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Photo: piercing
depths uncharted
stretching into and out of
all the dimensions inside me
a million questions in need of
specific answers that mean
the very same thing in the end
i love you forever, unthinking 
and i need you
as much as you need me.

#poetry #portrait  #family  Photo: Center of GravityPhoto: Every Little Piece of My HeartPhoto: We Both Believe In Everyday MagicPhoto: This is 8 ♥

#fartnoises   #sillyfaces   #camerahamPhoto: little pieces of us break off
needing, growing, loving
laughter fills the spaces
in between the struggles of life
emptiness disappears like a ghost
dissolved by greater purpose,
stronger hearts, and
invincibly blue eyes.

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http://instagram.com/lotuscarrollPhoto: The Family That TinTypes Together….

I used the +Hipstamatic  Tintype app to capture the images and adjusted settings on each one of them within the app. Then I imported them to my computer and made a few adjustments in +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom that I couldn't make within the app, but wanted on the images. Finally, I used StarTych, a very basic diptych/triptych maker, to put them all together into one image.

#wearefamily   #tintype   #hipstamatic   #triptychPhoto: Don't Forget To Dance Today ツPhoto: Photo: Loveshine <3

Happy Father's Day! :-)Photo: We Are Always Very Serious

Braden (age 8) and John, January 2015
#wearefamily   #weareparents   #nosepickerPhoto: Best Ending I Could Have Written
New Year's Eve, 2014Photo: Photo: The Sparkle That Leapt Out Of My Heart

Braden, age 8, October 2014
#myson   #weareparents   #wearefamilyPhoto: Photo: There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.
~Walt Streightiff

Braden, Age 7, September 2014
#weareparents   #wearefamily   #quotePhoto: IlluminatePhoto: Peek-a-Boo, My Love
Baby Braden, March 2008. Oh, this, I do miss.
‪  #weareparents   #wearefamily   #tbtPhoto: El Serio Gringo En La Playa

I took this photo of John at the beach last year - getting excited to hit the beach again soon. Yeehaw for summer vacation! :-DPhoto: Blue Sky+Puffy Clouds+Water+Goofballs :-)

#WeAreFamily #WeAreParents #Vacation #SummerPhoto: Sa-WING, Batter!

We're watchin' a bit o' baseball tonight. Braden's favorite part so far has been being allowed to scream fairly constantly. Also, they literally just selected this image to share on the big screen at the stadium (I tweeted it earlier). :-)

#wearefamily #RRExpress #ImpactNews #baseballPhoto: Artist & StorytellerPhoto: Sparkler Selfie Attempt

It's not as easy as it looks, son! ;-)Photo: Over Is The Saddest Part Of A Fun Time

otherwise known as, "the chip bucket is empty" ;-)Photo: We Have Absolutely No Fun Feeding The BirdsPhoto: Photo: Free As A Bird

#weareparents   #wearefamily   #longlivesummerPhoto: Pooltime Hippy-Hair Management ;-)Photo: Happy 45th Birthday To My Favorite Rockstar :-)Photo: Rock 'n Roll My Heart & SoulPhoto: Happy Sun Day!
#splashpark #selfie #summertimelovinPhoto: Sometimes….Photo: Fire BreatherPhoto: Because There Is Life To Be Lived

#Freedom   #Life   #WeAreParents   #Sunset   #JumpPhoto: He Gets Just A Wee Bit Excited About Finding An Egg ;-)Photo: When Life Gives You Thoughts Of LemonsPhoto: The Motion Of Happy

Braden, Age 6, July 2013

Here's to the summer vacations of his youth: the late night giggling fits in a hotel room with a big bed all to himself, that near hysterical feeling of being out of the car after 8 hours of riding, the silly jokes and fart noises we make before we turn out the lights, the anticipation of the beach that's so close now, and all the wonderful things we see and do together when schedules don't matter and there's time for nothing but play and laughter.

Here's to capturing those memories in photos and words, and lining the walls of my heart with them.

