120 Photos - Mar 17, 2013
Photo: A few locals decided to come and watch the race..Photo: Registration desk and bikes being setup..Photo: Cleated Warriors capatain arrives on his Merida Crossway.. This legendary bike is up for sale if anyone wants it! :)Photo: Spectrum at the race.. Shilpa Deo and The Demon..Photo: And liking what they saw, the locals decided they want to register and participate too!Photo: Vasu Mishra was looking up the rule book to see which category to put them in!Photo: The news went around that they have their own category and more joined in!Photo: While the categories are being sorted out, its time to check out some awesome bikes! Richard's awesome Chinese beast 29er and oh, yes the shining moon too! :)Photo: ...and here is Specialized Epic making its debut in the Indian amatuer racing scene!Photo: NJ loaning his Garmin on the bike! I for one think all the numbers are pretty useless for Kiran. I doubt he would look at any at all!Photo: An epic rider to go with the Speicialized Epic.. or is it the other way round! This bloke broke is jaw 4 weeks ago, was on liquid diet for 3 weeks and lost a ton of weight and comes and rides an epic race! Take a bow, Mr. BadAss Kiran!Photo: Both of them have a little more than awesomeness in common! They have titanium jaws! Yes, for real.Photo: Da Lam arrives on his Japanese Anchor XC bike? :PPhoto: The start line!Photo: The startline had 63 riders!Photo: Off we go!Photo: Matching Mokkai! :)Photo: Doubles!Photo: Didn't go that far did we?Photo: Let me try then!Photo: Not an inch! No chance! In fact almost did a wheelie!Photo: Da Man.. Da Lam! In his weight lifting avatar! :PPhoto: The Demon flats out with in 200mts after the start! That's the end of the race for him!Photo: Thorny bushes all along the trail..Photo: Thorny bushes all along the trail..Photo: Do I see pace lines on the trail?Photo: At the start of the 2nd loop, Craig was ahead..Photo: Followed closely behind by RichardPhoto: ... and Kiran in a close 3rd..Photo: This Wheelsports rider was a few minutes behind the leaders in the 2nd loop.Photo: Audience cum photographer! :)Photo: Bharath Roshan of Cyclopedia(Mysore) was a close 5th in the 2nd loop..Photo: ..the winding trail..Photo: Opendro!Photo: Photo: Balu wasn't that far behind..Photo: .. as was Durgesh..Photo: Photo: There! Is that a Scott Aspect?Photo: Awaz Dedo!Photo: Oh there! Mr. Kini..Photo: Rachan Singh!Photo: .. enjoying the trail, eh?Photo: Grinding it up the hill..Photo: Mahito..Photo: Photo: Parameshwar Raju(?) and Team Wheelsports' GitanjaliPhoto: BOTS truker Karan! :)Photo: Photo: This lady from Mysore was riding AdityaTVM's Trek and came in 2nd!Photo: Photo: Photo: .. flat tires all along the course..Photo: Richard in the third lap.. was right behind Kiran who took the lead.. Craig was still hot on his tail at 3rd!Photo: Adarsh and his ever dangling tongue! :pPhoto: Off roading anybody?Photo: Some trekkers on the hills..Photo: Big and Big.. This is what happens when the chain is not long enough for that combination.. It came out of the derailuer and got struck..Photo: Sharath Raju of Highline retail.. having fun on the fireroad!Photo: Photo: Vivek Anandan taking a breather after the chain was untangled!Photo: Roadie pace lines were being disturbed by all this intrusions on the trail..Photo: Bharath Roshan was behind the leaders although they were ahead by more than 10mins..Photo: Photo: Grimpuer descending..Photo: Balu and his KHS 2000!Photo: The long climb up..Photo: ... time to put it in the smallest and spin it up..Photo: ... and keep spinning..Photo: If you go right, you end up at the temple on the top of the hill from where the DH track starts.. but the XC race track veers left from here..Photo: Photo: Volunteers..Photo: .. a bit of sketchy downhill..Photo: Photo: ...taking that turn in style!Photo: The race leader Kiran Kumar Raju in the final lap..Photo: Richard right on his tail..Photo: .. followed by Craig!Photo: Naah.. Don't believe his claims of 4th position, he was lapped. :PPhoto: Adi putting in some stylish turns..Photo: Wrong way dude! Eco-friendly marking on the trail..Photo: ..and some crashes on the trail are inevitable!Photo: Bike check.. limbs check..Photo: .. and off we go!Photo: With Aditya who was volunteering for the race!Photo: Race or not.. definitely having fun! :)Photo: .. and some kids too!Photo: ..some uphills that made a few of them walk..Photo: while some kept grinding..Photo: Photo: ..while others walked..Photo: Photo: ..and walked..Photo: .. while some loafed around on the trail.. :)Photo: Race done and dusted, Richard tries a climb up a rocky entry.. no sweat!Photo: .. Kiran lost here, though! :)Photo: ..oh okay.. the race was still on! Balu clearing the rocks off the trail..Photo: ... it was too much for a few..Photo: ..and there were alternate routes to be taken too! Durgesh taking an easier line! Smart kid.Photo: Photo: The race wasn't long enough for him.. so..more fun!Photo: RT with his AWESOME Jamis DH bike!Photo: Some post race discussions..Photo: Wearing the trail rash proudly..Photo: NJ writing his wealth away for the winners!Photo: ..and the winners! 1, 2 and 3!Photo: Yup.. Everything around here is ours they say! What can we say?Photo: ..but they did make do with banana peelsPhoto: Fixing the flats after the race!Photo: They were plenty of them!Photo: It was the favourite post race chore! :)Photo: Women's podium!Photo: Winner got a cash prize of 2k along with a chance to participate in MTB Shimla weekend edition!Photo: Men's podium!Photo: Richard(2nd), Kiran(1st) and Craig(3rd) along with Michael who handed over the check for MTB Shimla for Kiran!Photo: Photo: Cash prize of 2k as well! Awesome trio!Photo: Winners of the kids race getting Dairy Milk love! :)Photo: Photo: Volunteer awesomeness! Thanks guys!