65 Photos - Nov 8, 2007
Photo: Ponte Vecchio, the famous "old" bridge in Florence, is lined with jewelery shopsPhoto: Michaelangelo's David. You are not supposed to use cameras in the gallerys, but everyone was trying to sneak a picture.Photo: The famous Duomo domePhoto: Pat in a borrowed scarf. We arrived a day later than planned, and our luggage was two days late.Photo: "The church in pajamas"Photo: One set of the Baptistry doors (actually a replica, the originals are in the museum).Photo: Notice the relief in this close-upPhoto: Steve!Photo: The interior of the Duomo museum had some modern touchesPhoto: and some ancient sculpturePhoto: including Donatello's Mary Magdalene in the "more difficult" medium of wood.Photo: A typical street in FlorencePhoto: Palazzo Vecchio, a Medici homePhoto: The Ufuzzi, now a museum but formerly the Medici offices.Photo: Even the Ufuzzi's ceilings were fabulous.Photo: Ponte Vecchio, another view. Lower right is the covered, fortified walkway the Medicis used to commute to work. It runs from the Plazza Vecchio to the Ufuzzi and across the Ponte Vecchio to the Pitti Palace.Photo: Steve enjoying a glass of the local wine.Photo: This modest wine shop (enoteca), with workmen eating outside, was voted best wine bar in Florence by Savour magazine. We had a nice soup and sandwich here.Photo: This knife shop was just a few doors from the enoteca.Photo: A traditional Tuscan ristorante in Florence, Fagioli is a member of the slow foods movementPhoto: Another typical streetPhoto: One of two trendy bars near our hotel.Photo: InsidePhoto: The Plaza Il Campo in Siena.Photo: The Siena town hallPhoto: One of many dishes we savored, this one at Ristorante Nello in Siena.Photo: Shewolf gargoyles, symbols of SienaPhoto: The cathedral in SienaPhoto: Floor of the cathedral.Photo: One flank of the organ, notice the trumpetsPhoto: The opposite flankPhoto: A part of the view from our hotel window in MontepulcianoPhoto: A church interior in Montepulciano.Photo: The view from the other side of Montepulciano, San Biagio in the middle ground.Photo: San Biagio church below MontepulcianoPhoto: A sausage shop in Montepulciano's underground.Photo: A small cheese shop.  There were hundreds of cheeses to choose from.Photo: Me againPhoto: Piazza Grande and the town hall in MontepulcianoPhoto: Taken from the same spot as the photo above, our hotel entrance is the arch just behind the couple.Photo: The courtyard of our hotel in Montepulciano, Mueble Il Riccio is a 15th century building.Photo: The reception room of Il RiccioPhoto: Pienza, start and finish of our walk.Photo: A tiny chapel midway in our walk.Photo: The well at the chapel where we had our morning snack.Photo: Town hall in MontefalcoPhoto: no caption neededPhoto: The groundsPhoto: The Villa Pambuffetti, our home in Montefalco.Photo: The lobby at the villaPhoto: Pink marble and gold fixtures, what more could you want?Photo: Anna, one of our cooking teachersPhoto: Lunch after the cooking classPhoto: The Roman Arch (Arco Romano) in SpelloPhoto: The streets in Spello had this step-like construction that made walking possible and driving difficult.Photo: Pat and her new friend. This man took a shine to Pat and voluntarily guided us around for about an hour. He would not accept a tip.Photo: Roman towers, Spello "Very vecchio"Photo: Moss fountain, PerugiaPhoto: Even the "fast" food was superior.Photo: PasteriesPhoto: Pat checks out the shoes.Photo: Pitti Palace. The lighter part is a screen covering renovation of part of the buildingPhoto: Smarter than a Smart car, there are many 3 wheel, 1 or 2 passenger cars available here.Photo: A glimpse of the Boboli GardensPhoto: A final shot of Florence from the Pitti Palace. The south end of the Medici walkway is in lower left.