17 Photos - Jul 21, 2015
Photo: It all began with a pre-workshop drill...Photo: Michal Křen, "Recent Developments in the Czech National Corpus"Photo: Photo: Photo: Dan Tufiş, Verginica Barbu Mititelu, Elena Irimia, Stefan Dumitrescu, Tiberiu Boros, Horia Nicolai Teodorescu, "CoRoLa Starts Blooming – An update on the Reference Corpus of Contemporary Romanian Language", presented by ElenaPhoto: Photo: Johannes Graën, Simon Clematide, "Challenges in the Alignment, Management and Exploitation of Large and Richly Annotated Multi-Parallel Corpora"Photo: Piotr Bański, Joachim Bingel, Nils Diewald, Elena Frick, Michael Hanl, Marc Kupietz, Eliza Margaretha, Andreas Witt, "KorAP – an open-source corpus-query platform for the analysis of very large multiply annotated corpora"Photo: To the right: Hanno Biber, Evelyn Breiteneder, "Large Corpora and Big Data. New Challenges for Corpus Linguistics"

In the centre: Sebastian Buschjäger, Lukas Pfahler, Katharina Morik, "Discovering Subtle Word Relations in Large German Corpora"Photo: Photo: Stefan Evert, Andrew Hardie, "Ziggurat: A new data model and indexing format for large annotated text corpora", Stefan presentingPhoto: Photo: Roland Schäfer, "Processing and querying large web corpora with the COW14 architecture"Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Jochen Tiepmar, "Release of the MySQL-based implementation of the CTS protocol"