#WeAreParents   #WeAreFamily   #PhonePhotographyPhoto: Photo: Moments Like This ❤

#WeAreParents   #WeAreFamilyPhoto: Photo: Ever Into The SunPhoto: Life Becomes Complete When We Recognize The Love In It

John & Braden, January 2014
#weareparents   #wearefamilyPhoto: Photo: Braden Says Hi! From The Road :-)Photo: The family is one of nature's masterpieces.
~George Santayana

#WeAreFamily   #PortraitPhoto: 46 / 52

As the twig is bent, the tree inclines.

#52Selfs   #Quote   #WeAreParentsPhoto: 42 / 52
A peace that depends on fear is nothing but a suppressed war.
~Henry Van DykePhoto: Photo: Want Some Happy? Watch This.


make sure your sound is on

#video   #baby   #cutePhoto: And I Quote: "Look, Mommy! It's How You Do It!"

#BradenPhotos   #BathroomSelfiePhoto: 36 / 52

There is an interconnectedness among members that bonds the family, much like mountain climbers who rope themselves together when climbing a mountain, so that if someone should slip or need support, he's held up by the others until he regains his footing.
~Phil McGraw

#52Selfs   #52Project   #52Weeks   #SelfPortrait   #Quote   #Monochrome   #FamilyPhoto: And I Die - Braden, Age 6 - August 2013

lock up your daughters, for reals
#WeAreParents   #HeyGirlPhoto: 33 / 52

If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.
~Edgar W. Howe

#52Selfs   #52Project   #52Weeks   #SelfPortrait   #Quote   #BackToSchoolPhoto: Bumpin' Around

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier Amusement Park
Braden, Age 6, Summer 2013

#WeAreParents   #WeAreFamilyPhoto: Photo: Photo: It's Best Sometimes To Let Yourself Get Carried Away By JoyPhoto: and while they may shedtheir parts and break to piecesjoy they brought lives onThis is an outtake from a shoot I did with my son recently. Here, he is just about to express dismay that the flowers were breaking. He is such a rambunctious kid, but he has an immeasurably tender soul. I do so love him.Photo: An outtake from our shoot, but a favorite of mine. :)Photo: Photo: Memories of SummerPhoto: Too Much Fun To Sleep - Let's Stay Up All Night!

Braden, Age 6, Summer 2013

For #WeAreParents  curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: Last Summer's Hotel Rooms & Silly Faces

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View all my G+ Albums here: http://goo.gl/BPqeiOPhoto: To Walk Together Into The Sun

For #WeAreParents  curated by +Juan Gonzalez 
#WeAreFamily   #MonochromePhoto: Gimme Your Best Shot

For #WeAreParents  curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: Yay, Summer!

We're planning on using up every little drop of Summer that's left before Braden has to go back to school!

Braden, Age 6 - Veteran's Memorial Pool, Summer 2013Photo: Pure And Simple

Braden, Age 6, June 2013

#WeAreParents  curated by +Juan Gonzalez +Maki Silberberg 
#WeAreFamilyPhoto: Just The Two Of ThemPhoto: School's Out, Mommy! SCHOOL IS OUT!

Today was Braden's last day of school - he is officially heading to first grade. Last week he told me that he was so excited about Friday, because there would be no more school! Today, however, when it was time to leave school, he was very sad and started crying. "I am going to miss seeing my teachers and friends," he told me.

I reminded him that he'll get to go back next season and asked him what his plans for summer are. His reply? "Two things, Mommy: 1 - Go to the pool. 2 - Relax.

I like the sound of that.  Happy Summer Vacay, Friends!

#schoolisout   #summerison   #bringonthepool   #parenting   #ifreakinglovethiskid 

For #WeAreParents  curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: Photo: Braden, waiting at the kitchen table while I made his lunch: "Mommy, Mommy! Look, Mommy! I can do crisscross with my legs!"Me: "Awesome!"Braden: "Mommy! I can do crisscross with my legs AND my arms at the same time, Mommy!"Me: "That's great!"Braden: "Mommy! Mommy!"Me: "Yes?"Braden: "What if I could do crisscross WITH MY PENIS, TOO?!"Man, I love summer vacation.Photo: 19 / 52: Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. ~Maori ProverbPhoto: Shades of the FuturePhoto: we run we playembrace the day make laughs give hugs hunt monsters, bugsplay tag throw ballsbuild forts, high wallsdraw maps find treasurescherish simple pleasuresget wet feel joy i so love this little boyPhoto: The One That Got Away

