32 Photos - Mar 21, 2012
Photo: Photo: Photo: My hubby!Photo: Photo: We checked out the cleaning supplies firstPhoto: Gas was about 6 cents per gallon cheaper here than at home!Photo: Photo: We decided to fill up the car!Photo: Delicious fresh cake!Photo: This looks yummy too!Photo: This would be great for our daughter's spring break party.Photo: This one is pretty too!Photo: Looking for healthy snacks!  These look good!Photo: Hamburger Helper was a good deal.Photo: Horrible picture of me, but I'd love this plant for my yard!Photo: Beautiful flowers!!Photo: These are the ones I want!  You can see my cart behind me,  I forgot to take a photo of my cart before I checked out!Photo: Hubby found a SOFT stuffed hippo he loved...maybe the Easter Bunny will bring him one!Photo: The yogurt section in refrigerated foods...lots of choices!  We eat this for breakfast too!Photo: Me looking at plants and heading toward the frozen foods!Photo: Lots of delicious looking items in the frozen food section!Photo: Found the breakfast food section!Photo: Found the Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls!!Photo: More breakfast choices!Photo: More breakfast sandwiches too!Photo: We purchased the Sausage Breakfast Bread Bowls!Photo: They look yummy!Photo: This is my favorite snack...frozen fruit!Photo: My silly hubby begging for peanuts!Photo: Check out time!!Photo: Photo: