19 Photos - Sep 25, 2013
Photo: #cbias #shop #disclosurePhoto: Let's make this Sparkling  Blueberry Mint Green Tea.Photo: I started my search to make sparkling blueberry mint green tea at Wal-Mart. After the kids were in bed I visited our newest store for inspiration.Photo: First I checked out the tea aisle to see what options were available.Photo: Unfortunately, most of the Bigelow tea selections were out of stock. I take that as a sign that Bigelow tea is popular! I see that they typically carry Green Tea and decide to check out another location at a later date.Photo: Then I head to the frozen fruit section to find frozen blueberries. I LOVE frozen blueberries.Photo: Even though the blueberries will add natural sweetness to the tea I want to add a little honey too. I love the honey that comes in a bear bottle.Photo: This sparkling water is my inspiration. Pomegranate, Blueberry and Acai sounds delicious.Photo: I have a Soda Stream at home and use it to make my own sparkling water but you can purchase on at Wal-Mart or buy a bottle of sparkling water.Photo: Then I need to find a way to carry my sparkling tea with me. I really love the mason jar with straw!Photo: Speaking of straws, I need some straws for my drink photos I will be taking later.Photo: I then discovered that Wal-Mart carries my favorite chips and in BBQ flavor!Photo: Our new Wal-Mart has a huge self-checkout location which is awesome.Photo: I purchase my few items and head home.Photo: The next day I head to another Wal-Mart in search of my Bigelow Green Tea.Photo: Hooray! This store has fully stocked shelves of delicious tea.Photo: There it is my final missing ingredient.Photo: I'm headed out the door when I spot these cute tea containers... I bet a big batch of sparkling blueberry mint green tea would look fabulous in these!Photo: Mission accomplished - Sparkling Blueberry Mint Green Tea!