138 Photos - Mar 7, 2015
Photo: Lynne Jensen - "Midnight Gold"VOTED FAVORITE LARGE QUILTPhoto: Audrey Young - "Monsters Under My Bed"VOTED FAVORITE MEDIUM SIZE QUILTPhoto: Gloria Colgrove - "Checkmark Bargello"VOTED FAVORITE SMALL QUILTPhoto: Maria Brower - "I See Stitches"VOTED FAVORITE WEARABLEPhoto: Audrey Young - "Fall's Enchantment"VOTED FAVORITE ART QUILTPhoto: Mary Adams"Day & Night"Photo: Mary Adams"Sail Rigger's Bag"Photo: Tami Albrecht"Lady In Red"Photo: Tami Albrecht"Shibori Zebra"Photo: Tami Albrecht"Winter Hare"Photo: Margo Berenberg"Illusions"Photo: Margo Berenberg"Purple Reign"Photo: Adrienne Bortell"Jacob's Log Cabin"Photo: Adrienne Bortell"My Garden"Photo: Jan Brink"Monet's Swamp"Photo: Jan Brink"Microwave Hot Pad"Photo: Jan Brink"Potato Bag"Photo: Maria Brower"Big Inchies"Photo: Maria Brower"Beautiful Bloom"Photo: Maria Brower"Cactus and Flowers"Photo: Maria Brower"Kokopelli Dance"Photo: Donna Camp"Embroidered Christmas"Photo: Arlene Carter"Scraphunter's Star II"Photo: Arlene Carter"Wildflower Rhapsody"Photo: Joan Cavers"My Sister's Grapes"Photo: Christine Cooper"Farmer and Friend"Photo: Christine Cooper"Heart Nine Patch"Photo: Kris Curtis"Recycled Denim Purse"Photo: Pat Davis"Ulu" (Hawaiian Breadfruit)Photo: Pat Davis"Total Eclipse"Photo: Sharon Donnelly"Tiny Dancer"Photo: Sharon Donnelly"My Favorite Things"Photo: Anna-Margaret Fountain"Nursery Rhymes Quilt"Photo: Sharon Garner"Labyrinth"Photo: Carol Gruenke"Afternoon Delight:  Early Grey"Photo: Judy Heeg"Sunshine"Photo: Judy Heeg"Purse"Photo: Lynne Jensen"Christmas Stars"Photo: Lynne Jensen"Diamond Double"Photo: Lynne Jensen"Feelin' the Blues"Photo: Lynne Jensen"Happy Talk"Photo: Lynne Jensen
"Hot days and Chili Nights"Photo: Lynne Jensen"Lilac Garden"Photo: Lynne Jensen"Radiant"Photo: Lynne Jensen"Shade Cascade"Photo: Lynne Jensen"Wild Animal Kingdom"Photo: Susie Johansson"Zentangle Mania"Photo: Norma Kindseth & Fran Walthall"Offspring of "Southwest Reflections"Photo: Trish Lockie"Ice Tentacles"Photo: Trish Lockie"Misty Morning"Photo: Trish Lockie"Summer Meadow"Photo: Trish Lockie"The Cove"Photo: Joan McCaffrey"Money Bags"Photo: Nanette McDoniels"Let There Be Chocolate"Photo: Nanette McDoniels"Cat Nip Nap"Photo: Nanette McDoniels"Whirly Gig"Photo: Nanette McDoniels"Southwest Handbag"Photo: Roger McKissick"Indian Doll"Photo: Roger McKissick"Indian Staff and Shield"Photo: Roger McKissick"Mystical Moths"Photo: Roger McKissick"Under the Shroud"Photo: Carol Meier"Southwest Gallery of Inchies"Photo: Carol Monthei"Saddlemania"Photo: Clarice Pahle"Stack-n-Whack: LeMoyne Star"Photo: Sue Patch"Stars From the Past"Photo: Susan Prentiss"Desert Sky"Photo: Susan Prentiss"Bevels For My RV"Photo: Marion Rathwell"A Bag for Betty"Photo: Billye Reynolds"An Old Pueblo Christmas"Photo: Billye Reynolds"Chole"Photo: Paul Rich"Mountain Lady Slipper"Photo: Sharon Rozycki"Blanket Stitch Baby"Photo: Barbara Salazar"Celestial Magic"Photo: Barbara Salazar"Fireside Chat"Photo: Barbara Salazar"Prickly Pear"Photo: Barbara Salazar"My Second Favorite Marine"Photo: Barbara Salazar"Spirit by Toni Whitney"Photo: Barbara Salazar"Two Fabric Bargello"Photo: Cari Secord"Navajo Sampler"Photo: Cari Secord"Quilted Jacket"Photo: Jan Tuttle"Back to Nature, Fall Batik"Photo: Jan Tuttle"Many Stars, All Different"Photo: Elaine Vanier"My Stars"Photo: Elaine Vanier"My Logs"Photo: Fran Walthall"There's One In Every Crowd"Photo: Fran Walthall"Inchie Mobile"Photo: Fran Walthall"Screen Saver"Photo: Fran Walthall"Simulating Rock Art II"Photo: Fran Walthall"Stitch and Thread Exercise"Photo: Louise Walton"Bright New Beginnings"Photo: Louise Walton"Sunflowers in the Chicken Coop"Photo: Louise Walton"Cheerful Red Rooster"Photo: JoAnn Washa"Cathedral Window"Photo: JoAnn Washa"Bargello"Photo: JoAnn Washa"Bedroom Deer"Photo: Diane Williams"Nico's Quilt"Photo: Diane Williams"Home Is Where the Heart Is"Photo: Diane Williams"Baby Alphabet"Photo: Diane Williams"Zoo Day At the Beach"Photo: Sharon Woodworth"Spirit of the Southwest"Photo: Sharon Woodworth"Alaska Star"Photo: Sharon Woodworth"Reflections of Spring"Photo: Audrey Young"Life Messages"Photo: Audrey Young"All I Got For Christmas Was a Button"Photo: Audrey Young"Electrified Sunset"Photo: Audrey Young"Magical Moment"Photo: Audrey Young"Marsh Flight"Photo: Audrey Young"Moonlight Dazzle"Photo: Audrey Young"Stay Out of My Cache"Photo: Audrey Young"Welcome to My Dahlia Garden"Photo: Audrey Young"Woven Friendship"Photo: Anne Gloeckler & Quilters 2 Quilters"Rustic Hearts"Saturday Workshop Group QuiltPhoto: Tami Albrecht, Joan Cavers, Anne Gloeckler, Maureen Herran"Tossed Garnet" TEAM CHALLENGE QUILTPhoto: Adrienne Bortell, Connie Maley, Jolene Steppe, Caroll Zobrist"In The Pink"TEAM CHALLENGE QUILTPhoto: Mary Adams, Donna Camp, Katie Galli,Anne Herman, Billye Reynolds"Southwestern Challenge"TEAM CHALLENGE QUILTPhoto: Christine Cooper, Mavis Gaines, Jeanette Hooper, Norma Kindseth"Fifty Shades of Purple With a Touch of Gray"TEAM CHALLENGE QUILTPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: