164 Photos - Sep 23, 2011
Photo: Avanti on the Chesapeake
Canon Rebel XSi, 18-55mm f/3.5 @18mm

Stayed up way too late last night going through old photos. Sidenote: Anyone else find the PSE Organizer slow and cumbersome? Realized I still have a decent number of digital sailing photos I haven't touched from late last season, mainly because I'm always overwhelmed when I look at the sheer volume of them.

I decided I might as well try another HDR, since I haven't done that in a while. Single hand-held exposure, processed in Luminance HDR and Photoshop Elements 10.

+Canon UsersPhoto: Hanging Out on the Chesapeake

Sailing is probably my favorite thing to photograph, in any of its forms. For this shot, and really all shots of the leeward side of a boat when it's heeling significantly, I had to tell myself, "This is normal. This is normal. We are not about to capsize!" I'm used to heeling in boats, it's just that I'm used to leaning back on the windward side, not practically getting my elbows in the water on the leeward (see "She's Got Moves" - I think it's next in this album - for an example of elbow-wetting photography...).

It's a nice little thrill for someone who doesn't like roller coasters. : )

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Get the print at http://society6.com/RyanLynham.Photo: She's Got Moves

Sailing on the Chesapeake with Dad on the old yet still so sweet Mirage 25. I haven't been out even once this year and I just might go crazy! Look out.

It took me about a million tries to get this to come out right. Where's the 5-stop filter when you need it?!? Maybe I'll invest in one someday. : )

Another one for +Mark Esguerra and #ThirstyThursdayPics 

Get the print at http://society6.com/RyanLynham.Photo: Chesapeake Bay through a Cell Phone Camera | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Avanti | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Close Reach | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Lean Into It | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Heel | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Aloft I | [Canon Rebel XSi] © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: After Burn | Frisco, NC © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Covering the Moon | Frisco, NC © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Westin | Vote for me here: http://goo.gl/XJ6fy © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Westin | Revisited for a PlusOne issue submission © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Westin | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Breaking Through with the Morning Tide | Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Morning Surf | Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: A Fine Hour for Boardwalking | Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Neptune and His Playground | Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Fountain Top | Virginia Beach Town Center © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Sandler Center | Virginia Beach Town Center © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: High Fashion | Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: V | Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Peek-A-Boo... | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: City Slicker | Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Art Institute | Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Business is Business | Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Cosmopolitan II | Virginia Beach, VAPhoto: Cosmopolitan I | Virginia Beach, VAPhoto: Art is Modern and Old | Sandler Center, Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The Performing Arts | Sandler Center, Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: You Always Cut Me Right in the Heart | Sculpture "Wings" by Lin Emery, with Westin, Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Spread Your Wings | Sculpture "Wings" by Lin EmeryPhoto: The Point | Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: You Got that Swagger, Honey | Westin Lobby, Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: We Are So Fashion Lounge | Westin Lobby, Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: It's All So Clear Now | Westin lobby, Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Per Diem | Westin lobby, Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: A Corner | Virginia Beach, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The 'Noke | Roanoke Valley during the blue hour © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Woodland Green for Lee Daniels | Mill Mountain, Roanoke, VA © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: You & Me & the Photographer Make Three | At Mill Mountain Overlook © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Roanoke Valley Panorama | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Dogwood | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: HDR Abuse and Ninja Turtles | © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Spring Feet | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The Touch | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Out in the Yard | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: I've Weathered Them All | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Worthless Goals | © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: To the Starting Line | Crews head to the starting line for a Sunday afternoon race in Annapolis, MD © 2012 Ryan Lynham

