125 Photos - Dec 26, 2007
Photo: Cutlery Box-MaccaPhoto: Cutlery Box-Macca
bad photo of excellent workPhoto: Entry piece - sit and remove and store shoes
John Elkins
Blackwood, Silver AshPhoto: Side table - Paul Heard.  Sydney Blue Gum, New Age VeneerPhoto: Lamination chair- John SmythPhoto: Desk- Peter Bond.
Silver Ash, Rose Gum
his very first attempt at woodworkingPhoto: Desk - Greg Hargreaves.
BlackwoodPhoto: Revolving Bookstand-Alan Morrow.
Satin SilkwoodPhoto: Entertainment unit - Michael Dooley.  Silver Ash, Sydney Blue GumPhoto: Entertainment Centre -Bob McGregor.   Silver Ash, Sydney Blue GumPhoto: Rupert's Urn- Michael Dooley
Huon Pine, JarrahPhoto: Games Table-Brian Doyle
Blackwood plusPhoto: Bedside Cabinets-Christina Hansson
Silver Ash, Blackheart SassafrassPhoto: Box-Paul Heard
Silver Ash, EbonyPhoto: Box-Michael Dooley
Tas Myrtle, Huon PinePhoto: Box - Paul Heard
Jarrah, Ebony, Silver AshPhoto: Piano seat- Christina Hansson
Tas MytlePhoto: Piano seat - Christina Hansson
Tas MytlePhoto: Hall table-Dave Adams
Salvaged Brushbox (probably), PNG shell money
 from his initiationPhoto: Dropped side table-Christos Kondos.
Silky OakPhoto: Drop side table-Christos Kondos.
Silky Oak
His first projectPhoto: Bedside cabinets-Michael Dooley
Silver Ash, Sydney Blue GumPhoto: Table -John Smyth.
Torsion box construction. Silver Ash, Teak, powder coated aluminium basePhoto: Collection Coffee Table - Michael Dooley.  Silver Ash, Tas Blackwood.  Glass top, baize lined drawerPhoto: Collection Coffee Table - Michael Dooley.   Silver Ash, Tas BlackwoodPhoto: Seat for Two - John Elkins
Blackwood & Silver AshPhoto: Coffee Table - River Red Gum
Paul Sheppard
his glorious first woodworkPhoto: Bedside cabinets - Bob McGregor

(Christening the Domino)Photo: Side Table - salvaged Jarrah
Christos KondosPhoto: Table for Treasure Chest- Christina. 
Tas MyrtlePhoto: Book Shelves - Silver Ash
Paul HerdPhoto: Display for little treasures- Rose Gum
Sue WagnerPhoto: Paul's Book Shelves top detailPhoto: Paul's Book Shelves base detailPhoto: Book Shelves - Silver Ash
Paul HerdPhoto: Fibonacci table - Bloodwood, 
Silver Ash
John ElkinsPhoto: Blanket Chest - Silky Oak
Dave MerchinPhoto: Blanket Chest-Silky Oak
Dave MerchinPhoto: Vanity Unit - Blackwood, Silver Ash
ChristinaPhoto: Kitchen storage - Sydney Blue Gum
ChristinaPhoto: Kitchen storage detail - Sydney Blue Gum
ChristinaPhoto: Box for Neale's treasures - Blackwood
ChristinaPhoto: Chest of Drawers - Silver Ash, Sassafrass
ChristinaPhoto: Christina's workPhoto: Pencil Boxes
Paul HeardPhoto: Sue's Shadow Box - Rose Gum
Sue WagnerPhoto: Hall Table, 
River Red gum. Silky Oak
Paul SheppardPhoto: Sue's speaker base
Silver AshPhoto: Speaker base - Silver Ash
Sue WagnerPhoto: Bob Macgregor's dresser for Lydia
Hoop PinePhoto: Tray from box offcuts Paul HeardPhoto: Doug's table
Silver Ash, BambooPhoto: Side table. Jarrah, Qld Maple, Ebony, Paul Herd.Photo: Christina's traysPhoto: Wee chest of drawers. ChristinaPhoto: Jewelry box. Black wattle ChristinaPhoto: Christina's treasure trove.
Tas MyrtlePhoto: Embroidery box for Meryl - Alan Voss
Tas Blackwood, Silver AshPhoto: Meryl's embroidery boxPhoto: Doug's speakers for his MacPhoto: small table - Tas Blackwood, Huon pine
John ElkinsPhoto: Dictionary box. Paul Herd
Tas Blackwood, Silver AshPhoto: Blanket Box
Richard GilesPhoto: Suspension Filing Cabinet
Syd Blue Gum, Silver Ash
Annette KnoblanchePhoto: Verandah seat in situ
Tasmanian Blackwood
John ElkinsPhoto: Bedside cabinets - Euro walnut
Roland  the Great Gautier.Photo: Doug's Zigmahornet Speakers 
Doug WaitPhoto: Doug Wait's boxPhoto: Doug Wait boxPhoto: Paul Sheppard
B/S Cabinets - Jarrah, NG Rosewood burlPhoto: Paul Sheppard
His n Hers B/S cabinetsPhoto: Bob McGregor
 Nest Tables
Tas BlackwoodPhoto: Near enough is not good enough
1 of 3 in Huon and a foreign woodPhoto: Salvaged Granite, Silky Oak
Doug Wait Nov 2011Photo: Briefcases - Silky Oak
Doug Wait
 Nov 2011Photo: Bob Heelan's first project
Hall table
Silver AshPhoto: Tool Cabinet - if Cathy doesn't claim it
Jonathan's first project
Tas Oak, Jarrah, Silver AshPhoto: Jonathan's cabinet
Drawer detailPhoto: Jonathan's cabinet - foot detail
(The light is cruel to a perfect mitre)Photo: Bob' first marquetry.Photo: Bob M Lectern for the Lions club
Silky OakPhoto: Adirondack chairs ( design by Michael Fortune)
Tasmanian Myrtle
Bob McGregorPhoto: Quilted Queensland Maple and Rock Maple
a   200mm cube
Doug WaitPhoto: Doug's Maple box, openPhoto: Shep's ent cent
Rock Maple & Blackheart SassafrassPhoto: Shep's Wall unit -sofa viewPhoto: Shep's tables
another viewPhoto: Shep's sofa tables
Jarrah & Rock Maple
For enjoying the ent centPhoto: Scott's desk for Kitty
Tasmanian BlackwoodPhoto: Desk by John Elkins
Iron Bark, Bunya and fiddleback TuartPhoto: Desk
Jon Elkins for his son
Iron Bark, Bunya and Fiddleback TuartPhoto: Stefano's hall table 
Qld MaplePhoto: Stefano's first project
Hall table in Qld MaplePhoto: Bob MacGregor made a couple of Maloofs
New Guinea RosewoodPhoto: John's KD table made to take to family o/s as hand luggage and be assembled there
Qld MaplePhoto: Bob's offcuts table
NG Rosewood left after the Maloof chairsPhoto: Doug Wait's first bandsaw box
Qld MaplePhoto: Roland's latest perseverance
3 of the 4 boxes for coffee pods
Bunya pine and Tas BlackwoodPhoto: Damien Endacott & almost finished first project - (work now takes family to Darwin)
Rose Gum, Sydney Blue Gum, Euc Burl veneer tamboursPhoto: Scott's box for coffee
Silky Oak, polycarbonatePhoto: Scott O'Keeffe's coffee boxPhoto: Planter Stand by John Elkins
IronbarkPhoto: Scott's 2nd Box for coffee, because Kitty thought the first too lovely to use
Iron bark.silky oak, purple heart acaciaPhoto: Scott's coffee boxPhoto: Ready for the wedding ringsPhoto: Peta's first was a this ring box gift
New Guinea RosewoodPhoto: Coffee Table
Doug Wait
Silky OakPhoto: First Project by Christina
All handcut mortice and tenonsPhoto: lamp by the redoubtable Kozi. Tas Blackwood and Silver AshPhoto: An engineering wonder by Greg
This telescope is perfectly balanced and works beautifully.Photo: Paul Flemming's first woodwork projectPhoto: He needed a table for a very limited entry spacePhoto: And he did a fine job of it. Most likely his web design is every bit as meticulous.Photo: David loves spectacular wood - Huon Pine in this casePhoto: Boxes are perfect for showing the fabulousness of truly spectacular wood.Photo: David Bedford showing off Rock MaplePhoto: Lace Sheoak being made good use of.  David BPhoto: Photo: Speakers given a new and classy life
Doug WaitPhoto: Alan's first project - from 'Woodworking Masterclass'Photo: Greg & his Marimba - sounds great tooPhoto: Photo: Paul's sideboard in Tas BlackwoodPhoto: Paul's bookshelves
Silver Ash with Blackwood detailingPhoto: Paul
Blanket chest
Tasmanian Blackwood