21 Photos - Aug 11, 2013
Photo: Photo: We needed some food for back to school, as well as a few other things, so we decided we should stop by Walmart on our way home. #BTSIdeasPhoto: We needed some bottles of water, so this display caught our eye in the entryway to the store.Photo: Since we needed water, we stopped by the water aisle first to compare the options.  There were a lot of choices there.Photo: The Nestle Pure Life Juniors display was right at eye level and we spotted it first.  These bottles were the perfect size for back to school lunches so we picked up a case.  My son wanted to show how strong he was so he insisted that he hold them himself.Photo: Right next to the smaller bottles we found the Nestle Pure Life regular size bottles.  These work well for meals and snacks for adults, especially when we are on the go.  We picked up a case of this size as well.Photo: On the way to the juice aisle, this endcap caught my eye.  It was tempting but we kept moving since we don't normally drink Gatorade.Photo: Found the juice aisle easily, but we needed to get juice boxes and those were all the way on the other end of the aisle.Photo: There were a number of choices but we wanted Juicy Juice.  Unfortunately, because of its location on the top shelf we had to scan many other juice brands first to find the Juicy Juice.  In fact, my kids were begging for the juice bottles with the character tops.  They couldn't stop talking about them.  You can see them right at eye level, in the middle, third shelf from the top.Photo: Here was the Juicy Juice we wanted.  We decided on the Monster's U apple flavor because my kids love the movie.  We are happy that its 100% juice but also really happy that it was on sale.Photo: We had a few other items to get, but on the way we stopped to look at this back to school display.  It was hard to miss and we are looking for some new drink containers that might work for school days.Photo: After finding almost everything else, we stopped by the frozen food aisle for some on the go Lean Cuisine frozen meals.Photo: We found the right area easily enough, but we were looking for the "Simple Favorites" variety because we thought my daughter might like the pasta in a school lunch.Photo: There were a few of the simple favorites out of stock but we chose the raviolis because we thought they would be good warmed up or even served cold the next day after heating it.  It was in the wrong place (on top of the rigatoni), but we were able to find it.Photo: These Lean Cuisine Salad Additions caught my wife's eye.  She likes salad and thought they were a good idea, but we passed on them this time.  We will probably try them soon when they go on sale.Photo: Before we left the section we saw this meal and decided it would be great to try in a lettuce wrap for an easy adult lunch.Photo: On our way out of the aisle we looked down and saw this display.  It was interesting because the Lean Cuisine was right next to the other "less-healthy" choices.  It definitely looked like a better health decision when it was sitting next to burgers.Photo: Our last item to get was Nestle Nesquick Ready to Drink Milk.  We thought it would be next to these other single serve bottles but it wasn't.Photo: We also looked next to yoo-hoo but it wasn't there.  We asked an employee and she thought it might be with the bigger bottles of milk.  No luck there either, so we decided to leave it for our next trip.Photo: We were able to find everything we needed (almost).  And yes, we did get those character bottles of juice as well as a special treat for our kids.  Out of all the other treats they saw, that we didn't have in the cart already, they wanted those the most.Photo: My daughter wanted to help load the car so she put the reusable bag in the trunk.  After that, we were off to our house to make some great food with the help of the groceries we had bought!