111 Photos - May 12, 2013
Photo: Our favorite reason to get to the airport earlyPhoto: Bejing Airport: This particular morning an amazing yoga man put on an impressive showPhoto: The best way to get around Taicheng is by scooterPhoto: tastes like Mainland beerPhoto: Where scooters restPhoto: Fancy mallPhoto: Fancy cupcakesPhoto: Iron Man 3 - first movie in more than a yearPhoto: Breakfast of championsPhoto: Photo: CostcoPhoto: Costco gives out whiskey samplesPhoto: My fellow Americans, look familiar?Photo: What we brought back along with a bottle of olive oilPhoto: Lining up for the free samplePhoto: B killing the hotdogPhoto: First lunch in Taiwan - a Costco hotdogPhoto: FearlessPhoto: Chun Shui Tang - the birthplace of the pearl milk teaPhoto: The BEST milk tea I have ever hadPhoto: B just loves pig stomachPhoto: Dumpling SoupPhoto: Chefs at workPhoto: Outdoor pet storePhoto: Night marketPhoto: Night marketPhoto: Kiddie ride at Night MarketPhoto: PrizesPhoto: Street foodPhoto: Photo: Photo: Hangin' with the KiwisPhoto: Our British friend and longtime Taiwan resident - Isn't she gorgeous?Photo: A special visitPhoto: Lunch with good friendsPhoto: Photo: Taiwan is renowned for its pineapple cake -- our excellent guide shows us one of her favorite places to buy cakePhoto: This is where we bought pineapple cakePhoto: Heaven! Different dark chocolate percentagesPhoto: Tomato ice cream anyone?Photo: 80% dark chocolate and banana ice cream topped with cheesecake, almonds, and berries. So delicious.Photo: We love ice cream!Photo: They love ice cream tooPhoto: Street food is everywhere!Photo: Night MarketPhoto: Snake soup is supposedly good for your skin. The soup is very gingery and light. Pretty tasty if you can forget you are eating snake.Photo: Does our skin look more vibrant?Photo: That sign says "snake meat soup"Photo: And here are the snakes! We were were in their view as we ate their friends. Poor snakes.Photo: Live, caged snakes smell sort of grossPhoto: My older sis would love this! A tofu kimchee sandwichPhoto: My tofu sandwichPhoto: Night marketPhoto: Fried chicken with corn gravy, peppers, tofu, and salsa -- an explosion of flavors!Photo: Tiger backpack -- 'Nuff saidPhoto: What S looked like when she saw the tiger backpackPhoto: Chou tofu (stinky tofu)  - Smells like sweaty feet but tastes delicious!Photo: Taiwanese hot dog prepPhoto: Taiwanese hot dog - sweet sausage enclosed by a rice bun, drizzled with wasabi and gingerPhoto: B loves his hotdogPhoto: He likes itPhoto: GravesPhoto: Treacherous hikePhoto: Taiwan is so lush and green!Photo: Photo: Foggy hikePhoto: Photo: We met this group of hikers on our way -- they shared tea, coffee, crackers with us (and laughed at our Beijinghua)Photo: Photo: I like S's shoePhoto: Photo: Photo: Snack time! S forget our ceramic tea cupsPhoto: All you can eat buffet for less than $20 USD. We starved ourselves to prepare for gluttony.Photo: I have missed good sushiPhoto: How much sushi can I eat?Photo: Don't worry B! It is all you can eat!Photo: Tempera shrimpPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Such refined boysPhoto: It was a fun night -- B shared with home made rice wine with usPhoto: Won ton soupPhoto: The Californians, Kiwis, and Germans all went to play at Sun Moon LakePhoto: Delicious guavasPhoto: Very instructivePhoto: Riding around Sun Moon LakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Tour de  TaiwanPhoto: My rearPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bicycle Gang! birdMAN needs to work on his posePhoto: REAL GENUINE Taiwanese cuisine prepared by REAL GENUINE Taiwan people. Awesomely deliciousPhoto: Ma po tofu, shark, clams, goose, pork and turnip soup, and veggies were on the menuPhoto: Mah jong lessonPhoto: I stink at playing mah jongPhoto: Winners (obviously)Photo: Mah jong makes us so silly (except for birdMAN -- he looks the same as always)Photo: Photo: Thanks B and S for an awesome fun time in Taiwan!Photo: