140 Photos - Sep 6, 2014
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cotton, unprocessedPhoto: Russian wool. Cardigan made in 1990. Here is Statue of Liberty shot in 1993Photo: 100% linenPhoto: 100% wool cardigan, both the fabric and the yarn.Photo: 50% wool from some local store with whatever I don't remember. 1994.Photo: Portland woolPhoto: Larry is wearing a first (Christmas) gift for him made in 2008 from Portland-bought Alpaca (Multnomah store). Mine is 100% baby Alpaca from Longmont, CO. Photo 2013 (?)Photo: 50% wool/50% acrylic from Joanne's Fabric. The beginning of the "fancy" phase in my yarn searches. This dress later became a sweater for a friend Janice's birthday.Photo: Hand warmer (for Cris S' daughter Alex)Photo: Crochet sample of baby slippers for Jim Skaggs' granddaughterPhoto: Mixed wool sweater (Joanne's fabric) that went to Lori B.Photo: Cowl from Alpaca (yarn is a gift from Eman) went to RondaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Scarf, sold.Photo: Twisted Alpaca80%/silk. Gift for RondaPhoto: 70% Alpaca/30% Bamboo. This top later was turned into a scarf for MomPhoto: Beaverton, OR yarn store AlpacaPhoto: Twisted Alpaca, sweater made for sale for CarylinPhoto: Cowl from 100% cotton, was given to my Houston friendPhoto: 100% cotton (with am uneven twist)Photo: Alpaca from Peru brought to me by Mark "Crash" and shawl made for his new wife LauriePhoto: Linen cardigan, sent to Gunhild SwansonPhoto: Linen/Viscose, scarf went to Sabine, top - to Gail HenryPhoto: Here is Gail Henry is that topPhoto: 100% Mink (yep!) shawl I love!Photo: Another cowl, made as a gift for a friendPhoto: Alpaca, 100%, Oregon farm (yarn from the same lot as Ralph Loren used for US Olympic team jackets for Winter 2012) - gift from Ronda in 2014. This vest had disappeared from my closet into nowhere (never given it away, a mystery I still can't solve)Photo: Mohair from Gauge store, Austin TX, a gift for Gail SnyderPhoto: Cashmere 80%, silk 20% - yarn from Salt Lake City bought in 2013 July visit. This top was re-knitted fully later.Photo: 100% cotton, a gift to Iva Palekova for her Grand Opening of Blooming Beats Paleo restaurant.Photo: Alpaca 100%, unprocessed, from Longmont, CO - ended up giving it as a gift to some older lawyer couple we met under a fun circumstances in October 2014 (I found man's wallet, we found the couple's home, they were grateful a whole bunch).Photo: Baby alpaca top (yarn from Longmont, CO)Photo: 100% cotton, top went to Deb PeroPhoto: 50% Bison wool/50% silk top, yarn from Taos, NMPhoto: Here is that sweater for Janice re-made from a dress. 50% wool.Photo: A set for Pam Smith's kids.Photo: 100% locally owned and hand-died Alpaca from Tulsa, OK ("Loops"). Sweater went to Pam Smith.Photo: Pam in Oklahoma Alpaca sweater.Photo: Baby Alpaca yarn for baby Ruby (Liza Howard)Photo: Gloves, went to Doise M's sisterPhoto: A hat for Michael S (yoga instructor) with space for dreadlocks.Photo: Scarf for LyndaPhoto: A hat set (merino wool) for my fellow yogi students in teacher-training program in 2015 upon graduation.Photo: 50% yak wool/50% merino wool dress that later became a cardiganPhoto: 50% yak wool/50% silk Render for Ronda, yarn from Bend, ORPhoto: Baby Alpaca - hat for Ronda, scarf for Amy SPhoto: 100% French cotton, sweater for Gretchen (yarn was a gift from co-worker)Photo: My happy self at Entwine yarn store in CoSpPhoto: 100% silk (Russia), later was gifted to Sabine MoorPhoto: 60% cotton/40% linen, gift to Meredith TerranovaPhoto: 50% cotton/50% baby alpaca, sold to a girl from Massage EnvyPhoto: 50% baby alpaca/50% silk - sold to Luda KPhoto: Cashmere-alpaca-silk yarn from CoSP (Entwine), bought