38 Photos - Jan 8, 2014
Photo: Krabi night marketPhoto: Salted BBQ fish - it's what's for dinnerPhoto: Found a great pizza place in KrabiPhoto: This is supposed to scare you into quitting smoking, but people still smokePhoto: Banana Pancake BreakfastPhoto: On our way to Railay. Railay is only accessible by boat.Photo: Taking a boat from Krabi to Railay. This guy wanted to strut his stuffPhoto: Made it to RailayPhoto: Railay, Thailand- So beautifulPhoto: Photo: Photo: My dry feet getting a nice scrubPhoto: Beach footscrub and pedicurePhoto: Railay Cabana Bungalow nestled in the forest. The monkeys woke us up in the morning. 600 Boht ($18) for 2 peoplePhoto: Photo: No flush here -- dump some water down the toilet and hope everything goes downPhoto: Pretty rustic. Mosquito net totally necessary.Photo: Highland Coffee and Rock Climbing - a perfect combinationPhoto: Photo: Our guide Nan liked to sing Bob Marley songsPhoto: Turns out I love rock climbing! I think all those years of pilates paid off.Photo: That's me up therePhoto: birdMAN is master of the rockPhoto: Climbing cliffsPhoto: We climbed 15 - 25 meters (50 - 80 feet)Photo: Half-day of rockclimbing with guide and equipment - 800 Boht ($25) per person (That's me up there)Photo: birdMAN and the guide getting closePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Banana Pancake - Fried goodnessPhoto: Getting around by boatPhoto: Fishing boatPhoto: Back to Krabi- Coconut juice for salePhoto: Pick out out your favorite flavor for a delicious smoothiePhoto: Photo: