22 Photos - Feb 8, 2013
Photo: This is a nice depiction of the ecotourism available along the southernmost coast of Mexico.  Huatulco at the right side.Photo: We found plenty of shore birds at the marina including these terns.  Is it any wonder the bird in the background is named a stilt?Photo: This punked out cardinal had the largest crest we have ever seen.  It appeared to double the size of its head.Photo: enlargedPhoto: We reunited with Cornelio from our 2006 visit for a day of birding in the National Park.Photo: The very large and secluded beach in the NP.Photo: Two tourists.  Many of these bays have these small islands.Photo: An indigo snake about 6 feet long. He was moving fast and his head is off screen on the left.Photo: Termite nestPhoto: Photo: Eggs Divorced.Photo: The La Crucecita church in the morning light, still dressed for Christmas.Photo: The neat park in front of the church and one block from our hotel.Photo: Golden Cheeked Woodpecker.Photo: One of many structures in the newly opened Copilita archeological site.Photo: Artist concept of this structure.Photo: The site is accessed via these wide well maintained paths.Photo: The delta where the Copilita River meets the Pacific.Photo: Same beach looking the other way.Photo: A black iguana.Photo: Pat waiting for her fish.Photo: Steve checks his email.