Awwwwww! Don't worry, we gave him another one. ;-)

#WeAreParents  curated by +Juan Gonzalez & +Maki Silberberg 
#WeAreFamily   #KidProblemsPhoto: My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person; he believed in me. ~Jim Valvano

#HappyFathersDay  ! :-)Photo: The Year He Learned To Ride

Braden, Age 6, April 2013

#My2013   #WeAreParents   #WeAreFamilyVideo: Photo: Mad Pimpin' at the Sand Spa, Bitches

#ThrowbackThursdayPhoto: Shall We Pirouette With Fairies By The Light Of The Moon?Photo: Sometimes, In The Late Afternoon, We Ride Imaginary Chariots Of Fire

For #WeAreParents curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: Because I've Never Told Him He Can't FlyPhoto: Time Out AND Photos? For This You Will Pay, Mother

For #WeAreParents curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: They Come With Built In SpringsPhoto: Video: Photo: The Best Of Our Wishes Came True

7 years ago +John Carroll and I very much wanted to have a child… and today is the anniversary of the day I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. The story of the greatest love of my life started on that day. Best Valentine's gift I've ever gotten in my life. <3Photo: The Last Wish Is The Hardest To Let Go

For #PortraitTuesday Curated by +Laura BalcPhoto: In Which I Look Like My Mom

#iPhoneography  by +John Carroll (01/01/11)Photo: No Actual Photobooth Required For Shenanigans

Happy Anniversary of our First Date, +John Carroll!  ♥Photo: He's Invincible, And With Him, So Am IPhoto: Good Morning From The Little OnePhoto: In Texas, Fall Is Just Summer, Pt. 2Photo: Hat SillinessPhoto: Already IndoctrinatedPhoto: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.Photo: Let Your Heart Blow Your MindPhoto: Make Me Fly, Mommy

I will for as long as I can. What he doesn't realize is that he doesn't need me for that at all... this one soars all by himself.

For #WeAreParents  curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: Happy Birthday To The Most Terrifically Special Person I've Ever MetPhoto: It's Party Time 24/7 Up In Here
#PortraitTuesdayPhoto: Mommy, I Am Sad And My Heart Is BrokenPhoto: SatisfactionPhoto: Photo: Go Speed Racer, Go!Photo: Photo: Photo: When You Make The Dream of Flying Come True

I was reminded recently of this experience, and wanted to share it with you guys. Last summer, +John Carroll took Braden and me with him to a show (he is a guitar player) at a place where there's a helicopter ride offering on the property. We got lucky and were able to take Braden up in the helicopter that evening. The flight was amazing - open doors, of course, and it was very thrilling (the pilot turned us sideways at one point, with me on the underbelly, WHOA).

I had been so excited to go up in the helicopter myself, but, as thrilling as it was, I quickly realized that the best part of the ride was listening to Braden over the headphones we were all wearing. I wish I had an audio recording to share with you. He was adorable, hilarious, and sweet beyond description. I was not in a really great position to take photos of him (I was in the front, my hair whipping all over the place, holding my camera and phone) but I managed this shot by holding the camera over my shoulder.

It may not be the best photo, but I think you get the point. He was ecstatic.  When we landed, John wanted to thank the pilot, but when he tried, he was given thanks himself. The pilot said it was the best ride he'd piloted in years because of Braden.

Children can be challenging and present all kinds of frustrating moments, but the joy they bring far eclipses any of that. They make the world an altogether more wonderful and interesting place. I'm so thankful we have him.

For #WeAreParents curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: With My Burning Love
For #MsKelliSassyPantsBDayBash 

I picked a kind of weird photo, huh? But look at the damn thing… it's full of stuff I love - my kid, the color red, shit on fire and random heart shapes (he wasn't even trying to do that). It's a bit off-kilter, can't sit still, crazy in an endearing way, full of love and shining without shame.

Yeah. I think I picked just the right one. I love the shining, crazy shit out of you, +Kelli Seeger Kim. You've lifted me up in times when I really needed it. Both publicly and privately. :) Thanks for being your wonderful self and sharing that with the rest of us.

Happy Birthday, Sassy Pants. ♥Photo: Happy Birthday to John Carroll - my other half. :)Photo: Oooooooh, AhhhhhhPhoto: Have No Fear! Super Braden Is Here.Photo: Father & SonPhoto: There's Really Nothing Holding You Back But YouPhoto: Raise Your Hand If You Miss Summertime

We sure do! There's ice on the patio table outside, and you know that's just not right in Texas, y'all. :) We're ready to run around in our underwear again. Bring on Summer!

#WeAreParents   #WeAreFamily   #Summer   #UndiesPhoto: Beware The Summer Mischief

Braden, June 2012
For #WeAreParents  curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: Why Yes, We Love The RainPhoto: Photo: And Then He Was Six

This morning, after a big birthday hug in bed, I asked Braden, "So... how does it feel to be 6? He replied, "stronger. faster. more awesome."

Here's hoping he feels that way with each passing year. In very many ways, he makes me feel that way, too.

#WeAreParentsPhoto: This Is What Today Looked LikePhoto: "Zucchini is bad for my image."Photo: Photo: Mini Me!Photo: I Keep A Close Watch On This Heart Of MinePhoto: Photo: Photo: Let's Set The World On Fire
For #PortraitTuesday  by +Laura BalcPhoto: Oh, The Eyes On These GuysPhoto: Happy Father's DayPhoto: I Treasure These DaysPhoto: My Funny ValentinePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: And My World Spins 'RoundPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: This Only Happens OncePhoto: Photo: Photo: Who Draws The Crowd And Plays So LoudPhoto: And That, My Friends, Is Known As "Guitar Face" - Woodlands Pavilion with Cory Morrow Band, 2003Photo: Nobody Doesn't Like A Bubble Bath!

Braden, Age 5, November 2011
#WeAreParents  curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: Rub A Dub Dub, Silly Boy In A TubPhoto: And When You Can, Dive DeeperPhoto: Gonna Get Me Some Bright EyesPhoto: Photo: Photo: You Don't Have To Get The Joke To Feel Good When He Laughs

For #WeAreParents curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: In Him I See Beauty, Life, Love, And Hope - Happy Thanksgiving To All! :)Photo: Photo: All The Secrets I'll Never Know, Shining In His EyesPhoto: The Magic of Mornings With HimPhoto: Photo: Photo: Oh, So That's What A Daughter Would Look Like

This is my son, Braden (October 2011, almost 5 then) With long hair in a ponytail, he'd pass as my daughter. :)

For #WeAreParents curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: When It Rains, He ShinesPhoto: On The Day When The Rain CamePhoto: Gently, SoftlyPhoto: #iphonographyPhoto: Photo: How do you not laugh at this kind of stuff?Photo: You Mean… It Has To Be Cold For Awhile Now? Ewwwww.Photo: Oh, BOY! Slip 'N Slide!Photo: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

Braden, being rushed to get ready after a morning of slow-poking: <in tears> "I wish school wasn't real! It's no fair that school exists."

I feel the same way about the laundry, little buddy.Photo: Moments I Can StealPhoto: Watch Out, It'll Stick That WayPhoto: Photo: Photo: The Tiny Admiral And His MulePhoto: His Tomorrows Belong To HimPhoto: Brief InterludePhoto: I'm Not Touching You, I'm Not Touching You, I'm Not Touching You....Photo: I'm The Voyeur Of His DaydreamsPhoto: Photo: The Heart of LifePhoto: Photo: I'll Be There For YouPhoto: The Best Things In Life Are Free

One of my favorite pastimes is watching him when he does not know that I am watching him. There is magic in those raw, real moments.  I cherish these visual memories so very much.

