78 Photos - Jun 2, 2011
Photo: The action began Thursday, May 26th when "Mum" was admitted to the IWK with pre-eclampsia.  It took the Doctors until Noon Friday to decide to induce labour.Photo: Daddy and Auntie Tara: labour coaches extraordinairre!Photo: The first time he'd shaved his beard in 3 years!Photo: Daddy strikes a posePhoto: Eagerly awaiting baby's arrivalPhoto: Mum needs cuddles, unaware of what lies ahead!Photo: So much excitement!Photo: Daddy sneaks a napPhoto: What a great view!Photo: First, you cradle your arms....Photo: Insert baby here!Photo: Big smilesPhoto: The face was starting to swellPhoto: The doctor recommended an epidural, not the first or the last of the medical interventions!Photo: So of course Mummie was curious as to what it looked likePhoto: Auntie Tara was so excited!Photo: Mum and Dad so very happy!Photo: Auntie Kim was so excited for the baby, she was a great support!Photo: April, the nurse that helped birth Audrey, worked from 7pm to 7am (just in time to see baby born!)Photo: After 6 hours of pushing, Audrey needed a little bit more help to be brought into the world.  We were wheeled into the Operating Room for a forceps trial - if the forceps didn't work it'd have been a c-section...Photo: Mum was a little scared, even with the goalie pad bootie things...Photo: After 3 good pushes, little Audrey arrived, with the cord wrapped all around her.  The room was eerily quiet for the scariest half second EVER!Photo: She's whisked over to the baby area where she's quickly cleaned upPhoto: Our first glimpse of Audrey Anne.Photo: There was a bit of the cord left for Daddy to cut!Photo: She didn't know what to think!Photo: Our healthy baby girl!Photo: It was an emotional moment when they brought her over for the first time.Photo: She was put right on Mum's chest for some skin to skin cuddles!Photo: It's hard to describe the feeling of meeting your new baby.  It was easily the happiest moment we've ever experienced!Photo: Our nurse April looks on, we were so glad to have her with us throughout the night and in the OR!Photo: Baby's first kissPhoto: Baby grabs Dad's fingerPhoto: First family picture.  Look how proud Dad is!Photo: We were all a little tired I think!Photo: Finally we're all together!Photo: Mum says: "It was all worth it!"Photo: Nurse Tracy who helped deliver Audrey, holder of bucket, matrix-esque dodger of vomit!Photo: Auntie Tara meets Audrey for the first time.Photo: Audrey meets Papa MartinPhoto: Nana May meets AudreyPhoto: Daddy and Nana with AudreyPhoto: Three generations!Photo: Poppy Tony meets AudreyPhoto: Tavi and DiNan meeting AudreyPhoto: DiNan has a cuddlePhoto: Tavi and DiNan with AudreyPhoto: Photo: Audrey Anne meets Auntie AshleyPhoto: Photo: Audrey Anne meets Uncle MikePhoto: Great Auntie Chris meets little AudreyPhoto: Uncle Chris meets AudreyPhoto: Great Auntie Lisa with little Audrey AnnePhoto: Happy Uncle/Godfather AndréPhoto: Auntie Daniece with little AudreyPhoto: Happy, swollen family :)Photo: Happy birthday Audrey!  Someone commented that it looked like Mum was holding a Corona bottle but it was Audrey!  Also strategically placed shopping bags are in high fashion here!Photo: Auntie Kim finally gets to meet AudreyPhoto: Nurse Jocelyn, the sweet and funny pre-natal nurse who was so helpful!Photo: Coleman`s Mum, Auntie Mary, has a happy snuggle with the new friendsPhoto: Dr B - who actually was the one to pull Audrey out!Photo: Coleman Joseph George and Audrey Anne Martin-May, born about a week apart!Photo: Dr Delisle, who took care of Mum throughout the pregnancy, was very happy to meet Audrey!Photo: Two days later, we get to bring Audrey home!Photo: Baby on board!Photo: Our little passenger slept all the way home!Photo: Auntie Tara has a wee snugglePhoto: Nanny the Great meets Audrey Anne!Photo: All tuckered out!Photo: Audrey vs the big pantsPhoto: Mum and Audrey all settled in at homePhoto: Audrey has a burpPhoto: Auntie Chris has a snugglePhoto: Nanny and AudreyPhoto: Auntie Diane meets AudreyPhoto: Auntie Kim, Allie, Audrey and Auntie AndreaPhoto: Audrey, Allie, and Quinn... Cicada Babies!