating patterns as you breathe.

You're alive, you are living, enjoy your life, enjoy you.Photo: Glow.
Waiting in a field for the sun to rise has its benefits, not only do you take yourself away from the rest of the world you get to watch as it wakes up. I noticed the country lane on the left of me start to have some traffic use it. I set my camera up on a slow shutter speed and waited for a car to pass. As one did I managed to get its headlights streaming through the bushes. It adds a whole new dimension to what would be a normal sunrise.Photo: Playing The Old Fashioned Way

It was joyous tinged with a little sadness yesterday when on our way down to photograph the sunset at Derwent Water we came across a bunch of kids playing football and having a great time. Its just something we don't see too much of anymore, children play football but alas it tends to be on the latest gaming console.

Being old I remember making street carts out of old bits of woods and the wheels of a pram, building dens wherever we could and having your gang hang out in them. Going for bike rides that would last for hours on end and the only rule you had to abide by was be home when the street lights come on.Photo: How Would Our Day EndPhoto: SolitudePhoto: If I Ask?Photo: Weaveworld Of Seasons

As colours are recast in hues of reds and golds.
As days shorten to embrace the chill in the air
Within this weaveworld of autumn we wander
As the land slowly drifts into slumber we ready ourselves
For we are no more than seasons of life ourselves
Passages of time reflect the mortal coil within our souls
We are the pattern within the weaveworld
The silken thread of life and deathPhoto: Listen To The AncientsPhoto: Let me take your reality and wrap it in fantasy.Photo: Wasting TimePhoto: T'was Then Upon A DreamPhoto: All That Glitters Could Well Be GoldPhoto: Hello Insomnia My Old FriendPhoto: The Autumn PhotographerPhoto: I'll Cradle The Moon 
And keep you safe for I will not let you fall, within my boughs I shall give you refuge.Photo: The Promises Of Life.

The sun will rise, the sun will set, the rains will fall, the droughts will come, the people will be born, the people will die, the mountains will stand fast, the rivers will flow, the air will be warm and fade to cold.

Life goes on, this is the only promises it can make, don't spend time staring at the ugly, it will make for an ugly mind, spend time staring at the beautiful for that is what we are capable of. This planet earth might be one of a kind within a billion other universes, we may well be alone but she gives you more than she will ever ask for.Photo: Moments Of Clarity