(Get the print at http://society6.com/ryanlynham.)Photo: Game Time | A friend's entertaining (and rather delicious) Super Bowl cupcake creation. © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Filming it Up in Annapolis | That's a Nikon FE, if you're wonderin' © 2012 Emily LynhamPhoto: Summer Waits | © 2012 Ryan Lynham (Prints at http://society6.com/ryanlynham)Photo: Quiet in Winter | Looking out where the South River meets the bay © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Duvall Creek Asleep | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: I'll Be Here Waiting | Day cruiser docked in Annapolis, MD © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: All These Generations | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Oh look. Another guitar photo. How creative. | © 2012 Ryan LynhamPhoto: High Tide on Christmas Day | On a COLD walk back home © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Pride in Our Sails | Sailing the Chesapeake on Independence Day © 2009 Ryan LynhamPhoto: I'm a Regular Here | Our beloved pup, Honey, relaxing after a romp at our community marina © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The Gentle Rhythm | © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Point Me in the Right Direction | © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: What Seems to be the Officer, Problem? | General Growth Properties security swoops in to quash the surly photographer. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: One Way or Another | One of a few shots with the 50mm I took before giving up and using the 18-55. Also one of few shots I got before security put the kibosh on my whole photography operation. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: She's a Little Ragged, But She's Got Some Nice Lines | © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Up on Cape Hatteras Light | Took the full moon tour of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse this summer. It was worth taking the earlier spot! © 2011 Ryan Lynham

(Get the print at society6.com/ryanlynham)Photo: River View for Three | © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The Lamps | Lamps at the Wild Goose Gallery in Cumberland, MD © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Overlooking the 'Noke | Mill Mountain overlook with a view of the Roanoke Valley © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: At the Overlook | View of the Roanoke Valley from the Mill Mountain overlook in Roanoke, VA © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: More, Please! | Our wonderful daughter at our "professional" (if I were a pro...) family portrait shoot. Shot with the budget-friendly nifty fifty. I love that thing. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Beauty in Weakness | © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: A Last Soft Touch | Um...this is some plant on the side of a river in Virginia with cotton-looking tufts of fuzz on it. What? No, I'm not a botanist. Sorry for the all the technical jargon; I can see why you were confused. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: They're Having a Sunrise Across the Street, Hon | Saw this in the rear-view mirror as I backed out one morning. Had camera. Took picture. Drove to work with a smile on my face. Not the whole way. That would just be weird. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Living in an Old Mill | Sweet apartments made out of an old mill. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Low to High | An old mill in Ellicott City used to house workers of modest means. Now it houses wealthy tenants of the Oella Mills Apartments. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Super Beer | The Superman beer was especially good. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Light Outside, Light Inside | Historic houses at Cape Hatteras National Park. The man in the foreground is looking at the lighthouse. I think. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Grand View | Another photography enthusiast stares out the window while pausing from photo snapping as we fly over the Grand Canyon. 
© 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Smile for Big Brother | Surveillance camera atop a historic building at the center of the Baltimore St. mall in downtown Cumberland, MD 
© 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The Atrium | The atrium of Bay Area Community Church in Annapolis, MD. 
© 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Headquarters | The building which used to house the Rouse Company. Jim Rouse is the main guy you can thank for Columbia, MD. Is "thank" the right word? 
© 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Enter at Your Own Risk | So...I forgot my tripod (again), so I had to use the car (again), like I did with Cotton's. Forgetting my tripod may have actually saved this shot, now that I think about it. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: A Hundred Views from Brick and Copper | A view from Baltimore St. (or pretty close, anyway) in downtown Cumberland, MD 
© 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Preparing to Depart | My wife stares down the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad's (wmsr.com) Engine 734 as it gets ready to leave Cumberland for Frostburg. As you might be able to tell from her stance, it's a bit chilly. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Sideling Hill Cut on I-68 | I know, I know. It's embarrassing. It's silly that there aren't car trails on the highway. That would have made this shot. That would have moved this shot from, "Huh. That's kind of interesting," to, "Whoa! Sweet!" The most embarrassing thing about it is that I had a tripod in the car and just didn't think about it. Didn't think about it?!? How do you not think about it?!? Ugh! Talk about an oversight that screams, "Ameteur alert!" I kick myself every time I see this shot. I try to glean some happiness out of the cheery Martin's truck. Mmmm - potato bread. What? Tripod? I can't hear you! La la la la la! 
© 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Of Lions and Men | Visited Cumberland, MD after several trips past on which we said, "Man! We really need to visit Cumberland!" The place is even cooler than it looks driving past on I-68. By the way I titled the photo thus because of the lions and men visible on the façade; I hope that's not too logical for any other art-types out there. I honestly can't remember what building this is. Oh well. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Oooohhh - You Wanted Me to Say, "Cheese!" | Me looking quite ghastly on the pedestrian overpass at the Sideling Hill rest stop on I-68. It was REALLY windy and cold. Really. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Into the Rainy Night | Preparing to leave Frostburg, MD on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Piercing the Dark Rain | Western Maryland Scenic Railroad © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Rain in Frostburg | © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: A Bride on a Train | The bride giving us all what's for on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad's (http://wmsr.com) murder mystery train ride. This one was titled "My Big Fat Railroad Wedding" and was of course littered with jokes from the similarly named movie. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Cotton Geatz's after Dark | "Cotton's", as it is known by Cumberland locals, is one of the oldest family-operated restaurants in Cumberland. Had to use the car as a tripod since I didn't have mine with me. Hence the cool angle. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: On the Verge | My wife in our hotel at the Bruce House Inn, looking out a window in the monks' room. 
© 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: She Wears Peridot Earings | My wife in our room at the gorgeous Bruce House Inn in Cumberland, MD. What she's seeing out the window really is a construction site, and it really is going to be a parking lot. Probably the ugliest spot in Cumberland (the parking lot - NOT The Bruce House), which is to say that Cumberland is quite beautiful. I think that says that; maybe it doesn't. Anyway, I'd like to communicate that somehow. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Picking wildflowers near Resaca (not Recasa, as Joe so aptly pointed out). This was the same day (and place) we saw the sun coming out from the clouds at the metro park. Crazy how much cooler film makes everything look. For this shot I used my Konica Autoreflex TC (inherited from Dad) with Kodak Max 800 bought sometime in the '90s that I found in the camera bag (also inherited from Dad). More film to come, I hope. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Docked off Buccaneer Drive, all HDR-like and such. You can buy this one, and the non-HDR version, which is all pretty and golden and would look great on your wall on my Etsy site: http://lynhamphotography.etsy.com/ © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Went to a wedding in Ohio and a few of us stopped at a "metro" park after a day of pretty solid rain. We happened to catch the sun peering out from behind a couple thunderheads. I don't get the "metro" thing. It was just a small, local park. For some reason I've always associated metro with cities. And we definitely weren't in a city. Guess it just goes to show my ignorance. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: This Too Shall Pass | Receding storm in Resaca, OH © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Unworthy | The sun sets off Buccaneer Drive in Frisco, NC © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: How the Water Sees It | Yet another shot in the Buccaneer series. This time the colors in the water were much more intense, and even different, than those in the sky. Physics people could probably explain that to me somehow. 