Braden, age 4, May 2011
#throwbackthursday   #parenting   #childhoodPhoto: K E R S P L A S HPhoto: Happy Is As Happy DoesPhoto: Ice Cream WonderPhoto: Photo: To Not Be SeenPhoto: Photo: Every Little Part Of You Means The World To MePhoto: Sorry, Lady. You Don't Have Clearance.Photo: Get Outta The Road, Lady!Photo: Here's hoping there is something in your Saturday that makes you hahahaha!Photo: Photo: The greatest poem ever known is one all poets have outgrown: the poetry, innate, untold, of being only four years old. ~Christopher MorleyPhoto: You Are LovedPhoto: Capturing Everyday Life x 2

#WeAreParents   #MiniMePhoto: Lazy SundaysPhoto: You See Our True Colors Shining ThroughPhoto: Teaching Braden Only The Most Important Things

For #WeAreParents  curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: These Memories Have MeaningPhoto: Here's Hoping Your Thursday ROCKS!

Braden, Age 4, February 2011
#throwbacktuesday   #weareparents   #wearefamily   #rockonPhoto: Joy Is As Simple As ThatPhoto: Well, Shit. What Now?Photo: Tiny King Of ChaosPhoto: Cory Morrow Band, Cypress Saloon - Cypress, TXPhoto: The HandoffPhoto: Photo: Merry Christmas To All, And To All A Good NightPhoto: My, What Big Feet You Have!

Braden, Age 4, December 2010Photo: There's Mischief Afoot!
Braden, Age 4, December 2010

#throwbackthursday   #tbt 
#weareparents   #wearefamilyPhoto: You'll More Than Fill These Shoes SomedayPhoto: A Mini In Momma FeetPhoto: Little Kisses Float Better

Just posted this one on EyeEm this morning. I'm a new user there and have been enjoying finding another place to see photos from around the world. You can find me at http://www.eyeem.com/lotuscarroll 

Are you on EyeEm? Leave your link in comments! :)

#portrait   #child   #eyeemPhoto: Happy 5th Birthday, Braden!Photo: Blow Me KissesPhoto: The only disability in life is a bad attitude. 
~Scott HamiltonPhoto: This Is Gonna Make You Smile, And That's ThatPhoto: Photo: Sir, I Think You Had One Too Many Juice BoxesPhoto: I Can See The Man You'll Be One Day
#WeAreParentsPhoto: In The Eye Of My BeholderPhoto: "Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." ~Robert A. HeinleinPhoto: Golden Boy NapsPhoto: Sometimes, You Just Need A Moment To Yourself

Braden, Age 3 - January, 2010Photo: Once Upon A Bathtime

I can almost still
hear the splashes and laughter
of your tiny, past self.

Braden, Age 3, October 2009

For #WeAreParents  curated by +Juan Gonzalez 
#WeAreFamily   #Monochrome   #HaikuPhoto: Alllll Aboard!Photo: There Are Moments When Only Two ExistPhoto: Guitar Lessons From Daddy - #WeLoveMusicWednesdayPhoto: He Cuts Through Me Like Water To A NetPhoto: Disapproving Baby Disapproves

#WeAreParentsPhoto: 24 Hour SurveillancePhoto: When Toddlers Attack

For #WeAreParents  curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: Is Nothing Sacred, Mommy?Photo: Joy Of Wonder

Only those who look with the eyes of children can lose themselves in the object of their wonder.
~Eberhard Arnold

Braden - Age 1, July 2008
For #WeAreParents curated by +Juan GonzalezPhoto: Simple, Basic Need With No Ulterior Motives

For #WeAreParents curated by +Juan Gonzalez 
Braden, 1 Year Old, June 2008Photo: When You Can See the Story of His Heart

The Man & The Boy, March 2007
#WeAreFamily   #TBT   #ThrowbackThursday   #BlastFromThePastPhoto: Friday Lunch Date :)Photo: My Favorite ArtistPhoto: Photo: Every moment in life is distinct - you will never have another just like this one. Therein lies the magic of photography, the gift of good memory, and the necessity in practiced awareness. Be present; live fully.Photo: magic lives on in the world
for as long as we choose to believe in it
and keep making it happen
for those whom we love.

I hope you all have a merry merry, happy happy, joy-filled holiday season!

Make your own seasonal self portrait this week and submit to our SSP Event here: https://goo.gl/Gm2tH9 and our monthly Challenge Event here: https://goo.gl/u4Jj8u
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#merrychristmas   #happyholidays 

keep believing. ❤Photo: My loves. <3