46 Photos - Jan 6, 2014
Photo: Bangkok train station before our overnight bus north to Chiang MaiPhoto: Bangkok bus stationPhoto: Photo: About to enjoy a coffee after an all night bus from Bangkok to Chiang MaiPhoto: BreakfastPhoto: Photo: Street side fried ricePhoto: There is a monk behind mePhoto: Kitchen and a small restuarantPhoto: Photo: Something delicious but I don't know what it isPhoto: Peth and Kai - awesome hosts at ThailandwowPhoto: At Thailandwow guest housePhoto: Thailandwow bunk - 170 baht per person (~$5)Photo: Peth got birdMAN into unimaginable positionsPhoto: Peth helps run a hostel and gives amazing massages. 1 hour = 200 baht ($6)Photo: Chiangmai Woman Correctional Institute offers massages. The massueses had some trouble with the law and receive training as part as their rehabilationPhoto: Thai massage time -- Very relaxingPhoto: Mountain bike tourPhoto: We rode some amazing downhill trails here. I only ate it a few timesPhoto: Photo: Look at that view!Photo: Photo: Great view from herePhoto: This trail rocked!Photo: Photo: Lunch came with the mountain bike tourPhoto: Start the morning with coffee and a planPhoto: Mexican food found in Chiang Mai -- Awesome!Photo: Photo: One day tour at Elephant Conservation Park - 2,500 Baht ($80). Tour includes transportation and lunch.Photo: The park rescues abused and injured elephants. No riding elephants here.Photo: Each elephant has a mahoot. The mahoot is the elephant's constant companion.Photo: Photo: Elephants love to get dirrrrtyPhoto: Photo: Photo: 10-week old baby elephant. Two years ago, his mom stepped on a land mine. Her foot was still healing.Photo: Photo: Lunch at the Elephant Conservation ParkPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: I like his shortsPhoto: Studying Chinese! Next stop: KrabiPhoto: Pretty nice bus to get from city to city. We took this one south to Krabi.