© 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Classy Pigeon | One of many pigeons still livin' it up on the dilapidated Frisco Pier in Frisco, NC © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The Day's Gentle End | Grasses on the sound near Frisco, NC © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Possibilities for an Evening Sail | My father-in-law's handmade wooden sailboat parked on the lawn of our vacation spot in Frisco, NC. 
© 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Me an' Mista Elephanton | My daughter goes gangsta on a walk through the park. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Morning, Dude! | Decided to try to make something from the mundane outside my office. 
© 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Full-Speed toward the End of the World | Early morning traffic on I-70 in Maryland under a wild sunrise © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The River and the Bay | What? You got a problem with slanted horizons? Why dontcha go cry to your photography class teacher? © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Sunset in Woodbine | I really wanted a lake for this shot. Unfortunately there wasn't one, so I had to use the roof of the car instead. This was one of those days I wanted those cool photographer's gloves...or, just gloves in general. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Bleary-Eyed Morning | And remember kids, never photograph and drive. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Ice Layers at Harpers Ferry | This was one of my more difficult shots, mainly because of how sketchy it was getting to this spot. It's a bit of a steep descent over a guardrail to get here, and then a bit of casual rock-hopping. I think if the water weren't frozen the rushing sound would've made it a bit scarier, hehe. © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The Day's Slow End | Heading in from a fall sail on the Chesapeake Bay © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Fishing at Sunset | A trio fishing across the Severn River from the USNA. © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Convertible Kind of Day | Driving home with Dad after working on the boat (actually, he was working, I was playing...) 
© 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Bottoms Up | We Ran across this sitting on the side of the road. It made so little sense I had to get a photo. My only regret is that I didn't have my 50mm F1.8 yet, so the DOF isn't as shallow as I'd like. I still like it, though. 
© 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Too Insignificant | This is the shot I was trying to get when I saw the scene in "View from Cadle Creek Marina". I like it because there are a lot of little "mini-scenes" in it. © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: View from Cadle Creek Marina | My dad had his boat pulled at Cadle Creek and I decided to come with him one day. Walked around while he was marking for new stripes. The whole place is pretty grungy, like many such small, out-of-the-way marinas are, but I happened to see this view when I was walking around the back side trying to get a sunken row boat from a better angle (I'll post that one, too).  © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Masts are Lonely in Winter | Masts at Cadle Creek Marina © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Goin' Fishin' | I assume that's what this guy's doing, anyway. Taken last fall at Cadle Creek Marina. © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Took this flying from Vegas to Atlanta last November, somewhere east of the big ole canyon in AZ. It's a little scary that I had to remind myself I wasn't looking at a Bing Maps Bird's Eye View. I kept expecting that thing at the bottom right to have a big label on it. © 2011 Ryan LynhamPhoto: West | Somewhere over Arizona...I think. © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Partly Cloudy | Clouds hover over a portion of the U.S. somewhere between Arizona and Texas. I think. I was in a plane and this is the most I've seen of the Southwest, so I couldn't really tell you for sure. 
© 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The Roots are Dry | Land carved by water in Coconino, AZ, which is apparently a Hopi Indian reservation. I didn't realize until I looked at Google maps that this photo, from left to right, covers about 12 - 15 miles. That road you can barely see at the bottom left is AZ-264 as it crosses the Coal Mine Mesa on its way west to Tuba City. From the looks of the Google Street View photos it's a pretty lonely drive. © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Cloudless over the Canyon | Flying over the Grand Canyon on the way back from CA. It was quite spectacular. © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Soon I'll be Home with Slippers, Coffee, and My Baby | Landing in Atlanta © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Fort Irwin Sunrise | Good times in Barstow. That's all I'll say. : ) 
© 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The Sugar in My Coffee | At Mill Mountain Coffee, Salem, VA © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Table with a View | At Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea, Salem, VA © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: At Mill Mountain Coffee | Mill Mountain Coffee in Salem, VA is probably my favorite coffee shop, out of all those I've ever visited in my WHOLE life (like, nine). Hm...or maybe it's Hard Bean in Annapolis. Tough call.  © 2011 Ryan Lynham. All rights reserved.Photo: Coffee Study | At Mill Mountain Coffee in Salem, VA © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The Tighter the Grip, the Quicker it Slips | Late-blooming flowers at sunset near the end of summer on the farm where we used to rent a super-tiny apartment above a detached garage. If you look at the EXIF on this you can see some silliness - like how I used ISO-400 looking straight into the sun. I'm a little more learned that that now. A little. : ) Fortunately, I still got the look I wanted. Oh - and that's Goldie, the farmer's dog, in the background. 
© 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Late Afternoon Talk | "And one more thing: I love you dearly, sweetheart." 
 © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Nearing the Harvest | Soybeans ready to be harvested in northern Maryland 
© 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Tree and Layers | © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Trees Wading through Tall Grass | © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Watch Those Sails with Me | © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Sail West into the Sunset | Somewhere on Amelia Island, FL © 2010 Ryan LynhamPhoto: We've Got a Nice View Here, Hon | Thomas Point Lighthouse in the Chesapeake Bay, MD © 2009 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Afternoon Sailing at Thomas Point | Thomas Point Lighthouse in the Chesapeake Bay, MD © 2009 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Cargo to Starboard | Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay © 2009 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Waves Breaking on the Windward | Sailing on the Chesapeak Bay. Looking at the horizon reveals the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. © 2009 Ryan Lynham

(Get the print at society6.com/ryanlynham)Photo: Framed in Our Lines | Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay © 2009 Ryan Lynham

(Get the print at society6.com/ryanlynham)Photo: Ride the Wind with Me | Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay © 2009 Ryan Lynham

(Get the print at society6.com/ryanlynham)Photo: In the Offing | Somewhere in AZ. This was the last shot I took before people started getting uncomfortable with me. Decided I'd rather get out without a nightmare. Turns out a nightmare did ensue, but for different reasons. That's a story for another time... © 2008 Ryan LynhamPhoto: No More Graduations | Empty classroom in an old school building near Tecate, Mexico © 2007 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Waiting on Donations | A large line forms at the entrance to the school grounds where Club Dust donations are distributed. © 2007 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Waiting for Haircuts | Mexican children wait for free haircuts at the school used for Club Dust donation distribution. They looked like children do at Christmas. © 2007 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Weather the Storm | Harbison Chapel, Grove City College © 2006 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Reflections of Prince George | End of Prince George Street underwater in Annapolis, MD. © 2006 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Sunrise over Ego Alley | The sun rises over what's known to locals as "Ego Alley" in Annapolis, MD © 2006 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The Boy Inside | Keith Morgan unknowingly strikes an identical pose to the boy in the poster behind him as he contemplates his breakfast order at Chick & Ruth's. Read the full story here: http://goo.gl/oyovE
© 2006 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Ocean Gallery | The Ocean Gallery, an iconic Ocean City, MD boardwalk mainstay. 
© 2006 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Fun City | Ocean City: Maryland's Vegas. Except, you know, without the casinos. Did we legalize slots here? I stopped paying attention. 
 © 2006 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The Cove | Entrance to the cove where I grew up. © 2006 Ryan Lynham

(Get the print at society6.com/ryanlynham)Photo: Light from Within | © 2006 Ryan LynhamPhoto: The Turncoats | Papertrigger performing "The Turncoats" with audience back-up singers at an Invisible Children benefit concert. © 2006 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Show Me Your Colors | On South Patio, Grove City College © 2006 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Don't Tell Me I'm Not Good Enough for You | Aisles in Harbison Chapel at Grove City College © 2006 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Returning from an Altar Call | Harbison Chapel, Grove City College © 2006 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Could Someone Please Just Take Me Home | At the Rho Extravaganza © 2006 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Vague Memories of New York | © 2005 Ryan Lynham

(Get the print at society6.com/ryanlynham)Photo: Johnny Sacramento | Yep, he really fell asleep like that. Oh, college. © 2005 Ryan LynhamPhoto: Blues Aweigh

So...this is an OLD shot. I think I was either in late high school or college when I took this with my trusty Fuji FinePix 3800, with a whopping 3.2MP. Also, I edited it in some free toy software of some sort that came with the laptop I got my freshman year of college.

...But I still like it. : )

And of course, I just posted it for sale (in SMALL size only!) on Society6 (http://society6.com/RyanLynham).

#ThirstyThursdayPics (Is this still a thing?)