in July 2015, later fully remadePhoto: 50% cotton/50% baby alpaca top - gift for Luda KPhoto: Photo: 50% yak wool/50% silk yarn from Bend, ORPhoto: 80% mohair/20% silk - wedding present to Janice LPhoto: 100% merino wool gifted to someone I don't even rememberPhoto: 100% linen - gift for EmanPhoto: 50% possum/40% cashmere/10% silk (all mine! this yarn cost $60/50g)Photo: Ronda's Possum gloves. Look at this happy face!Photo: 100% baby Alpaca, gift to Amy S birthday 2016Photo: 100% raw silk dress (yarn from Phoenix, AZ, bought after DNF at MM100). Front of the dress later remade.Photo: Dress row silk Phoenix - remakePhoto: 50% Llama/50% silk yarn from Taos, NM - a great thing to wear when skiing!Photo: Yak down 100%, from Taos, NMPhoto: Russian wool. Cardigan for Eman.Photo: 70% Merino wool, 30% silk. Tunic for Cara.Photo: Baby Alpaca Peru, purchased in Russia.Photo: 100% Shetland wool from Portland's "Dublin Bay" storePhoto: Possum/cash yarn mixed with yak  wool thread hat and Llama pelerina.Photo: Mitten - 100% camel wool from RussiaPhoto: Alpaca wool socks for MonikaPhoto: Mohair sweater for Olga RyabininaPhoto: Mohair socks for RondaPhoto: "Granny wool" from Russia, my socksPhoto: 50% Llama/Merino wool (online store), a present for MIL Belinda.Photo: Alpaca (unprocessed) - yarn from Belinda's stashes, shawl is a wedding gift for Larry's coworker Lan.Photo: Mohair with 10% silk - from Gauge Knits (Austin) for Amy Coffey.Photo: PDX (Yarntastic) Merino wool-silk, ShawlPhoto: PDX (Happy Knits) Llama wool-linen-silk, Shawl - gifted to sister-in-law Stephanie in January 2017Photo: Wool-acrylic from Russia, shawl, gift to Lori in PDXPhoto: Beige 100% raw Afgan Cashmere and green mix of Alpaca/cashmere/silk, Camel. Super-soft creation that was about up-using randomly purchased yarn (online and in Portland, OR).Photo: Design inspired by Volute, but totally made up of my own and named "Butterfly". Mix of Merino wool and Bamboo from a new Austin yarn store.Photo: 100% cotton (Japan collection) purchased in Santa Fe, NM.Photo: Had to buy a closet organizer for protection of my knitted items (from dust mites and moths and humidity)...helps with organizing too:)Photo: Top from Hemp-Cotton yarn from Gauge store in Austin, TX. Sold to Jackie at Myo.Photo: 100% silk from Russia - top remake that ended up sold to Caroline from Myo.Photo: Japanese silk collection.Photo: Full remake of cashmere-linen top (yarn from SLC store) due to stretching out the previous.Photo: My own yarn spinner! A gift for myself for 2015 Christmas.Photo: Portland's "Knit and Purl" in Downtown. 65% baby alpaca, 10% cashmere, 10% camel, 15% silk. Lace weight. Shawl-vest, design of Rose Trellis. 100 g, 450 yards, to the last inch:)Photo: Japan's Mohair/Silk yarn from Gauge (Austin), cowl for Helen knitted during my PCT hike of Oregon section.Photo: Linen/cotton/silk/nettle fiber from Sedona storePhoto: Shawl Alpaca from Santa Fe store. Rose Trellis design. Going to Ronda for her 50's birthdayPhoto: Mohair-alpaca-wool from Portland with added merino wool (green ) from Tuscon, AZ and Monika's left-over yellow yarn of unknown origin. Mix and match knit utilizing odd yarns!Photo: Another left-over yarn use of Japan silk (blue) and Arizona raw silk (beige). Tank top, sold to Jackie TrevinoPhoto: Beige-grey is yarn from Gauge (Austin, TX) hemp/cotton, blue is silk/cotton (?). Used two different patterns (upper part and bottom) for this top.Photo: Another "use up the yarn" project. Gauge in Austin, TX (sale collection): baby blue is cotton/cashmere blend, bottom is 100% organic cotton.Photo: Various cowls I knitted while in Russia in September 2016 for friends: from left top - Pam Smith, Amy Coffey, Lauren C (Myo), Tara (Myo).Photo: A Russian wool cowl for sale, gift for LudaPhoto: Photo: That Alpaca shawl for Lan, close-upPhoto: Angora 100% from gauge, Austin, TX, and (blue) wool/yak/silk local from Park City, UTPhoto: 100% old-school Russian wool, a vest for Jackie T's momPhoto: Wool-cash-silk from Sedona, AZ visit in May 2016. A pattern from a Russian website.Photo: 100% baby Alpaca from Longmont, CO, some years ago, knitted cardigan, and in December 2016 finally re-made the sleeves.Photo: Using up left-over 50% yak/50% silk from Bend, OR - this shawl had been remade 4 times (and probably be more, I am still not happy).Photo: Alpaca (assorted colors from Longmont, CO and Tulsa, OK) made into a cool hoodie to the last inch of yarn - sleeve calves added in December 2016.Photo: Larry's re-made sweater from twisted Alpaca (Beaverton, OR store) - final version knitted during our Christmas stay in OK.Photo: Baby Alpaca Grande (Plymouth, online store) - poncho for Belinda, my MILPhoto: That 50% yak/50% merino wool (from Gauge, Austin, TX) dress remake with addition of (brown) camel/wool yarn skein from Tulsa, OK.Photo: That alpaca-cash-silk yarn from CoSP bought in July 2015 finally was unwound fully, added a thin lace wool thread from Russia and knitted into this top.Photo: Photo: Photo: Online yarn order, Linen/Silk combo, gift for Amy C birthdayPhoto: Grey baby Alpaca from CoSp visit 2017, brown yak/wool from Longmont in 2016, grey-natural Llama from CoSp 2017 as well (different store).Photo: Shawl for Ronda, Alpaca from Santa Fe store.Photo: Alpaca with 20% silk from Tulsa's Loops store, shawl for Stephanie's wedding (SIL)Photo: Cross-stitch project for the first the Lent season of 2017.Photo: Photo: Post-Lent celebration, 1 week - and done! Shawl gifted to Belinda for her birthday.Photo: A hat from some left-over orange llama wool for Katy Valias birthday.Photo: This cardigan has been basically re-made 3 times. The original yarn (beige and brown skeins of alpaca/cashmere/silk) came from Sedona, AZ store while visiting Amy C.  It was my first time knitting from top down, in a circle, all in one piece. But I only had enough for open-style short-sleeve throw. It didn't quite fit my needs (or body). When visiting Eman in Raleigh, NC, I picked a skein of cotton with similar color scheme, which I included in making it longer and wider. Yet, it was way too wide, and the neck line now seemed "naked" for the length. So, I unraveled off the bottom and knitted a newer version, now somewhat shorter and more narrow, and also added to the top for the neckline, re-purposed the buttons in a different wayPhoto: A cowl made from Sugar-Cane viscose bought in Kauai - gifted to my sister.Photo: A yak-silk cardigan remake using yarn bought in Bend, OR back in 2015, undone all but 1/2 of back panel. used Florentine waves patterns. Love the new idea much more (see insert for previous item).Photo: Yellow cotton from Russia - an endless scarf for Kat.Photo: An angora yarn (light green) is from February 2017 trip to Portland - such a delicate knit. Hat #1 went to Kelly H. as it's her favorite color. The left over were paired up with white Russian silky wool tread and also some grey yak/silk from Bend for stripes - and the hem for both is from OK alpaca bought for Larry's hat. The second hat will be used in my hiking adventures! Warm, thin, light.Photo: Wool from Norway - a present from Janice and Gabe, and the hat is for Helen S. as a forever thank you for her help during my Oregon PCT.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Top from cotton/hemp yarn (5 balls) from Gauge knit (Austin, TX). Perfect for summer.