89 Photos - Nov 4, 2013
Photo: Huang Shan Bed and BreakfastPhoto: Free breakfast includedPhoto: After a 2 hour bus ride from Tunxi to Huang Shan, we are ready to start our hike-- but first we have to get on another bus to the East GatePhoto: Porters carry 100 - 200 pounds of supplies up 6 km of stairsPhoto: Photo: The view after about 1.5 hours of climbing stairsPhoto: Photo: I am so sweaty!Photo: Rest break. This backpack is soooo heavy.Photo: What! More stairsPhoto: Photo: Finally got to the top and met up with this noisy tour group (it was just one of many)Photo: A huge hotel at the top of the mountain. Did porters bring all the supplies up the mountain to build this here?Photo: My dorm room at the Paiyunlou Hotel for 150 RMB per bed per nightPhoto: Looking at the West SeaPhoto: The West SeaPhoto: Mountain stairsPhoto: Through a crevassePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Don't look down!Photo: Hugging the wallPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Feel the love! Lovers inscribe their names on locks, lock them up and throw away the keys to symbolize everlasting lovePhoto: Photo: Photo: A very expensive dinner for two famished hikersPhoto: Photo: Our not-so-serene sunrise along with these chatty, snacky and spitty touristsPhoto: Monkey sighting!Photo: Hike early and avoid the crowdsPhoto: Photo: I feel like I am the edge of the world! On Feilaishi - Flying Over Cloud RockPhoto: 飞来石 Flying Over Rock stands 13 m (42 ft) tall and is 8 m (26 ft) wide. It looks like it fell from heaven and perched on a ledge.Photo: Photo: These tourists are ready for those blue skies to rain on themPhoto: Photo: Photo: Brightness Top also has a hotelPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Now for the descent!Photo: Eat local! Mihaotao (monkey peach) grows wild on the mountainside. They taste just like kiwi fruit.Photo: Found a mountain stream to cool off inPhoto: In Tunxi where food is cheap and deliciousPhoto: Our hotel room - yes that was my bedPhoto: Charmed at Hui Boutique HotelPhoto: If you visit, hope you can find itPhoto: Ancient Town, TunxiPhoto: Scooters with built in umbrellas - Genius!Photo: Washing clothes in the mucky riverPhoto: Fish Dinner -- not pretty and not incredibly tastyPhoto: Pickled vegetables were everywhere! Very salty and very pickledPhoto: Hongcun Ancient VillagePhoto: Photo: Hongcun ancient schoolPhoto: Pig leg anyone?Photo: Where we had lunchPhoto: Delicious lunch for 100 RMBPhoto: Drying meat and a load of empty water bottlesPhoto: Photo: Persevering art studentPhoto: HongcunPhoto: Where is a flying ninja when you need one?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Inside a homePhoto: Photo: Rice harvest!Photo: Rice harvest!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This is the busPhoto: Tunxi Ancient TownPhoto: Photo: Giant really uncomfortable bath tub?Photo: Before our flight coffeePhoto: