63 Photos - Apr 24, 2012
Photo: Ruler of the Snow Plains - a White Tailed Eagle threads his way through a flock of Red-Crowned Cranes in the snow.Photo: Mount Fuji through broken cloudsPhoto: Apple Trees (Landscape)Photo: Two White-Tailed Eagles having a bit of a tiff, or playing.Photo: My favourite tree in Biei, just across from the Parent and Child trees. I emphasized the dramatic sky here with a Silver Efex Pro black and white conversion.Photo: This old derelict house's roof couldn't handle the weight of the snow any longer. Shot on the west coast of Hokkaido in Jan 2011.Photo: The Tatsusawa Falls photos at dusk with fresh spring leaves.Photo: Photo: A persimmon tree still with fruit in mid-winter. Shot at the Unesco registered town of Shirakawago in Gifu Prefecture.Photo: OK, so if today is #dandelionday , here's another shot from my Best of Japan Nature collection (http://mbp.ac/gpbjn). One of my favorite Dandelion shots. :-)

#photography #Japan #Nature #FlowerPhoto: Here's another early entry to my Best of Japan Nature album (http://mbp.ac/gpbjn) because today is #macromonday .

This was shot with a Lensbaby Composer for that dreamy selective focus, and extension tubes to allow me to get in really close.

#Photography #flower #Japan #macro #lensbabyPhoto: A White-Eye in the Shinjuku Gyoen park.Photo: A Dusky Thrush visited the Kussaharo Lake for two frames. I had a split second to zoom in a little and focus on it, as the thrush spread its wings and I started shooting. This was the second of just two frames.Photo: OK, so here's just one shot for now, going into my Best of Japan Nature album (http://mbp.ac/gpbjn).

The scene is the mist on river and hoar frost on the trees, shot from Otowa Bridge, in Tsurui, Hokkaido. There are around 200 Red-Crowned Cranes roosting in the mist, and one flying on the center of the left third.

But it also matches the #PanoPoker theme: Made with a Long Lens

This is actually a multiframe stitched panorama, shot with a 600mm lens. Hope that's long enough! :-)

Curated by +Barry Blanchard, +Tony Payne and +Mike Spinak.Photo: Here's another shot for my Best of Japan Nature album (http://mbp.ac/gpbjn).

And it's also #floralfriday curated by +Tamara Pruessner.

#photography #japan #cosmos #flower #flowerphotographyPhoto: A Young Snow Monkey looks on as an adult shakes snow from its head.Photo: Shot in the Oirase Mountain Stream area, Aomori Prefecture.Photo: Blakiston's Fish OwlPhoto: Pouring Molten Metal through the Clouds.Photo: Surveillance - a Steller's Sea Eagle doing the roundsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Morning Dance - As the mist cleared after a -26ºC dawn, the red-crowned cranes celebrated with a dance.Photo: QI = Kyuu Ai, or mating ritual, in Japanese.Photo: Sulphuric steam pours out of the volcanic vents at Iouzan (Sulphur Mountain).Photo: Shirohige Falls - Literally White-Beard Falls.Photo: A solo Red-Crowned Crane takes a morning stroll.Photo: Shadow Dancing - A Steller's Sea Eagle doing a war-dance on the sea ice off the coast of Hokkaido.Photo: Swan's AttentionPhoto: This Japanese Green Woodpecker was rearing three young in a tree in the Jindaishokubutsu Park in Tokyo. I'd been shooting for a few hours when the parent came back, and was keeping a little distance, trying to taunt the fledgling from the nest. I captured a touching moment as the parent just gazed at the young bird.Photo: Mount Asahi in Winter - amazingly the clouds started to clear shortly after we arrived at the top, just outside the cable car station. Skiiers told us they hadn't seen the summit in there entire five days skiing here. We were so lucky!Photo: Lotus Flowers - these were also screaming for a bit of Silver Efex Pro.Photo: This is a Tony Sweet technique - you pan the camera downwards with a longish shutter speed. I love this effect!Photo: I'm going to drop this fresh green maple leaves shot into my Best of Japan Nature album. It remains a favorite from this spring even a month or so after I shot it.Photo: Red Crowned Crane PortraitPhoto: One of my first shots with the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III. This is a Brown-eared Bulbul taking flight.Photo: Swan's wings are so beautiful! They're just like angel wings.Photo: Five Snow Monkeys (Japanese Macaque) in a huddle.Photo: A moonlit seascape with the Shinto Gate (Torii) at Ooarai, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan.Photo: Eastern Turtle Dove - Streptopelia orientalisPhoto: Cranes Flying to Roost.Photo: Japanese serow stand 60 to 90 centimetres at the shoulder and weigh 30 to 130 kilograms. Japanese serow are mottled brown and white and black underneath. Their fur is very bushy, their tails especially. Both sexes have short 10 centimetre horns, which curve backwards. (Wikipedia)Photo: Photo: Photo: A pair of red-crowned cranes welcome a flock of pintail ducks with a song.Photo: Shadow DancingPhoto: A drive through the night got me a spot on the side of a mountain at a place called Shibutouge, a mountain pass overlooking this scene. As the sun rises it often gives rise to some wonderful morning mist, and I used a 600mm F4 lens here to section off just a part of it, and compress the layers of the trees and the mist.Photo: Heaven on Earth.Photo: A Whooper Swan wakes in the morning mist, between two still sleeping swans.Photo: Eagle Eye - silly title, I know, but when you see this displayed 5 foot wide in an exhibition, you'll understand.Photo: My favorite tree in Biei - this was shot in a driving snow storm with a 300mm F2.8 lens.Photo: A Browned-Eared Bulbul - shot on my first day with the 5D Mark III.Photo: Souya Harbor, a few kilometers from the northern most point of Japan. I used a 2.5 minute exposure to get the movement in the clouds, then Silver Efex Pro for the B&W conversion.Photo: White FlowersPhoto: A Red-Crowned Crane flying straight towards me in light snow.Photo: A field of red Equinox Flowers.Photo: Autumn leaves, shot at the Jindaishokubutsukouen (Park) in Chofu, Tokyo.Photo: This is the tree next to where Michael Kenna's famous tree used to be. It got sick and was cut down last year apparently. (Update: this tree was also cut down this year. So pleased I photographed it while I could.)Photo: Whooper Swans over the Akan Crane Center.Photo: White poppies in fields of mainly yellow and orange poppies - shot in Shouwa Memorial Park in Tachikawa, Japan.Photo: An Ezo Deer struggles through the harsh Hokkaido Winter in Shiretoko.Photo: This is a Siberian Ruby Throat, shot on Mount Asahi in Hokkaido.Photo: Shot at Towadako (Lake) in Aomori Prefecture, with an ND400 at dusk for a two and a half minute exposure.