19 Photos - Sep 29, 2013
Photo: A Night at the Opera
Objects from a dressing table at Moody Mansion in Galveston, TX, USA.Photo: Moody Mansion (Galveston TX, USA) had this interesting intercom system that consisted of these brass bell-like things. They were in most of the rooms and they all connected to a corresponding bell-like thing in a room downstairs. So presumably the "operator" in the central room could talk with somebody in any other room. Or, more likely, the other way around: I imagine the Moodys used it to place orders with the staff.  A little more charming than a smart phone IMO.Photo: Cherubs and Railroad Barons
Biltmore Estate
North Carolina, USAPhoto: Mombi's ShoesPhoto: Old West Justice
Statue of Pat Garrett (the sheriff who shot Billy The Kid) in Roswell, NMPhoto: Vought F4U Corsair on the USS MidwayPhoto: Pterois MilesPhoto: Emerald CrystalPhoto: Photo: Photo: Your Father's Toy OldsmobilePhoto: Scifi LampsPhoto: Hanon's TaskmasterPhoto: ClassicsPhoto: Root FossilPhoto: (Very) Hard WoodPhoto: 4th of July Fireworks 2012, La Centerra, Katy, TXPhoto: T-Rex, Museum of Natural Science, Sugar Land, TXPhoto: An Old Friend