56 Photos - Mar 18, 2014
Photo: Hiking around birdMAN's parents' house. Look at that blue sky!Photo: The whole family (minus me and E)Photo: Photo: Photo: Baba, Moomoo and Milan at Baba's favorite lookoutPhoto: Guilt-free Paleo TacosPhoto: Uncle Kyle on duty!Photo: Roasted marshmallow timePhoto: Arlan shows how to roast marshmallows in the countryPhoto: I love sandwiches!Photo: Love this group of ladiesPhoto: The perils of country living: found this little snake in our room!Photo: Nothing like California sushi!Photo: Moomoo's famous cowboy cookiesPhoto: PosingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: How we Californians like to snackPhoto: Family dinner - Not sure what's happening with CadenPhoto: Photo: My creation - sourdough stuffing with apples, walnuts, celery, and raisins. Way better than Stovetop!Photo: My mom makes bomb pumpkin piePhoto: Fit ladies early morning runPhoto: Thai food and good friendsPhoto: One of my favorite little sistersPhoto: Wine and cake with these ladiesPhoto: Photo: What a gorgeous couple on a gorgeous dayPhoto: Baba with his two favorite ungenetically related daughtersPhoto: Love California blue skies!Photo: Photo: Hungry boyPhoto: My sisters and mePhoto: Photo: A night at the Galiottos - It turns out therapeutic oils does quiet JohnPhoto: Next thing you know, he's asleep!Photo: LuigiPhoto: My sister knows how to cookPhoto: Arlan - thanks for the selfiePhoto: This is what I took back to Beijing with mePhoto: Me and a giant water tankPhoto: Photo: Photo: Playing at the playgroundPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: