206 Photos - Apr 11, 2015
Photo: Kit arrival dayPhoto: Mr Hatt - being a tourist!Photo: Clean and Jerk 7kg!Photo: Which is heavier the Colnago or Stephen?Photo: Coffee stop - day 2 - TerquePhoto: TerquePhoto: The legendary Mr Mark FearPhoto: Why?Photo: Mr Chris NortonPhoto: Mrs Carmen HancockPhoto: El Jefe & Harry on way to OhanesPhoto: El Jefe & Mr HattPhoto: El Grupo!Photo: Carmen & Harry on OhanesPhoto: Mr Ant HoughPhoto: El Jefe - Mr bici-almeria!Photo: Miss Sarah LidingtonPhoto: Norts and Ant @ Tices de OhanesPhoto: Stephen, Ant & Chris @ Tices OhanesPhoto: Mr Harry BrennanPhoto: The info on on walk from Tices down to CanjayarPhoto: Carmen @ Tices OhanesPhoto: First of a few selfies!Photo: Norts & Ant @ OhanesPhoto: Jefe off to find a cafe or barPhoto: Peloton waitsPhoto: Selfie king StephenPhoto: Any bar in a hurricane!Photo: Stephen's ColnagoPhoto: Ms Nicky Xandora & CarmenPhoto: I love it!Photo: Norts and that Gilet!Photo: Who wants some?Photo: Another selfiePhoto: SenesPhoto: Two MarksPhoto: Jefe & harryPhoto: Mr Richard BarberPhoto: Blown all over the placePhoto: Ladies on final climbPhoto: Carmen fights the galePhoto: SenesPhoto: Old matesPhoto: Ed & LeonPhoto: IanPhoto: Mr Ian HattPhoto: Track stand or just knackeredPhoto: Last pushPhoto: Sarah fights the breeze!Photo: Reaching SenesPhoto: Stephen @ SenesPhoto: Bar in Senes, out of the wind for lunchPhoto: Trying to take a 40kph tow from Miss DaisyPhoto: Stephen on Alto de LubrinPhoto: Alto de LubrinPhoto: Alto de Lubrin descentPhoto: Done by Norts again!Photo: After the TTPhoto: El Chive TT coursePhoto: Nearly a dead heat!Photo: The TT combatantsPhoto: Ed checks out that Gilet!Photo: Leon shows he's been down under too longPhoto: Despues de Contra el relojPhoto: Top of the TT El ChivePhoto: When you're ready LeonPhoto: El Chive - bici-almeria TTPhoto: Photo: On the table in restaurant - Garlic anyone?Photo: Lucainena - TurrillasPhoto: Nicky & CarmenPhoto: Banbury's Stars?Photo: Mr Ed WellsPhoto: Chases on ...Photo: Towards TurrillasPhoto: Stephen, Richard & HarryPhoto: Sarah on the climbPhoto: Alto de TurrrillasPhoto: Nicky & EdPhoto: Pre-Velefique team talkPhoto: Harry @ 'clip-clop'Photo: Moving on outPhoto: Last prep boforePhoto: Tinkermen!Photo: Placa in VelefiquePhoto: Mr bici-almeriaPhoto: How do I look?Photo: bar in VelefiquePhoto: Base layer and 2 jerseysPhoto: VelefiquePhoto: Tetica de Bacares - not this year - 2016 maybe?Photo: Coffee before VelefiquePhoto: Ian pre-VelefiquePhoto: The boss manPhoto: Ant, Carmen & ChrisPhoto: Darts & JamonPhoto: Carmen scales VelefiquePhoto: Keeping the sponsor happy!Photo: Is that itPhoto: Carmen with the Velefique shotPhoto: Gang pre-VelefiquePhoto: BacaresPhoto: Lads a VelefiquePhoto: Lomo y queso por favorPhoto: Mr Stephen CrowleyPhoto: Ant @ Calar AltoPhoto: Top of "clip-clop hill"Photo: On to Calar AltoPhoto: Collado Ramal, the real name for 'clip-clop hill'Photo: Bianchi at sign postPhoto: Sarah reaches the top of 'clip-clop'Photo: Ant @ 'clip-clop'Photo: Mark F @ 'clip-clop'Photo: Mr Leon DalePhoto: Ms Nicky Xandora (& guns)Photo: Norts @ 'clip-clop'Photo: Winner of the Mike Wheat Trophy 2015 Ian - back on bike @ 'clip-clop'Photo: Carmen @ 'clip clop'Photo: Still looking freshPhoto: Venta LuisaPhoto: IanPhoto: Ian looks done!Photo: Sarah looking fresh as a daisy!Photo: The gang @ Calar AltoPhoto: Stephe - feathering the brakes!Photo: Stephen @ Calar AltoPhoto: Stephen crests Calar AltoPhoto: Meal @ AlbardinalesPhoto: Wet morning on changeover dayPhoto: Snow on Calar Alto 24 hours after we were therePhoto: KarlPhoto: Mr Karl BuntingPhoto: For those about to rockPhoto: Karl going downPhoto: Down the Tabernas SlogPhoto: Thomas leads downhillPhoto: Karl & RichardPhoto: A92 service roadPhoto: Rich & KarlPhoto: Off they goPhoto: The steep climb @ IllarPhoto: Thomas digs inPhoto: IllarPhoto: Rich off up OhanesPhoto: That was toughPhoto: Alto de OhanesPhoto: Thomas reaches summitPhoto: Karl flies down OhanesPhoto: Nice tight linePhoto: Relax into bendPhoto: And away he goesPhoto: Lunhc @ InstincionPhoto: Desierto del TabernasPhoto: Morning at basePhoto: The PoolPhoto: Climb to LucainenaPhoto: Alto de TurrillasPhoto: TurrillasPhoto: Photo: Thomas & AaronPhoto: ColativiPhoto: Photo: Quite a viewPhoto: Thomas reaches ColativiPhoto: Padrons, Cebollas y CalabacinPhoto: The BBQPhoto: Karl & ChrisPhoto: Alto de BenizalonPhoto: Nice road!Photo: Climbing beginsPhoto: Alto de BenizalonPhoto: The climb to Benizalon from the topPhoto: Rich and El JefePhoto: Rich digs inPhoto: Sponsor displeasedPhoto: Karl @ BenizalonPhoto: Mr Karl BuntingPhoto: Out the saddlePhoto: And onwardsPhoto: Thomas @ BenizalonPhoto: Mr Thomas SugdenPhoto: Nice shoes!Photo: Onwards and upwardsPhoto: Mr Robyn LlewellynPhoto: Mr Richard PikePhoto: Karl @ LijarPhoto: Mr Aaron EspinPhoto: Thomas @ LijarPhoto: Descent to AlbanchezPhoto: Nice cornerPhoto: Sweep down to lunch @ AlbanchezPhoto: Chercos-Lijar-Albanchez - 'not a climb' the other way!Photo: Albanchez approachPhoto: The wooded desert descnet - omly going up this time!Photo: Alto de AlboloduyPhoto: Alto de AlboloduyPhoto: What? Camino in Almeria?Photo: There's an idea!Photo: Spin instructor in TabernasPhoto: What would The Man with No Name think!?Photo: Now that's a fire!Photo: Last night cook out!Photo: Interesting display @ breakfastPhoto: Robyn, Aaron & El Jefe just before the depart!Photo: Norts @ Calar Alto - hey!Photo: Stephen @ Velefique