33 Photos - May 20, 2012
Photo: The first image from my new collection, "The Mumbai Chapter". A relaxed early Sunday morning on the streets of Mumbai, India.

#streetphotography #streetphotographersPhoto: Mumbai's street life, food freshness guaranteed.

#streetphotography #streetphotographersPhoto: A curious face from the streets of Mumbai, India.

#streetphotography #streetphotographersPhoto: Another street scene from Mumbai, India.

#streetphotography #streetphotographersPhoto: Shaving is serious business! No smiling allowed! Mumbai, India.
#streetphotography   #streetphotographers  Photo: Loaded Lady ... with one of Mumbai's finest taxis in the background. I think she's doing a better job at transporting something than the taxi.
#streetphotography   #streetphotographers  Photo: I love to go on early morning shoots, when life is still waking up at a leisurely pace, and I don't have to contend with the constant obstructions of crowds of people and vehicles. Mumbai, India
www.michiel-delange.comPhoto: A splash of bright colour in Mumbai, India.
#streetphotography   #streetphotographers  Photo: Some early morning deliveries in Mumbai, India.
#streetphotography   #streetphotographers  Photo: The (often) harsh realities of life on the streets of Mumbai, India.
#streetphotography   #streetphotographers  Photo: Bombay's finest old taxis usually make for some interesting photographs, which is a much better experience than being inside one ... Mumbai, India
#streetphotography   #streetphotographers  Photo: When faced with something in their way that can test balancing skills, kids all over the world (and probably adults too) will always accept the challenge to walk it. Mumbai, India.
#streetphotography   #streetphotographers  Photo: Two barrels ... standing on the streets of Mumbai, India.
#streetphotography   #streetphotographers  Photo: Taking time to speak to someone close - Mumbai, India.
#streetphotography   #streetphotographers  Photo: Finding a quiet place to escape from the constant rush that is Mumbai, India.
#streetphotography   #streetphotographers  Photo: A re-post of my earlier image, following some colour profile setting woes corrected with the kind help of +Nicole S. Young, +Derrick Pereira and +Dirk Moeller. I'm busy working through my archives and processing a few previously overlooked images. This was one of the first images I took shortly after arriving in Bombay, while still wandering around trying to get to grips with what's happening around me. Bombay, India.
www.michiel-delange.com #streetphotographers   #streetphotography  Photo: I'm off to India again for a week of business, but hoping to make some time in the early mornings to shoot new stock to continue my "Bombay Chapter" series. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
www.mike-delange.com #streetphotographers   #streetphotography   #india   #mumbai  Photo: Back from a week in India! Luckily I managed to squeeze in a few photo outings from just before daybreak to breakfast, before business obligations took over for the rest of the day. Found these two guys waiting for their first customers at a street market in Mumbai, India.
www.michiel-delange.com #streetphotography   #streetphotographers   #mumbai   #india  Photo: I was lucky to happen upon a wholesale dried fish market one morning, while trucks, loaded with thousands of dried fish bales, were being unloaded for the day's trading. Mumbai, India.
www.michiel-delange.com #streetphotography   #streetphotographers   #india   #mumbai  Photo: Wish I can sometimes nod off at work ... then again, I'd probably be too lazy afterwards to get back behind the desk. A courier catching up on some sleep on his wooden cart in Mumbai, India.
www.michiel-delange.com #streetphotography   #streetphotographers   #India   #mumbai  Photo: Man and goat bonding at the Chor Bazaar, Mumbai, India.

www.michiel-delange.com #streetphotography   #streetphotographers   #mumbai   #india  Photo: So many interesting scenes on the streets at the Chor Bazaar (Thieves Market) in Mumbai, India. One can spend all day there and watch as scenes unfold around you all the time.
www.michiel-delange.com #streetphotographers   #streetphotography   #mumbai   #india  Photo: More typical street life from the Chor Bazaar, Mumbai, India.
www.michiel-delange.com #streetphotography   #streetphotographers   #mumbai   #india  Photo: Bombay Barber (Mumbai, India)
www.michiel-delange.comPhoto: Man preparing his food stall in Mumbai, India.
www.michiel-delange.comPhoto: Chickens 'n' Eggs - early morning preparations somewhere in a slum in Mumbai.
www.michiel-delange.comPhoto: Mumbai, India.Photo: Thieves Market, Mumbai.
www.michiel-delange.comPhoto: Bombay's finest ...
www.michiel-delange.comPhoto: More typical street scenes from a slum in Mumbai, including the iconic Padmini Taxi and Auto Rickshaws in black and yellow.
www.michiel-delange.comPhoto: The friendly local grocer, somewhere in Andheri, Mumbai.
www.michiel-delange.comPhoto: It never ceases to amaze me how vibrant India's general environment is, even in poor areas like this slum in Mumbai. Nearly missed this shot, as I was concentrating on another scene while this yellow cart seemingly appeared from nowhere.
www.michiel-delange.comPhoto: Sewing Machine Heaven ... is in Mumbai, India.