74 Photos - Aug 3, 2013
Photo: Ready to goPhoto: At the start with my friend Dan HicksteinPhoto: Lake below Indian Trail Ridge (Taylor Lake?)Photo: The push up to Indian Trail RidgePhoto: Indian Trail RidgePhoto: Indian Trail RidgePhoto: Indian Trail RidgePhoto: Blackhawk PassPhoto: Blackhawk PassPhoto: Above Bolam PassPhoto: Looking back to Lizard HeadPhoto: Photo: Photo: Rolling PassPhoto: Rolling PassPhoto: Rolling PassPhoto: Little Molas Lake, evening of day 1.Photo: Beginning segment 23, after 4am start day 2.Photo: Segment 23Photo: Segment 23Photo: Segment 23Photo: Segment 23Photo: Segment 23Photo: Segment 23Photo: Segment 23Photo: Segment 23, taken by Stefan.Photo: Segment 23, taken by Stefan.Photo: Segment 23Photo: Climbing up to high pointPhoto: Climbing up to high pointPhoto: Climbing up to high pointPhoto: High point, 13271'Photo: The ride down from the high point. Look carefully, you can see Aaron Johnson behind me.Photo: Looking down to Lake San Cristobal by Lake CityPhoto: Photo: Aaron Johnson descending in segment 22. Last photo from day 2 but many miles from camp...Photo: Looking back towards Windy Peak before Marshall Pass, many miles into day 3.Photo: Classic Monarch CrestPhoto: Monarch CrestPhoto: About to descent Fooses!Photo: Near bottom of Fooses descentPhoto: Early morning leaving my campsite by Princeton Hot Springs, after a luxurious 5 hours of sleep. Start of day 4.Photo: Sunrise on the Chalk CliffsPhoto: Refueling in Buena Vista, second of only three resupply stops.Photo: Climbing away from US24 in segment 11Photo: Beautiful aspen in segment 11Photo: Back to singletrack after a short road section, segment 11Photo: Twin LakesPhoto: Looking back towards Twin Lakes, climbing up to Herrington CreekPhoto: Near the Mt Elbert trailheadPhoto: Below Tennessee PassPhoto: Camp Hale, before massive hike-a-bike to finish day 4. Wet, cold night ahead.Photo: Early, wet morning of day 5, almost to Kokomo Pass. BrrrPhoto: Looking up to Kokomo PassPhoto: Near Kokomo PassPhoto: View from Kokomo PassPhoto: Glad it's not raining any more...but already totally spent at the first of four major climbs for the day.Photo: View from 10 Mile, back towards Copper MtnPhoto: 10 Mile. Enough clouds to want to start descending soon!Photo: Marmot on 10 MilePhoto: 10 Mile. Marmot from previous photo just visible atop pile of rocks.Photo: Pete Basinger on the climb to Georgia Pass. Full conditions--hail and rain.Photo: My ridiculous rain gear--but it worked!Photo: Nearing Kenosha Pass at sunset.Photo: Nearing Kenosha PassPhoto: Nearing Kenosha PassPhoto: Early on the last morning (day 6): looking down towards a layer of fog over Tarryall.Photo: Tarryall!Photo: Tarryall, shortly before the construction hassle.Photo: Almost to Wellington LakePhoto: The Castle above Wellington Lake. Good climbing memories.Photo: The Castle above Wellington LakePhoto: Done! Sure was great to see my dad at the finish!Photo: Could barely lift my bike! Still had a pound of nut butter in there.