42 Photos - Dec 27, 2009
Photo: CNR 10-wheeler and short freight race by the field at Marshall's Siding.Photo: Initial scenery at Marshall's Siding. Hoppers are RTR from S Helper Service.Photo: Initial scenery at Marshall's Siding. Case tractor is Ertl diecast.Photo: Long shot of the initial scenery at Marshall's Siding.Photo: Photo: Photo: The kludge that was the carrier for the 3 sections of the module. Had to be dismantled as it did not fit through the door of the new house :-(Photo: CNR Mogul #923 coasts over the wooden trestle on Simon's module.Photo: A steamer waits for vacationers at the Muskoka Pier.Photo: CNR Mogul #83 drags a short freight past Marshall's Siding. The 2-6-0 is a brass kit from S Scale Loco & Supply. The SW9 in the background is RTR from S Helper Service.Photo: A 10-wheeler backs the passenger equipment to the station at Muskoka Pier.Photo: A cut of boxcars wait to be unloaded at Muskoka siding.Photo: A sedan and its driver wait for the passenger train to arrive at Muskoka.Photo: Greg's Grocery (by Grand River Models) on the Muskoka module.Photo: A pair of structures by Bar Mills Models on the Muskoka module.Photo: A cut of boxcars waits at the Cannery siding.Photo: A Banta Models speeder sits outside the section house at Marshall's Siding.Photo: An O scale 'Red Devil' coal loader stands in for a sugar beet loader.Photo: The turntable, pier, and water tower at Muskoka.Photo: The wooden bridge and tell-tales at Grandview Co-op's siding.Photo: A near fatal accident at Webb's Landing.Photo: Long shot to the hoppers at Marshall's Siding. Someone has left a boxcar on the main...Photo: Photo: A wreck of a wrecker, behind the garage at Webb's Landing.Photo: Doubleheaded 10-wheelers meet a Mogul at Webb's Landing.Photo: Scratchbuilt speeder shed (based on Madoc Jct. drawings)Photo: A CNR Pacific drags a heavy freight past Grandview Co-op.Photo: Mogul #83 waits for water. Shot from the roof of the ice house at the Great White North Brewing Co. sidings.Photo: An infamous scarecrow guards the fields.Photo: Photo: Photo: Disused portion of spur at Marshall's Siding. Telephone poles are from MountainView Depot.Photo: Doubleheaded 10-wheelers hammer around the curve at Grandview.Photo: Twin 10-wheelers take on water at Webb's Landing.Photo: Mogul #83 and a string of boxcars under the wooden bridge. 1st two cars are 36' Fowler resin kits from Ridgehill Scale Models.Photo: Mogul #923 in the trees.Photo: O scale "Red Devil" coal loader being converted to an S scale sugar beet loader. Much more to do...Photo: reverse angle of sugar beet loader constructionPhoto: Dominion Sugar beet transfer station under construction.Photo: S Helper Service Consolidation brings a passenger train past the Cannery and ChurchPhoto: An old pump car waits near the Hornby Mill siding.Photo: CN Pacific #5611 crosses the bridge onto the Grandview Co-op module