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Photo: *Old Temp Map of Bambi, PA (Now NY) link to updated map coming soon*

[TEMP MAP] A Map View Of Town Of Bambi, PA in the TyCloud City Project in Sketchup Make.Photo: *This map is outdated as of 2017- To be updated*
*This area is now Bambi Township, NY*
[Updated Map Link Coming Soon]

[Updated 2/3/2015] Map Of Bambi, PA in TyCloud City Project In Sketchup MakePhoto: *As of 2017, Map is outdated, See one at https://goo.gl/photos/bTquryMVpCbKm5HTA *
V1 map for the Catkills area of NY in my project which include the towns (my own) of

Marshallville NY & Rockyville, NY (of PAW Patrol)
Kionville, NY (from Disney's The Lion Guard)
Kopaville, NY (From Disney's The Lion King)
Kopaville Ctr, NY (From TLK)
Kovu & Kiara Ctr, NY (From Disney TLK 2 : Simba...)
Salmyville, NY (A cute Cheetah fursona of a furry)
Crystal Empire EQ (city from MLP:FIM)

Including real highway numbers like :
Interstate 86 / NY Route 17 (Kovu & Kiara Fwy)
NY Route 17A (Salmyville Rd / Kopaville Rd)
Interstate 84 / NY 52 (Kopa & Kion Fwy)
NY Route 181 (Everest Airport Rd)
NY Route 185 (Skye Hwy / Brandywine Hwy)
NY Route 185A (Zuma Rd)
NY Route 9D (Kovu & Kiara Ctr Rd / Kionville Rd)Photo: (Jlong Cities Project) Equestria Map V2 [2/5/2016]
*There is a 2017 V4 map to be posted soon*

In my "world" in Jlong Cities Project Equestria (from MLP:FIM) in a country inside the US state of New York in the northeast area of New York State (about from Deposit, NY to Middletown, NY)

Outside the black dotted line is the USA.
(New York State is on the left/right/top | Pennsylvania on bottom)

A few US interstates cut through Equestria, they are :
I-86 (NY 17) | I-476 | I-576

Most other highways are dirt roads except :
 Princess Luna Hwy | Sunset Shimmer Hwy | Discord Hwy
Route 433 (The road following I-476 [Princess Twilight Sparkle Fwy])

There is also a bypass around Equestria following :
NY 86 (Kion Hwy) | PA 86 (Kopa Hwy) | PA 86 / 210 (Kiara Hwy)

Original Equestria Map (C) Hasbro
Modded Equestria Map (C) Jlong Media / Jlong Computer Services
(I Claim ownship to everything but the background map of Equestria)Photo: Kopaville / Kiara & Kovu City NY Map V1.1
May 2017. (Jlong Cities Project)Photo: Jlong Cities Project Map V1.0 - June 2017
THIS MAP IS VERY MUCH UNDER WORK - Not all content is added. More to be done.

© Jlong Media / Jordan Long - All Rights ReservedPhoto: Jlong Cities Project Map V1.1 - Edited some roads and added some roads/places like Brexxie City, PA in the southwest corner of the map.

This map has the Google Map as a layer under everything as I use it to make my map.

(C) Jordan Long / Jlong MediaPhoto: Photo: V1.3 of Jlong Cities Project Map - 7/19/2017.Photo: V1.4 of Jlong Cities Project Main Map.
Added Red Lines for Toll Roads.
Added/changed roads in Furry City area.Photo: Equestria Map (Jlong Cities Project) V5 Temp

This is just a temp version of Version 5 of the map. There is parts if the official Equestria Map still on this file that will soon be drawn over so this can be my own map.Photo: Jlong Cities Project Main Map V5.1

This version is a temp as if you look close you can see the some things look HD and some don't. This is as I am updateing the map to be a bigger size to make things more readable and better.Photo: Jlong Cites Project Map Version 1.6
(10/28/2017 @ 9:42PM EST)

This update includes new towns and roads, updates to current roads, new HD road shields and bigger HD text.

Road change example :
I-88 is now Cute Adine Fwy after the female dragon Adine from the visual novel "Angels with Scaly Wings"Photo: Map of Airedale, PA and Elijahville, PA in project - Jlong Cities Project

Major Routes
I-476 (Tristan & Taylor Knight Tollway)
PA 706 (Airedale Hwy / Rebecca Knight Rd)
U.S 209 (Vic McCain Ave)Photo: Photo: Photo: Equestria Map V7 - Jlong Cities Project
(C) Jdog84/Jlong Media / Jordan Long
All Rights Reserved
DO NOT CLAIM AS YOURSPhoto: V8 of my Jlong Cites Project Map
(C) Jdog84/Jlong Media / Jordan Long
All rights reserved 
DO NOT CLAIM AS YOURSPhoto: V8.1 of my Jlong Cites Project Map
(C) Jdog84/Jlong Media / Jordan Long
All rights reserved 

Realigned I-86/I-90/I-590 near Furry City, PA. Changed I-87 Name 
Changed I-590 NamePhoto: Photo: