11 Photos - Nov 8, 2014
Photo: From across the median that divides Cherokee StreetPhoto: From the intersection of Park Blvd and Cherokee.  The turret though not 'finished' inside is continuous from the ground up.Photo: On the second storey the turret room opens onto the veranda.  This photo shows the front part of the north side of the house.Photo: Photo: Photo: The front door; as I recall this vestibule opens into the front rooms at left and right: it is not just ornamental, but in this town, I am told,  it is unique.Photo: The main view from Park BlvdPhoto: The south side of the house.  I was told that the high steps to the porch at this side allowed aiighting from a carriagePhoto: And at the back stoop, to a separate address on Cherokee, at least one of the three cats I saw a couple of years ago .Photo: Just late afternoon light on the fig tree and its air potatoes after coming home.Photo: Closer through fig tree