30 Photos - Sep 27, 2012
Photo: Found the Poise Fab 5 on the Walmart website.  There's also a $1 coupon!!Photo: Sign as soon as I walked through the door letting me know I can save up to $0.15 a gallon on Gas at MurphyUSA!Photo: 1st stop, Coffee Creamer!  I chose the York Peppermint Patty ;)Photo: I can mark the creamer off my list.Photo: As I was walking through the store, making my way to the Poise products, I saw this really cool sign.Photo: Had to turn around, forgot bread, and since my little guy loves Dinosaurs, I thought this would be nice!Photo: Photo: I choose the best bargain!Photo: Headed BACK to the other side of the store where the Poise products are!  My new nephew would look so cute in the pirate one!Photo: Power of Pink.  Pick up a pink CFL bulb and a potion will be donated to breast cancer research.Photo: Found the #PoiseFab5 products.  They're located in the pharmacy section of my Walmart, next to the family planning and other feminine products.  Not with the feminine pads.Photo: My Walmart carries 3 out of the 5 #PoiseFab5 products!  The Body Cooling Towelettes, Feminine Wash, and the Personal Lubricant.  Pretty nice prices too, if I do say so myself!Photo: Here's a better look at the section where the products were located in my Walmart store.  I found them on the very top shelf.Photo: Added one of each to my shopping cart ;)Photo: Such pretty packaging!Photo: On my way to the checkout, I see these warm and fuzzy socks!  It's only September, right??Photo: Then I come upon the $0.98 Candy Bin...with Peanut Butter M&M's??  Really?!  It's so hard to turn down, but I must!Photo: Going over my list as I stand in the checkout lane, making sure I didn't forget anything!Photo: My #PoiseFab5 products are getting ready to come home with me!Photo: Am I the only one that loves to shop at Walmart at night?!Photo: Pretty mums!  I love the purple and yellow colors together! My birthday is coming up, maybe I'll make hubby pick me up some ;)Photo: Loading the car is never fun.  Thank goodness I didn't have too much!Photo: Bye Bye Walmart!Photo: Bye Bye pretty mums!Photo: Home with my goodies!  My 6 year old was not impressed!Photo: I can't get over how pretty the packaging is and I'm always happy to try new products out!Photo: Poise Hot Flash Comfort Body Cooling Towelettes - Instant Cooling SensationPhoto: Poise Daily Freshness Feminine Wash - pH Balanced FormulationPhoto: Poise Personal Lubricant "Not Made with Glycerin or Paraben"Photo: Disclosure