23 Photos - Nov 10, 2012
Photo: I love getting great value at Sam's Club when I'm planning a get together with my fellow moms! This trip I was on a mission to plan a NIVEA Spa Playdate (because sometimes you don't have a sitter but still want some mommy time)!Photo: It was a busy afternoon of running errands with my mom. But we enjoy getting out and shopping together. Plus we add in a quick lunch at our current favorite restaurant. No complaints from me!Photo: Next on our list was a trip into the craft store to pick up a few things for the playdate I was planning. I was on the hunt for some sort of Thanksgiving themed placemats or something. Ended up finding a cute pot holder.Photo: Then it was on to Sam's Club where I was on a mission to get food for our party as well as a few other goodies. I planned to do mini manicures so I wanted to find some NIVEA lotion and perhaps some nail polish remover. I also wanted to get some things to give away to my mom friends.Photo: We got a bit sidetracked by the Christmas aisles. It's a weakness of ours. But how cute is this train kit? And it's a big kit for less than $10! Now that's great value for a yummy activity to keep the kids busy.Photo: Drinks were on my list of items to get. Not many of us are wine drinkers, so sparkling grape juice was a perfect alternative! It's fun and makes me feel like I'm pampering myself a bit. I loved the price too! Cheaper than at the grocery store!Photo: And I couldn't forget the food! Actually, food was on the top of my (mental) list. There was no way I was going to forget to pick out some tasty appetizers to share. I don't get these very often because I find it hard to control myself when they are in my house. But I love all of the appetizers available at Sam's Club!Photo: We hadn't tried the Gourmet Appetizer Collection so I was more than willing to grab a box! Rich and delicious? Perfect for moms needing a little pampering!Photo: And I had to get our all-time favorite mini appetizers -- petite quiche! I love the broccoli and cheddar flavor. I also love the price. 48 appetizers for under $9 will feed a lot of hungry moms!Photo: We needed more Splenda in our pantry and prefer to buy it once a month at Sam's Club rather than buy a smaller box each week at the store. It helps us save money on one of the staples in our house!Photo: Then it was on the to lotion and body wash aisle! It's one of my favorite aisles actually. I love lotion! The NIVEA was easy to find. I think it stands out on the shelf because of the blue bottle. In a sea of white lotion bottles, I quickly spotted the NIVEA blue bottle.Photo: Buying NIVEA at Sam's Club means I don't have to shop for lotion very often. The two 16.9 ounce bottles are huge and last quite a while. The price is comparable to other lotions and I like NIVEA because it leaves my skin feeling soft without any greasiness or oily feeling.Photo: We grabbed a few more bath and beauty supplies so that everyone would have something to take home with them after the spa playdate. Then it was off to the checkout!Photo: I love the self checkout lanes we have at our Sam's Club, especially when I'm doing a smaller shopping trip. It's so quick and easy. With my mom to help, it's even faster!Photo: All I had to do was slide my card, scan, and pay! No waiting in line and no cashier to worry about unless we needed help!Photo: It only took us a few minutes to check out! Even though we spent over $100, I felt like it was money well spent because we had a lot to push out to the car! Plus, I was prepared for the playdate!Photo: We had to make a (not so) quick stop at the grocery store to do the rest of our weekly grocery shopping. I wish I could do it all at Sam's Club.Photo: The day of the playdate party came quickly! A stomach bug that's been going around reduced our guest list a bit, but it couldn't put a damper the plans! My mom help me set up a manicure station while I worked on preparing the food.Photo: I was pretty proud of the spread for our playdate. I will admit that I only put out the mom food on the table. The kids enjoyed chicken nuggets but they didn't quite go with all of the delicious appetizers for the adults. But the kids loved them!Photo: While we prepped everything for the playdate, my son caught up on some sleep. We had taken family photos that morning so he was worn out. About halfway through the NIVEA party, I learned that he was resting up to run wild with his friends. But I enjoyed the peace that allowed me to get everything ready for the afternoon.Photo: The mini manicure station was a huge hit. We might have even painted my son's nails... but there's no proof of that. Well, there might be but I'm saving it for blackmail material when he's a teenager! The NIVEA lotion was a huge hit with all of the moms even those who didn't paint their nails!

I'm not a huge nail person, but I am a lotion addict as I mentioned before. I cannot stand having dry skin. So NIVEA is perfect for me, especially for my feet and elbows!Photo: Dad even got in on the party action. We had to feed him after he was willing to chase the boys around outside so we could have a bit of mom time!Photo: Formula Mom Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Beiersdorf for NIVEA. All experiences and opinions are 100% my own. To see more of our party, visit me at http://formulamom.com #NIVEAmoments #CBias #SocialFabric