11 Photos - Jan 30, 2015
Photo: I-86 / NY 17 At Exit 3 in Equestria (MLP-FIM land)
*Currently being updated/changed*Photo: Exit 14 (old 1) of EQ Hwy 476 (Twilight Sparkle Tollway) in Equestria (outside of Finnickville, NY).

*File is outdated and will be updated soon*Photo: Old Photo of I-95 (NJ Turnpike Exit 70) & US 301 (Cute Fizzle Pkwy) in town of Moofville, NJ before the file was removed from the project. This file is set to be reused as Zootopia, NY

*This intersection is now gone and is replaced with a cloverleaf interchange with I-87 (NY Thruway) & I-687 which connects to I-84 (Cute Gabby Turnpike)*Photo: Another view of the old Kit's Markets in downtown Kionville, NY.Photo: Old Kit's Markets in downtown Kionville, NY at the intersection of E. Cute Jasiri Blvd & Lemonade Coyote Memorial Blvd (NY 12).
NY 12 was NY 26 before 2017.Photo: Intersection of Scootaloo Ave (US 6N) & Stitch Place in Furry City, PA
Scootaloo Ave is now Dash Tiger StPhoto: Sign for exit 3 on I-476 (P. Twilight Sparkle Fwy) for Dr. Wolf Pkwy (NY 7A).
This road is now I-686/I-81 and called "Cute Stitch Exwy"

Named after the youtuber / MLPFIM Youtuber Dr.Wolf (DrWolf001)

[Dr.Wolf Vector (C) Vector-Brony on DA]
[Dr.Wolf Character (C) DrWolf001 on YT] 

[Creative Commons License]
Work found at http://vector-brony.deviantart.com/art/Dr-Wolf-495902913 / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/)Photo: EB I-84 (Patches & Midnight Memorial Turnpike) at I-476 (Tristan & Taylor Knight Tollway) in Airedale, PA - Jlong Cities Project

* Pic a little outdated as turnpike is now Patches & Midnight Mem. Turnpike and the interchange has been upgradedPhoto: Sign for US 6 (Now US 406) exit on the Cutie Mark Crusaders State Parkway SB in Sunset Shimmer Town, NY - Jlong Cities ProjectPhoto: A  Diverging Windmill Interchange I built. No in use in the real world. But in use in my project at the Brexx Nirpaw Interchange in Brexxie City, PA

Brexx Nirpaw Interchange :
- Interstate 79 (Cute Brexx Nirpaw - Pittsbrurgh Turnpike)
- Interstate 80 (Cute Screwball & Prince Mothball Exwy & Beastboy Exwy)Photo: